Date: 8th September 2011 at 7:49am
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The pressure is growing on Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean, who can only be a defeat or two away from being sacked?? Another Rovers defeat this weekend could mean the end of the line for Kean.

However, having said that would Venky’s have backed his moves (which involved a fair amount of money being spent) into the transfer market before it shut if they were preparing to sack him in the immediate future, they’ve failed to sack him so far so do we really think they’ll sack him anytime soon??

A compensation pay-off in the region of £800,000 is being bandied about as being payable to Keano should he be sacked, which would set him up for a long time!! This seems a lot, however, with Rovers’ Premier League life put at risk the longer Keano is in charge at Ewood Park (without success) in the grand scheme of things this would be pittance. Former Rovers manager Mark Hughes along with former Stockport, Southampton, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Cardiff City manager Dave Jones are understood to be waiting in the wings to replace him.

History tends to suggest that Keano isn’t going to turn things around at Ewood it also suggests that he’d not be moved on if he didn’t, however, you never know. One think that’s certain Venky’s couldn’t run the risk of us losing our Premier League status!! If he can turn things around then superb, however, if not Venky’s will need to act.

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11 Replies to “Last Chance Saloon??”

  • The windows only just shut, we havent played a game and again we are talking about “when” he will be sacked.. most agree his signings are good, Im sure we all agree the style of football is much better.. give him a break and lets support the team and him!

  • He could succeed if only he would sort his team selection and substitutions out.
    He has good young players, scoring goals, that he should put in the starting line up. Rochina has a record of 4 goals in less than 2 full games. Ok not against premiership opposition but Man U reserves and a Sheffield first team, surely that’s better than Roberts could have achieved against those teams. He keeps bleating on about a mix of experienced and new young players but the ‘experience’ of Roberts and Dunn is keeping us at the bottom of the table. He should select a team with 5 of those players that he has brought in, to play with the ‘experience’ of Robinson, Olsson (for his midfield and forward part of his game, needs someone behind him to defend) Givet, Samba, Nzonzi, Hoillet.
    He needs to bring on substitutes as soon as he sees that any of the eleven are being outplayed by the opposition. If he selected the above, he would have experienced subs of Nelsen and MGP to bring on. (If MGP and Nelsen could get back to their previous form, that would be a real selection problem for Kean)
    Two things Kean should instigate in training for all players.
    Long throw ins, so that we don’t rely on MGP.
    Shooting from outside the box, how many opportunities were lost last season by players wanting to get to the penalty spot distance before shooting.

  • The way things were going after the Everton game i would have been happy to see him go, but now we’ve signed Dann to sort the defence alongside Samba who stayed we should be much harder to beat. I don’t see the point in allowing Kean to spend money and then sacking him straight away. It will be tough to pick up points in the next few games though so i wouldn’t be surprised if he does get the chop by next month.

  • the trouble to start was being promised to much.kean is proving not up to the job that much is evident from performances.he has signed players whos recommendation we do not know.or his sourses.dann is a good player,the others might yet be.we do not have that time to play catch up.3 games at the most before surely even the raos realise this.who will come till jan or for a season who knows there is talented managers about im not betting on anything changing.

  • Open your eyes lads and see his stats , were not talking about a conference team , time is of the essence and unfortunately kean should of gained experience first , management is different from coaching surely

  • i’m sure kean will stick around at least until christmas in order to prove himself…but if we were as bad as ince when we were by christmas, kean must be sacked.

  • I’ve got to sat that I’m personally far from convinced that Steve Kean is the man to take Rovers forward and fear we’ll only go backwards with him in charge (that would also lead me to question what Venky’s motives are if they keep him!!) However, that said given the financial backing that they gave him in the dying moments of the transfer window and the weeks before that I’d find it strange if he was sacked without being given at least three matches. I’d personally think he’s got two left and these aren’t going to be easy but if he pulls off some results and can build on this who knows?? I don’t think he can and think there’s little going back but we’ll see??

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