Date: 26th July 2011 at 3:32pm
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Rovers could be on the cusp of some success in the transfer market at long last.

Steve Kean has been on Sky Sports this afternoon keeping us all cheerfully updated with the news that Rovers are finally properly active in the market.

Kean told Sky Sports – ‘We have got three or four (take your pick apparently) active bids out there – we are waiting for confirmation that the bids have been accepted,’ he explained.

‘We don’t have to sell before we buy. We are trying to keep the majority of the players together.’

Kean also took time before tomorrow’s pre-season Asia Cup match against Aston Villa to reassure fans that finances are in order and the days of selling before buying are over.

Kean added – ‘We don’t have to sell before we buy, we are trying to keep the majority of the players together.

‘We have a fixed budget, but it’s a budget that is competitive and that will bring in good-quality players.’

The Rovers boss also cleared up a quote he gave recently about Rovers ambitions but did point to a long term goal in the blue and white plans.

‘I think it’s been misquoted to say we’re going to have Champions League football next season,’ Kean said.

‘That was never said. But trying to deliver European football for the club within three or four seasons is achievable. That’s going to be the goal.’

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14 Replies to “Kean thinks Rovers are close to deals”

  • Kean still in charge, we DO have money to spend, we have several bids in. Things could be looking Up for us at last. Hopefully the unsettling rumours will stay away for a while as they’re all looking very wide of their respective marks right now. My cup is still very much half full and i’m looking forward to watching us stuff the Villains tomorrow in a cup for once.

  • I’m not sure I understand what Kean means about being mis-quoted. He said something along the lines of “we’re not quite ready to be challenging for champions league football yet … maybe in 2 or 3 seasons we will be” something like that, but he definetly said it!

  • Looking good but depends who the bids are for, see if the clubs accept the bids and if the players want to play for rovers! I wish we knew tho the bids were actually for though instead of everyone talking, i’ve heard Mongongu, Raul, Honda, Petrovic, Cisse. I would’ve liked to see players in before this tour so they can bond with the rest of the team, if we get the a week or 2 before the season starts then it’ll take them ages to settle! Hopefully some players will sign before Sat! We’ll see!

  • He doesn’t seem to be able to count even small numbers, 2,3? 3,4?
    Perhaps he is not being kept in the picture.
    Worst case scenario, bearing in mind that last week he told us to expect signings within 48 hours.
    We can forget 4, as only 2 or 3 are active, probably only 2.
    If one of those 2 is the striker Vucinic, our interest in him has alerted Man U and they are now talking to him.
    My worry is that the bids we have made may be too far below asking price and because of these long time lags (Mongongu, Vucinic, Raul and Cisse have been talked about for weeks now) other clubs may well seize their chance.
    Petrovic seems to be the one signing that is almost complete, if this stalls for much longer though, what is the problem? Surely it can’t be price as surely he is a bargain.
    I can’t see 4 signings any time soon.
    While 4 new signings would be good, I would prefer 2 quality ones rather than 4 budget gambles. That way our reserves would get more of a chance to move up.
    Visas are being mentioned as being the reason for the delays. Most of those mentioned have been playing in Europe, for visas not to be a problem.
    Honda should be eligible due to his international appearances for Japan shouldn’t he?

  • I think this is positive. I’ve said all along that if Kean is staying then he needs to be backed and it finally looks like he’s going to get some bodies in. Here’s hoping.

  • There have been loads linked with Rovers, many were a non-starter and many were just plucked out the air by the press, We have had more names on our wish list than schindler but finally the sun is coming out and we have made some proper bids for some good players, would of been nice to have already done our business, but this time next week we should have a few new faces in, which has to be positive,

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