Date: 8th June 2011 at 9:59am
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Steve Kean hasn’t ruled out the possibility of signing Roque Santa Cruz on a full time basis after his loan spell last season.

Cruz was, shall we say, some way off being a hit upon his return to his former club but this has not deterred our Steven who is still a fan of the Paraguayan.

‘It was tough for Roque.” Kean explained to BBC Radio Lancashire.

“He picked up a couple of knocks that niggled away at him. It was just difficult for him to get to full speed quickly enough.”

Despite this, Kean has hailed the impact that Cruz had about the place in general and the off field benefits that came with his presence.

‘Being around the place and showing his quality every day in training, he showed us how good he is’

“It was just difficult because he’s been out so long that he wasn’t at full speed quick enough to give us the impact on the pitch in the games that he played.”

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22 Replies to “Kean won’t rule out Roque return”

  • Welcome to your account registration Andy! ha ha! Is that right? We didn’t win any games in which he played? I thought we won against WBA 2-0 and he played then?

  • We don’t want santa back, he’s simply not fit enough & with his constant injuries he wont get fit enough and he’ll cost atleast 10mil by what city have stated in the past, Kean we want peformers not just on the training ground! Get Demba Ba and/or Ricky van Wolfswinkel, both good strikers who wont cost a bomb..

  • Forgot about WBA but that was his first game and only came on as a sub and still didnt do anything. Now with the rumour of Diouf coming we cant sign Santa Cruz too! If we do we will go down! Need a goal getter and Santa Cruz just isnt anymore.. In fact in his whole career he only scored double figures twice! And once was for his first club

  • We got the best years from Santa before he showed himself to be the mercenary that he is. These best years are behind him so unless Manchester City are giving him away I’d not bother paying to get him back.

  • Injury prone, much slower than he used to be, seems to have developed spoon feet, seems to have developed a spoon head, demands high wages. Nuff said on this one… Kean look somewhere else please!!

  • Phil Jones out, MB Diouf and Santa Cruz in?

    Is Kean looking to make Brian Kidd’s transfer record (Ashley Ward / Jason McAteer / Keith Gillespie / Per Frandsen) look good?

  • He has had his chance to show if he has anything to give to the team and he hasn’t come close at all, Send him back!

  • haha retro:p………..well tbh if hes available for cheap and is willing tp take a wage cut or even better takes a low wage and gets a big bonus for every goal he scores in a game(not includin reserves or training hes been scoring loads der according to kean:p)

  • Hi guys,

    Hope you don’t mind me commenting.

    I think you should buy him. Before you start, he just needs to stay clear of injuries but he has no future at City. If his injuries clear up and he gets a run of games, you will find he is a proper addition to your squad for a couple of seasons and you will probably get him for less than the £10 million quoted – maybe half that. How many proven strikers can you get for that ?

  • sorry cityboy no way in hell id pay 5 million pounds for him the max id fork out on santa in his presnt form is abt 3 million hs defo not worth more if he scored goals and was fit id pay 10 but that hasnt happened

  • I think you might get him for £3 million aadil4rovers. He’s not on massive wages, at least not like Adebayor. He’s more in the Wayne Bridge bracket I understand (£80-90K per week – not outrageous by Premiership standards) and hence you are able to afford his wages at present without too much difficulty. Money isn’t really the issue with City except that they would like to get him off the wages bill along with half a dozen others with the Football Fair Play rules coming into force. Just to correct andyrobo1811, the WBA game was his third game for you and he played the full 90 minutes (I’m a fantasyfootball geek). He played a total of 10 Premiership games for you (often just 60 minutes or less) and you only lost 3 – away to Chelsea, Villa and Everton. You won the WBA game and drew the other 6. Not bad for someone coming back from injury and who only joined you late in January. He has a contribution to make. He has 2-3 years left in him if he can get sharp. City want rid, so I’m not impartial, but I believe that he will shine again. I know Hughes will snap him up for £3 million once he gets a managerial role.

  • for 3 million id defo sign him up but his wages are too much id rater we pay him like 30 k a week and offer him 75k for every goal he scores or a pay as u play deal so it would depend on his fitness

  • Always a good deal that one aadil but realisitically ? Bet the rags would have liked that sort of deal on metal mickey owen but it won’t happen. You’ll do well to get a decent premiership striker for less than £50 K per week now. Tell you what, for £5 million we will throw Bellamy in as well. Deal ?

  • Bear in mind aadil that Crouch to Sunderland is going to cost them £10 million !! Not exactly a world-beater there for that kind of money and he won’t be on less than £80K per week. At the tail-end of his career and wasn’t brilliant at the best of times. Lanky, useless beanpole to be honest. Got on the end of a few crosses and is English is all he has going for him.

  • well lets hope steve kean aint as stupid as bruce init:p……….but hell if u throwin in bellamy ill fly over from dubai to drive em both over to ewood(but isnt bellamy at cardif:s)

  • Tbh i’d be thrilled for Santa to return to Ewood, I think with a full pre-season under his belt, New players in place and all the negativity surrounding the squad gone, then he will shine once more and it will prove great business

  • Maybe he would, he surprised quite a lot of people last time around. However, I’m no so sure that lightening can strike (in a positive sense) twice??

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