Date: 22nd December 2011 at 10:31am
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After a period of two games where the pre-match and post match in ground protests were halted in accordance with a truce agreed with the club the next step of demonstrations are set to take place.

Protest organisers Glen Mullan and Simon Littler have called for fans to protest on days outside of the current match days after a planned meeting with fans which was agreed on by the club was indefinitely postponed without any real explanation.

With the next round of protests now planned a press release has been issued to Vital Blackburn (as well as other organisations in the media) for notification…

Following Blackburn Rovers slump to the bottom of the league, the Blackburn Rovers supporters intend on intensifying protest against club owners Venkys and Manager Steve Kean. Supporters called a truce on organised protest after the club guaranteed meetings with the board and Steve Kean in the week commencing the 19th December.

However despite the protest organisers being true to their word, the club has gone back on the agreed deal. This is just the latest in the number of untruths the club has been peddling for the last 12 months. Never has the supporters of Blackburn Rovers been treated with such contempt.

The supporters genuinely feel helpless and concerned about the long term future of the club. The owners have been silent for many months, and have not delivered on promises which they pledged since purchasing the club in November 2010.

Steve Kean is statistically the worst manager the club has ever had in terms of results. Whilst his arrogance and disregard for the supporters and customers of Blackburn Rovers has seen the world witness scenes during and after games at Ewood Park which have never been seen before.

Supporters have been attacked for having banners or speaking out by both supporters and club officials. The supporters are deeply upset that the Premier league has not stepped in at this stage to hold an open enquiry after Venkys passed their fit and proper test. The clubs assets are heavily mortgaged whist newspaper reports are suggesting player`s wages may not be paid, whilst the club is on the path to financial ruin.

Despite the protest organisers best efforts to end protest, by exploring every angle to open communication with Venkys, The Board of Directors and Steve Kean, none of these efforts have been taken up by the club.

Due to the organised nature of protest being taken away for our last two home games the atmosphere at Ewood Park has turned to anger with Violence both in the stands and outside the ground. After the Bolton match this week, many supporters were trampled on by horses whilst one supporter was knocked of his crutches by a Police car who mounted a grass verge.

As supporters we are very concerned that incidents of this magnitude have been allowed to occur by the owners continued absence, broken promises by the board and the clubs continued stance to not remove Steve Kean as Manager.

Supporters now plan to organise Protest for ALL Home and Away matches against the Owners and Manager, whilst protest will be raised to another level on none match days both at Ewood Park and the clubs training ground

Glen and Simon are quoted as saying – “We are deeply upset that as organisers of protest we have found ourselves having to once again organise protest against Venkys and Steve Kean. We took a leap of Blind faith that the club would deliver on its promises of clear the air talks with both Steve Kean and the board of Directors. We issued an agenda mandate to the club which was accepted, and pledged not to organise a protest for the last two games. Supporters who have offered their support to us for the last three months have been absolutely fantastic and we are humbled and proud of the faith they have put in us. The conduct during organised protest has been praised by both the club and the Police, with no reported incidents or arrest. We have always been reasonable as customers, supporters and stakeholders of Blackburn Rovers.

We owe it to the supporters who have supported us to continue to fight their cause for the truth and the long term future of the club. We also owe it to the clubs greatest supporters “Jack Walker” to try and protect his legacy.

With club sponsors and prominent local figures also questioning the Venky’s regime we feel strongly that the Premier League should be stepping in and demanding Venkys return to the UK to clarify their intentions.

We have no alternative now but to now start demonstrations on non-match days to coincide with the one`s which are already occurring on match days. We have always maintained that communication is key, and have gone beyond our duties of an everyday supporter to try and engage with the club and open a communication channel so that supporters concerns can be heard.

Steve Kean has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is not cut out for management and has failed miserably, whilst Venkys appear to have no clear vision or passion for our club. In 12 months we have gone from one of the best run clubs in the country, to now being a national joke and the worst run.”
(Organisers Glen Mullan and Simon Littler)

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