Date: 11th February 2009 at 10:19pm
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Keith Andrews, Step up to the plate, Hot or Not!!!!!!

Signed by Paul Ince for 1.4 Mill from MK Dons, Keith Andrews was initially regarded by many of not worth of wearing the Rovers Jersey, and only being there because of his relationship with Paul Ince.

Hasnt he proved the doubters wrong, holding his spot in the starting line up, even with a change of manager.

The votes in the forums show the support of Vital Blackburners.

Hot 6 Votes – [66.67%]

Not 3 Votes – [33.33%]

Need More Time TO Decide- 0%

With double the votes going to Hot, Vital Blackburn officially rates Keith ANdrews’ signing as Hot.

Now lets hope Keith can get stuck in more and nick that odd goal

Next up in Hot or Not, is the Sasmans’ other baby, Vinnie G!!!!!

Watch out if you vote for not!!!! lolll


The Man that Knows….


14 Replies to “Keith Andrews…..HOT!!!!!”

  • Yeah, caught some chunks of the Ireland game tonight and he played well, had a goal unfairly chalked off as well. Played Keith and hopefully more to come from him.

  • Every credit to him. I still think that we will see the best of him NEXT season. It could be a nervy end to the season, but am fairly sure we will stay up.

  • You guys are having a laugh… Andrews is an average. I don’t want to be too harsh but we can do better.. much better!!! I’ll be honest.. it anoys me every time I see him in the starting line-up, he’s a squad player at best, even for the Republic of Ireland.. he should’nt be in there! Sam needs to strengthen the central midfield in the summer big time!!

  • Andrews has come in and done better than I thought he would to tell the truth. He is a very good squad player, and I personally think it’s fair to say that he is hot as opposed to not.

  • i really don’t see how good he can be. he’s not quite a defensive /holding midfielder yet; he doesn’t create any threat either.

  • In my eyes that is debatable glen mate. He has been a consistent performer and Sam (who is experienced in this league) has regularly picked him.

  • Mikey.. he’s been picked because there’s no-one else to pick. Dunn & Grella have suffered one injury after another this season.. Tugay rarely starts any games anymore… Mokoena is crap… Reidy is injured… The fact is Sam has no alternative but to play him, it’s not been down to anything Andrews has done, because his performances this season have been average at best!!

  • I think the word we are looking for is solid. And Dunn has been shifted out to the right with Andrews in the middle with Grella. I know this boils down to Emo being injured but he could quite easily shunt Carlos out right and then put Dave and Vince in the middle but he hasnt – coz Andrews has done his bit. I agree he hasnt been superb or anything but he has been a lot better than we feared.

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