Date: 17th January 2007 at 5:22pm
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Reports are saying that Lucas Neill’s long awaited move away from Blackburn Rovers is finally nearing is conclusion.

If reports are true Neill could soon be turning his attentions away from the race for a top six finish and UEFA Cup football to a relegation battle with West Ham United as they are now favourites to land the Australian International according to

Liverpool have been the favourites to land the Aussie since the summer but with it reported that a deal had been arranged with Stephen Warnock probably going in the other direction the deal has stalled with Neill thus far being unable to agree terms. This has prompted Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez to hint that a deal may be scrapped, he said:

We are continuing working on these things but we will not wait. If a player wants to come to play for Liverpool, he must say yes quickly.

If he thinks about it for too long, maybe it’s a signal it’s time for us to look for other players. We have alternatives.”

Talks have been held with West Ham and Alan Curbishley now seems set to add Neill to his January captures already.

Although any real judgement I may well have on such a move will be reserved until such a time comes when Neill does sign for he Hammers, if indeed he does I don’t think that I would be alone in being more than a little disgruntled (to put it mildly!) that this would be seen (and I mean this with the greatest of respect to West Ham) as “a step forward to further his career.” Such a move would suggest that the opinion voiced by so many that the money factor is the key issue behind any move could be right…

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19 Replies to “Lucas Neill Move Nearing Completion”

  • My opinion on what Neill has done for Rovers will not change but a move away from Ewood to Upton Park would leave a sour taste in my mouth. I’d view this (with all respect to West Ham) as an insault to Blackburn Rovers.

  • As would I. To move to Liverpool would have been fair enough, as it is a team that many players dream of playing for because of the history and reputation surrounding them. But to move to West Ham, a club who I dont see as being better than Rovers is ridiculous. But thats his problem, we can fill the void!

  • We can and will fill the void indeed. I am biased, but that bias aside I genuinely think that a move to anyone other than the big four isn’t a move forward for any Rovers player!

  • As you all no, I am a massive fan of Lucas. I was the first to name him in the poll, and wished him the best of luck if he moves on. However, talk of him signing with West Ham has digsusted me. For him to say he wants a new challenge and move on to better things is completely outrageous. If he does sign for West Ham, I hope they get relegated, if he signs at a major club, Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea, we can wish him the best of luck

  • Neill leaving for West Ham is a joke, no offense to any West Ham fans there but he’s leaving a club fighting its way back up into the top 10, hopefully 6 for a relegation battle with a team that is spending big on staying up, now if it dosn’t work and they are relegated where will that leave Neill? u would think its money that is taking him there over Liverpool so he’ll be the first out in the Championship, depending on clauses in his contract I suppose. Neill is in danger of losing some respect with the Rovers fans as we all now wot he has done for the club, he’s been a gem and his move away was taken well with the clubs being mentioned at the time but West Ham, again cant beileve it, but heh money talks!!

  • I honestly cant believe it. It’s an insult and im very disappointed. I really cant say much more. I’m still going to hold on to a bit of hope but im sure I will wake up in the morning and hear him on the radio talking about his move which is something I wont want to hear seeing as though last time I listened to him he sounded like he wanted to further his career not flushing it down the drain.

  • Money does talk… so does Peter Harrison; he talks NOTHING but money! Some reports say a deal is done but nothing overly official yet but its LOOKING very likely that a move to West Ham will happen and because they have offered more cash. A move forward to further my career…… my arse!

  • according to Sky Sports News he’s signed a 2.5yr deal at around £50,000 a wk. It def looks like Harrison has sone his job and got his client a big pay rise but at wot cost?? West Ham and im sorry to say this cos I like the team but its as far away from a step up as u can get

  • When Bellamy left, i was hoping Mokoena broke his leg in a studs up tackle, Neill Signing with West Ham, I hope they get relegated. What a disgrace, moving on to a bigger stage, to the first division. At least we know the difference between loyal players, i.e David Dunn, or a player who just wants money.

  • What the hell is happening??? he has spent 6 months harping on about moving to a big European club!?!?!? And its West Ham. Fantastic, well done Lucas, you;ve moved to a team that is lower placed than ourselves.

  • I do wish him all the best in his “BIG” move as he has done Rovers proud over the yrs but I do wonder if he thought he wasnt going to cut it at Liverpool or higher or indeed was he swayed by the silly money being offered, plus if or when they get relegated he’ll be first unloaded cos of his wages, maybe this is the smartest move out, pick up good wages then leave in 6 months to another club for next to nothing

  • I’ve always been of the opinion that he would only be a short term option for Liverpool, Milan, Barca etc (not just saying this now in sour grapes) so maybe he has realised this and opted for the money and regular football rather than possible medals, not such assured football and less money. Lucas you’ve SOLD OUT! What you’ve done can’t be forgotten but you’ve soiled your good work somewhat.

  • well i’d be dissepointed if he joined west ham because it is no way near a spet up and if anything its a step down ?

  • i have always stuck up for lucas but i am a bit stunned that out of everyone he has picked west ham. If he does sign with them it will go against everything he has said the past six months. Another thing is that i can not stand Peter Harrison. He seems so sly and i would trust him with nothing. It sounds like he has had a lot to do with this deal. He is definately a money man. However, lucas is always saying that in football nothing is certain until that name is on the dotted line. Lets just hope he has a good reason if he does sign.

  • I can testify to the fact that jordz has ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS backed Lucas! IF he signs for them he will prove what so many had always thought… it was about the cash. Harrison is the kind of agent that gives agents a bad name he’s slimmy, always out for number one. He’d sell anything to make money. Neill has a good reason to sign for West Ham depending on what you read £50-60,000 of them per week!

  • Clauses, I hate clauses! They are so common in football now, if people can’t honour a contract they shouldn’t sign them, and I mean this from players and clubs points of view.

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