Date: 22nd August 2011 at 9:15am
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Rovers manager Steve Kean’s reputation for being something of a positive thinker isn’t going to go away too quickly.

The boys fell to their second defeat in as many games with a sloppy 3-1 defeat to Villa at the weekend.

But Kean has tried to re-assure fans that players that have been out are on their way back and new faces are in the process of being added.

‘I can understand why they might be concerned but I would say to them that we’re just trying to get as many bodies back fit as we can and get some fresh faces into the squad’ Kean told Sky Sports.

‘We’ve got a very good spirit here, which we showed last season, and once we assemble a full squad we’ll be fine.

‘When I spoke to them at half-time, I told them not to be too expansive and to keep our shape and we did that in starting the second half really well and we got the goal.

‘It was all us after that and Villa were on the back foot. But then came their third goal which on another day may have been flagged offside.

There’s a career somewhere as a motivational speaker for our Scottish manager.

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9 Replies to “Kean puts on a brave face”

  • I think a Guardian journo said it best about Kean – ‘Deluded or in denial’ ! – I’m not sure myself… maybe a bit of both! And to think we were all moaning about Big Sam’s moans after every game, even if we won. Now we’ve got Mr.Positive, we’re sick of that too!

  • I’m still undecided whether he is one of three things; 1) being hung out to dry 2) Right and that when players come back and new players join and gel we will be a good side or 3) Deluded and out of his depth… I’m pinning hopes on the second one at the moment 🙂

  • Of course, if he’s not going to be positive, then no-one will be. Someone has to wave the flag and all that. At least he’s realistic enough to admit that folk around the club/fans are concerned – something he’s not done often previously.

  • Didn’t you guys very optimistic about Kean, the Venkys. You guys at vital shot down anything negative said about Kean, the Venkys, and the grave situation we are facing. It’s time you wake up, my friends.

  • it’s hard to get patient with him when he doesn’t seem to know what the problems are and has no idea how to change it. What is said about Arsenal can be applied to us: “it is already make-or-break time for Blackburn (Arsenal) and Steve Kean (Arsène Wenger), Blackburn (Arsenal), and Steve Kean (Arsène Wenger), have no option. The only way to survive is to get results and get players.” – from the Telegraphs today

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