Date: 10th April 2007 at 1:30pm
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The latest transfer gossip is linking Blackburn Rovers forward Benni McCarthy with a summer move to Liverpool.

Rumour is claiming, that with Liverpool looking to strengthen their striking options, for the second summer running we will lose a star striker to them, having done so last summer when Craig Bellamy made the short journey to Merseyside.

After a quality debut season fears have grown that Benni could be tempted away, but despite his comments recently that he dreams of playing for Manchester United it is widely believed that a move to one of the big four Premiership sides is unlikely to happen, so as good a season as Benni has had a move to Liverpool, despite the millions they have come across is unlikely.

Do you believe Benni will still be at Ewood Park next season? Personally I’m still not sure, but I certainly hope so.

Share your views below?

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18 Replies to “Liverpool In For Benni? Apparently”

  • I’m still unsure as to whether or not Benni McGoalmachine will be at Rovers next season (still more due to what happened with Bellers last summer than anything else I think) but I’m still hopeful. But a move to Man United or Liverpool is not too likely for me, but you never know?!?!

  • I’m sure rafa will have a very good go at buying them all dodger! In all seriousness though I’m with you though JohnDoe, can’t see him going to Liverpool, but not sure I can see Villa or Eto’o goingeither!?!?

  • There is as much chance as eto going as Benni. They have a cat in hells chance of bagging Villa as I think him and Torres are the 2 big names on the move to the big guns this coming summer. If Benni does go, i sure hope that we dont have a minimum valuation in his contract, therefore screwing us over with the price the way Liverpool did with Bellers, he was worth more than he went for and the only reason they came in for him was he was available for a very attractive price.

  • I could see Villa and Eto’o moving on, just not to Liverpool! You would HOPE that we’ve learned a lesson and AT LEAST raised the release trigger clause put in our deals. They put ridiculous amounts to them in Spain and other parts of Europe so why don’t we do the same here!?!?

  • I think we’ll be better positioned in this one – I have a theory that we only signed Bellamy as a result of allowing such a conditional clause in his contract – If we hadn’t have agreed to “Small fee for Champions league club” then he would have gone somewhere that would have agreed to it. Benni is a different kettle of fish – He wanted to play here, and believes that he is part of something making a greater good, as opposed to being convinced that he is dragging the entire club along with him. As for a summer move to Liverpool, i’d quite happily put an incredibly large sum of money on that not happening.

  • That’s a very good, and very logical theory you have there Head Rover Heels. I like to think in logical but it isn’t something I’d thought of, wish I had 🙂 I’d also put money on Benni NOT going to Liverpool, but WOULDN’T put money on him not leaving at all. I hope I’m wrong, I’m just worried. My fears will probably come to nothing…I HOPE!

  • Unfortunately, i agree with you on that HDM – Although i don’t think he’ll go anywhere without it being a silly offer, in which case i have every faith that Sparky will just find another 2M bargain for us to make a few million out of next year. Can’t see it happening, but not as confident when we bring in other clubs around the world (Besides, we still have Derbyshire – He’s definately going nowhere 😉 )

  • its about the time when all of Rovers players are going to be linked with other clubs – Pederson with Spurs, Benni with Liverpool, Bently with Utd, im getting bugged by all this. U have to say that we’ve heard it all b4 and Rovers may be seen as a selling club but surley they must see that Hughes is putting together a very good team. Liverpool have all this new money now so i think u’ll see bigger named players, no offense to Benni, although if this doesnt happen then Rafa may see him as a cut price option, something like Bellemy last yr. As for the others, maybe Pederson mite go to Spurs but WHY?? cause they need a left winger? but over all they are not that far in front of Rovers, only the fact that they can spend £10m one one player, though that was a great buy. Should any of Rovers players go then I hope they ask for silly money so we can replace them with quality.

  • Until we can consistently challenge for the top 5 or 6, then next step up top 4 (which potentially we can) then we will always just be recycling our top talent won’t we. The home grown talent like Derbs will go nowhere unless they have to. Derbs is making waves, and not just with Rovers, this kid WILL be a star! I’m hoping Garner and Da Vita can make similar impressions, which both could (Garner seems a carbon copy of Derbs and Da Vita is in the Guiseppe (however you spell it!) Rossi/Arturo Lupoli mould.)

  • We don’t HAVE to be a selling club do we Clint, but like I say we will, as our top talent will move on unless we can give then regular fifth/sixth finishes, pushing on for the top four. We CAN do this but it takes time, some players don’t like giving it time. If MGP left for Spurs I’d be well put out, £10 million or would soften the blow but still it would anger me, one of the top four I could accept.

  • It would me as well its just if we do have to sell players like Pederson then the biddig would have to start at £10m, Rovers tend to sell players on for cheap so if u start high then only the top clubs can come in for him. I think this why clubs tend to think they can get our players! Ur rite that u need to keep a club together to get on to better things in the league and its not that no-one is not replaceable, i just think that players like Pederson who have been made a better players by Hughes and Rovers should repay this, I know contracts are worth no more than the paper they are written on now but u would think that unless the really top clubs were to come in then ur better off at a club that plays good football and that is heading in the rite direction both off and on the pitch and one where u get 1st team football, I know Bellemy only left cos it Liverpool but its hardly worked well for him overall has it

  • Hughes Da Man i would also like to see the buy out clauses that teh Spanish use introduced to the English game, where u have to buy up the players contract in the transfer fee. I feel its better way of working things, when a player is given a long contract and is happy to sign it at the time then its only rite that his club get the best possible deal if he or they decide its time to part company

  • Players have FAR too much freedom don’t they, football is a business but they should be made to honour deals more. If not they should maybe have to give back ALL the extra they earned from improved deals if they don’t honour them. A backdated dividend in our favour. Money talks for TOO many, so the threat of taking this away could change things?!?!

  • Money does talk and u cant balme a fella with a family the cahnce to make a good life for themselves but if they sign contracts committing to a certain club it should be honoured or at least be benefical for both parties!

  • Mr Bosman has a lot to answer for. Many of the laws introduced to protect people in their jobs have been abused in football circles. The problem is that footballers are always given second chances because they are a rare commodity. If I received a CV that read “Quit, quit, released due to fighting with coach, sat in car park saying “I’m not working” until released” then i wouldn’t even think about getting them in for an interview – Footballers are however different. Tie the fear of a player going “on strike” with the costs involved, and it becomes massive – If it could ever be proven that the players were breaching contract by not playing to their full potential, then we might see another shift in power, but until that day we are stuck in this world where the player is king i’m afraid.

  • Good choice of words Head Rover Heels, “player is king” the balance needs to be redressed but until people stand up to them (which will be VERY hard) things won’t change.

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