Date: 21st December 2011 at 5:14pm
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The LMA has issued the following statement in relation to Blackburn Rovers and their manager, Steve Kean.

It is very sad to witness the continued demonstrations by Rovers fans towards their manager. Blackburn Rovers is one of the country’s oldest clubs, it was a founding member of the Football League, and is rightly proud of its long-standing history and tradition. It has been and continues to be a central part of a close-knit Lancastrian community. However, owners of clubs such as Blackburn Rovers, rely on the support and relationships they build with their fans and their local community. As new owners, the Venky’s should build relationships, develop trust with their fans and communicate their vision on a regular basis in an open and visible way.

During this period, Steve Kean, their appointed manager, has had to endure a significant injury list. When results continue to be bad on the field, fans who give up their hard-earned money to support their club have a right to voice their opinion. However, the aggression and abuse levelled at Steve over recent weeks has stepped well beyond the mark and is as unacceptable in football as it would be in any other profession. It is to Steve’s significant credit that he has shouldered this continued onslaught with dignity and professionalism and has continued to work with his players to try and improve results on the pitch.


I must say, I do find it curious that the LMA should come out with such a bold statement in favour of Steve Kean.

Once again i find myself having to reiterate that these protests are not just based around those particular games.

They are on the bases of the period since Steve Kean took over as manager in which we have won 7 games in 38 matches. The lowest return in top flight football in the last 12 months.

It is also worth noting that the LMA did not issue any similar response to abuse received by Roy Hodgson at Liverpool and most recently West Bromwich Albion in the last few weeks, Steve Bruce at Sunderland before he was sacked and abuse aimed at Mike Ashley (would have disrupted the team) in a very long period previous to Newcastle’s relegation from the Premier League years back.

Steve Kean and Venkys have not attempted to communicate with the fans or fan representatives. They have negated on two promises to meet fan representatives. One of which was promised by Kean himself in the Sky Sports Studio Live.

Blackburn Rovers fans do not want Steve Kean in any position at the club, we do not have any confidence in him as manager and for as long as Kean stays manager, fans will continue to stay away from the stadium and fans will continue to protest against him and his reign in control of the club.

Blackburn Rovers fans are not the only group protesting against the role of Steve Kean as manager. Tony Parkes (former assistant and Caretaker Manager), Craig Hignett (former player), Robbie Savage (former play and fans fav), Simon Garner (Blackburn Rovers legend) and Kevin Gallagher (former player) to name a few have come out in favour of a managerial change.

The only people to back him as manager are his fellow managers in the league, the LMA and a choice selection of players at the club.

However fans protesting yesterday were reported to be in hearing distance of negative words directed in regard to the manager from the players.

A picture is also viewable online in which 2 1st team players were seen to be clapping protestors holding up a banner.

We will continue to protest at the best of our ability until a management change is made.

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