Date: 20th June 2008 at 9:37am
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Reports on Sky Sports News are saying that Michael Laudrup might have now become the favourite for the vacant Blackburn Rovers manager’s job?

Former Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid and Danish legend Laudrup had met with chairman John Williams (with it now confirmed that Laudrup was the mystery man that Williams met with at the European Championships) and he was VERY impressed with what he heard from Williams, MOST impressed in fact according to Laudrup’s agent Bayram Tutumlu.

Tutumlu told the Daily Telegraph: “In 20 years of working in football I have not come across a chairman as impressive as John Williams.

“He spoke to Michael about the history of the club and of the potential for the future.

“He (Laudrup) was not sure about Blackburn before the meeting, but he is now thinking very seriously about this club

Paul Ince was understood to be the favourite for the job at Ewood Park, with his lack of qualifications now also understood not to be the problem that was originally feared, but it now appears to be a straight out fight between Ince and Laudrup?!?!



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  • A straight out battle between Ince and Laudrup now!!! I’ve backed Ince from the start, but the thought of Laudrup is exciting isn’t it, but would he be in it for the long haul or would he be off at the first sighting of someone else?!?! Just think of the names Laudrup should be able to attract though!

  • I love it – two managers fighting to get a dream job… reckon Ince would win though, Laudrup was more elegant than aggressive! Ince will give him a crunching tackle… Seriously though, don’t you think Williams should appoint a manager apprentice style and eliminate them one at a time after they foul up some easy task… McClaren – you’re fired!

  • For me its no contest, laudrup has done well at all his clubs and his pedigree as a player is second to none, what he did at getafe was nothing short of miraculous. Yes Ince has potential, but Laudrup has done it! OK the lure of a top Spanish team may tempt him away but we have to take the chance. No manager in his right mind would turn down RM or Barca. I understand the calling for Ince he’s English, but this should be based on ability purely every player has heard of him, and will want to play for him, backed with reasonable funds, he could take us up a level!

  • Yeah Laudrup would be my choice but questions would hang over his decisions to leave posts very quickly. What happens if we have a good seaon and then newcastle offer? He’ll go!

  • Laudrup stayed at Brondby for several years – he only left Getafe becuse the Chairmann wanted control of transfers and wouldnt allow him to go for the players he wanted. A Shinavatra Chairman just without the money.

    That is why JW has impressed him so much – JW is a GREAT chairman unlike Torres in Getafe.

    Laudrup will probably leave after 3-4 years – but that would mean he had done well. Who wants a manager for “the long haul”…at our clubsize it just mean that he isnt performing.

  • Durks I’ve pushed for Laudrup since shearer dropped out and put it there as a joke I never thought thats how it would appear on the site TBH. As for Laudrup leaving, do any of you really think that Ince would not do the same if say Man U,Pool or Inter came calling, we are a good strong prem outfit, but most people will leave if a G14 club comes calling. Ince is playing on that in the media, but he’s no different!

  • Laudrup offered a short term contract, one or two years.
    Ince to be his number two during this period, while he takes his coaching courses. Ince to move up to manager at end of next season (or2009/10). Laudrup rides of into the sunset having given Ince further valuable experience.
    If John Williams can pull this off, what a coup!
    Alternatively John Williams should be on the next plane to Vienna to talk to Bilic , now that Croatia are out of the competition.

  • Maji rovers, master of wikidpedia! I’m still happy with the Ince appointment. Now we can mvoe on and get rid of the speculation!

  • Absolutely – Ince can now decide on the future of certain want away players and bring in some targets for us.

  • He needs to get tough with bentley if he does want him to stay… there is more certainty about the club now so we are in a better position to start stabilising.

  • Bentley would be a fool to go – the only clubs interested are Villa and Spurs (UEFA cup footie) with an outside chance of Liverpool signing him, but if they get Barry would they have the money? But it will be interesting to see how Ince handles it. (I just don’t want to have to get another shirt!)

  • Don’t knock the Wiki, Mikey, quick easy access to information! And again if our players want out SELL THEM, you all seem to have forgotten McCarthy’s, performances when he did not get his move! JW’s we do not have to sell, is not a we will keep them its a if they want to go fine but we set the price, they will leave on our terms not theirs!!

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