Date: 19th April 2007 at 1:37pm
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Roy Keane is never a man to shy away from saying what he thinks is he, and after attending the FA Cup Semi Final between Blackburn Rovers and Chelsea he left early!

Keane is leading Sunderland towards a Premiership return (and is doing a great job it must be said) and as such has taken in a few matches involving top flight clubs this season, the latest being our FA Cup Semi Final defeat to Chelsea, which he left early because it “was a poor game”, claiming his Championship Title chasing Sunderland “would have taken” either of us?

Keane said:

I went to have a look at them, to see their manager (Jose Mourinho) and try and pick up different things.

I left before extra-time, but overall I was disappointed. It was a poor game.”

I think we would have taken either of them. I said the same thing when I went to see Middlesbrough play West Brom earlier in the season.”

We would have taken any of them.”

Maybe he is speaking about the other Semi Final?!?! I know it can be hard to remain impartial but even the neutrals that I’ve spoken to have said it was anything but a poor game! If Keane really thinks that his Sunderland team would have taken either side good luck to him, we’ll find out soon enough?

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16 Replies to “Keane’s Rovers vs. Chelsea Thoughts!”

  • You have to admire Keane’s confidence but if he REALLY thinks that his Sunderland side would have taken us let alone Chelsea on Sunday he is having a laugh! (Granted I’ve not seen a lot of them this season) The ONLY reason we didn’t beat Chelsea was because of a certain Petr Cech, and the last time I checked he wasn’t playing for Sunderland. It was “a poor game” and “we would have taken any of them” (this includes Middlesbrough & West Brom) PLEASE! Sure you would Mr Keane, the men in white coats will be along shortly LOL!

  • I think thats naivety from a new manager there!! confidence is one thing! but Mourinho is an exceptional coach Chelsea would batter Sunderland

  • He’s either blind, deluded, or just plain stupid. Both teams put up a great game, and if we hadn’t been playing an on form Chelsea side we would have beaten any other team who had dared to turn up on that day. I hope he does get promoted, and gets the chance to put his money where his (overused and self indulgent) mouth is.

  • What a load of rubbish….

    He may be a good manager and a highly respected player but to make claims like that is arrogant and incorrect.

  • Roy Keane has always had a big mouth on him either on the pitch or off it, Ireland World Cup anyone??? So for him to say that just b4 Sunderalnd maybe get into the Premier League is really stupid of him, not only did Sunderland finish with, I think, 15 points last time they were in this position but it puts pressure on his players at the same time! Not good management, but hey wot would u expect from Keane. I have actullay watched Sunderalnd this season as my girl is a Newcastle fan and wanted to see them lose lol and they have a good wee team but nothing special, Watford has a better team ( and im not being cheeky there ) and they play better football and look where they are, unfortunaltley for the Hornets

  • Blackburn fans, thanks for your views. Frankly I’m amazed at Keane’s stupidity. He’s in a minority of one on that semi-final: everyone else marveled at the sheer determination of both teams, not to mention the level of the football. Sunderland have set the benchmark for a rubbish Premiership team not once but TWICE, so for Keane to start shooting his mouth off like that before he’s even joined the top flight is crass. I look forward to your team, as well as mine, showing him that, er, actually he can’t hack it at that level.

  • He’s made a rod for his own back alright hasn’t he. They’ve got a few players in but I’d guess they are still primarlity the squad that sent them down with a record (low!) 15 points. If he thinks they can do this they must be some outfit now!?!? In true Kevin Keegan style “I’ll tell you this, I’d love it, I’d love it if we (Rovers and Chelsea) beat ’em!” HOPEFULLY we can both stuff them home and away next season!

  • Nice way of putting it roversman. Keane doesn’t give a rats about being liked does he so I imagine he’ll carry on saying things like this. I do think he’ll become a DAMN good manager though you know.

  • Next season will make or break him as a manager in my opinion, at the minute he has a huge club in the Champoinship, with a massive passionate fan-base and a new, slightly niave chairman looking to build a good team. In the Premier League though Sunderland will be just another team and expected to head st8 down, so we’ll see just wot Keane is like a manager. At the min as well he has a good Championship team to play with so depends on who he buys, players like Yorke wont be enough to save them in the top league

  • He’s already talking about “buying big” and adding real quality, so again if he can put the money where his mouth is they could do well. Survival would be a good start for them.

  • Sunderland buying big, like who?? its going to have be some special players isnt it, Maybe use his links with Utd to get some more kids on loan but then is this enough. Keane has to keep in mind that no Big player will go to them as they will be expected to go st8 down and the last few terms in the big league will not attract anyone either. I guess im little biased as my girl supports Newcastle and thats like Burnley for a Rovers fan but i dont see Keane having enough to keep them in the premiership, Im may be proved wrong though this time next yr

  • keane is still a big name in football, the name alone could attract more than you might think Clint, Niall Quinn has a following also. I do think keeping them in the Premiership should be Keane’s biggest concern and mouthing off should stay secondary to this though, but I do think he can do it. They could even do what Wigan did last year, and Reading are doing this year?!?!

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