Date: 23rd February 2009 at 11:54am
Written by: Heldacaite

This weeks fans report comes from the man known as Heldacaite. Check it out.

Starting Line-up
—–Santa Cruz—–

Subs: Brown (GK), Tugay, McCarthy, Khizanishvili, Mokoena, Treacy, Roberts

First Half

The first shot on target for Manure became a goal. On the 24th min,our defence got spilt apart by Nani’s pass towards Rooney. Nelsen’s full stretch clearance gave Rooney the start chance to send it home.

Manure 1-0 Rovers

Lovely through ball from Ooijer in the 32th min. Santa Cruz gets the ball pass the keeper and slots it calmly into an open net. Super star composure. Our first shot on target becomes a goal.

Manure 1-1 Rovers

Evans had a goal disallowed in the 46th min for what I believe is a slight push.

We ended the first half with 1 shot on target giving Manure 2 shots on target.

Second Half

Andrews hit a header straight to the keeper on the 52th min.

The resident diver got a yellow card for diving for a penalty on the 56th min.

Nelsen hit the upright in the 58th min. Diouf gave the rebound straight to the keeper. What does the skipper need to do to score???

Andrews got a yellow card in the 59th min for a really retarded foul on the edge of the box.

The diver then scored from the free-kick. Robinson had no chance.

Manure 2-1 Rovers

Berbatov got booked for a high tackle in the 62th min.

Givet fouled Tevez on the 67th min.

First Rover substitue came in the 73th min. Tugay on for Dunn.

—–Santa Cruz—–

Second Rover substitute came in the 78th min. McCarthy on for Grella.

—–Santa Cruz—–McCarthy—–

Third Rover substitute came in the 83th min. Treacy on for Diouf

—–Santa Cruz—–McCarthy—–

We ended the second half really badly.

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson – 6
Didn’t do anything important. Totally no chance for both goals.

Ryan Nelsen – 5
Made a mistake and never looked like coming back.

Gael Givet – 6
Seems like a good loan. Definetly looking forward to seeing him in the future

Stephan Warnock – 5
Seemed invisible for most of the game. All his crosses were misplaced.

Andre Ooijer – 6.5
Good assist for the goal. Did okay against Nani

Keith Andrews – 5
Did absolutely nothing other than giving away a stupid free kick.

Vince Grella – 6
Did his job as the holding midfielder.

David Dunn – 6
He really needs more time on the ball to show his creativity.

El Hadji Diouf – 6
A good starting debut. Should’ve killed it off instead of putting it straight to the keeper.

Morten Gamst Pedersen – 5
Utterly disappointing performance from the Norwegian.

Roque Santa Cruz – 7
Good goal from him.

Tugay – 5
I do not understand why he’s even playing. Came on and did nothing in particular. He doesn’t look as if he has the legs anymore.

Benni McCarthy – 6
Should’ve been brought on alot earlier
Contributed nothing in particular.

This isn’t a big lost. But Sammy has to learn to put the correct players into the squad. Where was Roberts??? Villanueva wasn’t even on the bench???? The substitutions were a tad too late. I’m quite frustrated to be honest. The next game would be a challenge. We need to start picking up points. Go Rovers!!!!!


11 Replies to “Man United Away : Fans View – Heldacaite”

  • Very harsh Helda but i understand your frustration- Manure away and realistically, we could have gone away with much more. I guess it shows how well we played that theres a genuine feeling of having lost when no one gave us a hope

  • I agree. Though, it’s not as bad as that draw with Citeh. I felt like taking Ooijer outside and venting my frustration one duke at a time after that one. Rover’s played well for me, though I agree with helda about Tugay ion this game. He doesn’t have the legs for a last 10 minute all-guns attack on Manure – we should have chucked on Benni a little earlier, or even the monk (I remember he scored a bullet a couple of seasons back). Still, this was United, that people are talking about us deserving points is a credit to how we played.

  • roberts was on the bench, only change i was suprised at really was treacy coming on, the lads made a very good united side look ordinary, and the performance warranted more than we got

  • I thought Robbo was at fault for their second. There is just so much wrong with his positioning, the fact he jumped when he didnt need to and he stood behind the wall meaning he couldnt see it til it was coming at him. He is very poor on free kicks.

  • i do feel a new goalkeeper in the summer is a must, robinson has always been renowned as being a good shot stopper but couldnt catch a cold, awful on crosses and his positioning is questionable, however i would say he must have the best kick in the premiership, when he launches that ball in the oppositions box its a real weapon, problem is though i dont think there are many quality goalkeepers around these days and i could question 90% of th ekeepers in the premiership with realluy only friedel and cech having any real quality

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