Date: 19th February 2007 at 1:54pm
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Blackburn Rovers and Arsenal replay their fifth round FA Cup tie a week Wednesday, the reward for whoever comes through this tie will be a home match with Manchester City in the Quarter Finals.

The draw in full reads as follows:

Middlesbrough or West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United or Reading
Arsenal or Blackburn Rovers v Manchester City
Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur
Plymouth Argyle v Watford

Manchester City will prove a tough opponent but both Arsenal and Rovers would fancy their chances of overcoming City in the Quarter Finals so the Semi Finals at the very least remains very much a possibility for either then from there who knows what could happen!

The tie of the round has to be Chelsea verses Tottenham; Chelsea again gain a home tie but Tottenham will prove worthy opponents providing the right side turns up on the day. Plymouth and Watford must be running their hands together but with home advantage despite being a Championship side Ian Holloway’s side will be very confident of making the Semi Finals…

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17 Replies to “Man City Await Rovers or Arsenal”

  • It was looking very much as if Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United could all make their ways into the semi final with two of the big four then playing out the final but if Reading and more importanly Rovers have good days in the replays Arsenal and United could go crashing out!?!? Then IF Spurs have one of their better days who knows, maybe they’ll beat Chelsea then the cup could literally be anyones!!!

  • Lot of “ifs” there Mr!!! Maybe you could just stand 11 players in front of your goal mouth and then claim a 0-0 draw as a victory hahaha

  • Hello all!!!! Am back from the globetrotting of 3 games in 7 days. I trust you are all well????

    And scooch…. If you gonna talk a load of rubbish go and do it elsewhere… the Arsenal board is normally the place for stupid comments like that.

  • That’s why I put a BIG if at the very beginning scooch, if puts emphasis on the “if” funnily enough… That was sarcasim. No harm in pointing out if, ands or buts though is there. We parked the bus that’s for sure but am I bothered, not in the slightest we’d not have been in today’s draw if we hadn’t.

  • It would appear so Mikey!! On the issue of the draw…this should provide the lads with that extra impetus to go out there and beat the Gunners. A decent draw.

  • My bro is a Man City fan… should be fantastic if we get through… As for my rep – its ok by me… just dont tell the missus!!!!

  • I have to work with a load of City fans (as well as scum fans) and couldn;t ask for a better tie… at least it is at home!

  • However no shock the big 3 have avoided each other again? i’m sure Mr Brooking sits on the big teams numbers to warm them thru????? is it just me whos cinical of the draws?

  • Come on be fair. Except for the first game arsenal played in the carling cup, which was away to west brom (who were doing well at the time) arsenal have played premiership opposition in both comp’s. Our first game in the fa cup was liverpool away, so you can hardly say we have had easy draws or avoided the big teams. In both competitions we have played away to west brom, liverpool x2, Everton & spurs, whilst having home fixtures against spurs, bolton & yourselves!!

  • A playboy of the good type of course Mikey… if there is such?!?!? lol. It does give the lads that incentive to really give the Gooners a game next week, the pirze is almost their for the taking now. As for the if’s, and’s or but’s can’t help thinking things through wondering if this or that could happen bmb 🙂

  • I’m cynical of a lot of things but have to say I’m not of the draw at all. On the whole this season the big teams haven’t really been handed that many easy ties, well except Chelsea three lower league sides at home, Arsenal tough Premiership sides in most cups, United maybe favourable in the league cup but they failed but the FA Cup three tricky Premiership sides. He’s my “IF” again, but if United and Arsenal go out in the replays Spurs could provide an upset in the QF then it’s literally anyone’s Cup, if Arsenal win the replay as do United then it will be any one from three.

  • Being a Gooner, obviously I hope that we go to Ewood Park and win but if not, I’d have no problem at all seeing your lads win the FA Cup final! I’ll never forget the joy your lads brought me when you beat Utd to the title and the final against Spurs. Also, in this country full of sensationalist reporters and headlines, I have a lot of respect for Mark Hughes with regards to the Cesc incident, but more to the point as manger of Wales he took us closer than we’ve been to qualifying for a major championship in a long long time. No excuses or anything 8-), but the Russian who scored in the playoff, actually failed a drug test after the game, otherwise we definately would have qualified! Honest! 😎

  • I have faith for the replay. I think Arsene will have to weaken his side to cope with the games his side have to play. Furthermore Boom Boom and MGP will be back. I have full confidence.

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