Date: 16th August 2009 at 9:29am
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Match of the Day has pulled some ridiculous bias out of its backside before but it will do well this season to top the highlights of Blackburn’s loss to Man City on Saturday night.

Watching the extended highlights at 10.30 last night the editing crew gave the impression there was only one team in the game and ignored several key Blackburn attacks, choosing instead to focus on City passing the ball around and some half chances they created whilst missing several close attempts at Shay Given goal.

In truth, if you watch the game in full, Rovers were actually the better side on the whole – not totally outclassed as MOTD seemed to want to portray.

Now I know there is a lot of buzz around City at the moment and rightly so as there should be but the viewing as a Rovers fan was borderline insulting last night.

To further jab home the pain, the pundits chose to totally ignore Blackburn after the match – not even a comment, not even a glance – it was all about City’s new signings. ‘Blackburn couldn’t live with City’s midfield’ was one outcry from the sofa – yes they could guys, in fact on the large, they did it very well.

Now I know this all sounds very bitter but if it was one of the ‘big clubs’ getting this sort of ignorance there would be mass outcry – but I bet this passes without a whisper.

You should be ashamed of yourselves BBC.


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  • Completely agree! I’m a City fan and over the years we’ve realised this is exactly the sort of coverage you can expect from MOTD, and the rest of the media to be honest. Your not bitter, you were right! Good luck to Rovers this year.

  • Agree with fellow City fan AngleseyBlue re coverage we`ve had from MOTD over the years.Perhaps they`ve already decided to elevate us to that group of clubs rarely criticised.
    In terms of performance I was interested to read match report on Manchester United blog which clearly made City the better team yesterday- from a source that could not be our friends I suspect a more considered view from the poster is necessary.

  • thanks guys! I am was really annoyed last night that an organisation that always bleats on about unbias was so intent on drumming up as much bias and glamourising one side so much – City deserve some love. But not at the expense of the hard work of another team.

  • horse s**t! the last time i looked you win matches by scoring goals, does save by the goal keeper not count as part of the team work? defended when we needed to defend and scored when we needed to score, blackburn on the other hand didnt defend when they needed to and didnt score when they needed to score, simples! in the short ammount of time they have to show the highlights maybe just maybe they seen our defending as more exciting than your half chances.

  • having watched all the game on footy first and then the bbc i think they covered just about all the main highlights,yes a lot of balls were huffed into the box that came to nothing,they cant really show that can they,i totally agree with the bias afterwards when they sit round the sofa and can understand from a rovers point of view how annoying that is,but from a city point of view just wait till we lose our first game they will tear us apart

  • I was at the game and I can fairly say it was nothing but one way. Shay made 3 top class saves which could have changed the game at any time. The midfield battle was really of 2 kinds the city attempts of slick passing and the strentgh of Blackburn, which to be fair is what was expected. My only gripe of the game was the number of long throws and long free kicks but hey thats part of the game. BTW – I did not get home in time to see the MOTD highlights or not.

  • Bluesyob – your keeper saved you on more than one occassion and Rovers actually managed more clear cut chances than City. You certainly didnt get that impression from the highlights. Its like City over ran “poor little Blackburn” – patronising twunts!

  • sorry but I believe what i am saying is the truth here. I know it important to show the new threat to the top 4 – I understand that but those highlights did not bear a reflection of the game at all!

  • What do you expect? MOTD have been sucking up to the top few for as long as I can remember. They and much of the press don’t want Rovers in the premiership – we haven’t got loads of money and we’re not seen as one of the ‘glamour’ sides and therefore (with the likes of Stoke, Portsmouth, and Hull etc) should be relegated to the Premiership or lower and quietly forgotten about! Go on Big Sam – prove them wrong – it would be great to see Rovers qualify for Europe – that would stick in their throats!!!!!!!!!

  • I do agree MOTD can seem biased and do seem to choose the team who conveniently wins or dominates the game to lean towards. But although I wasn’t at the game I saw it on Football First in full last night an thought City were in control for much of the game. Blackburn did get a couple of chances that I think tested the keeper the rest were way of the mark. I think Blackburn could have grabbed a point as a one goal lead is never really safe and the second was at the end of the game anyway but I definately think after watching it City were the better team. I say that after listening to it live on the radio which actually did make me believe the game was a lot closer than it was when I saw it myself. I do think Blackburn played quite well, it’s not like it was 1-6 but too many long balls that come to nothing don’t make good TV. I didn’t actually watch MOTD but can see the point being made and do agree that it does happen. All the best for the rest of the season everyone.

  • This isn’t just Blackburn fans feeling sorry for themselves at all, thats the kind of jumped up attitude that all football fans don’t want to see creeping in to the Man City fans banter at all. It wasn’t just the Rovers game though. You may or may not have watched the Chelsea v Hull game yesterday lunchtime, and from a complete neutral point of view, saw Hull take charge of the game for a lengthy period in the first half. Probably as long as 30-40 minutes. However, I only saw the 1 attack from Hull in the first half in the ‘heavily’ edited highlights last night. Live, there were numerous shots and scrambles which were simply forgotten about. Hull deserved credit for that, and they recieved nothing, it was the Ancelotti show and in my opinion it stinks. The producers of that show need to start providing more for the lower teams, yes that includes ourselves. I know the big four, and of course City are the teams that get the majority of the viewers in, but still, it seems to be extremely one way! Rant over!

  • after reading all the comments maybe you have a point(mind the pun)but i dont want to sound biased all the decent football was shown on motd including yours,if i was a neutral and edited the game thats exactly what i would of shown,besides the 2 given saves there was nothing else that was even near,but point taken not even a mention after is very below the belt

  • jackblue – Pedersen, Diouf, Andrews, N’Zonzi… who all ranged from solid to very good, MGP in particular was suprisingly strong.

  • Isn’t it funny how a couple of City fans have come on here and said that they were at the match and then in the next couple of lines pretty much proved that they weren’t?

    Not one person has mentioned the penalty that should of been when Andrews shot toward goal and Dunne stopped it hitting the target with his lower arm.
    Also, there are 11 players on pitch for a team during a game, and Given made some World-Class saves. As a Blackburn Rovers fan, i think Given deserved his saves be shown as much as Rovers deserved their attempts on target being shown.

    Showing only one side of the match in the way BBC did yesterday is unforgivable!

  • Well in fairness, when we beat you at your ground all things will become equal again! Good luck for the season – sincerely, I hope you give the top six a run for their money.

  • I watched the game, and you guys played well, and for a time had me worried (y’know with our not-so-World-Class-defense, and the style Sam has you playing), but we stuck it out and got the win. Given made a couple of crucial saves and kept you from getting on the score sheet. Good luck for the rest of the season, I reckon you’ll be hard to win against at home.

  • Tombo, the reason no-one has mentioned the ‘penalty’ is because no way was it one! it was ball to hand (at 90 miles an hour). Watch the programme again, somehow it makes it look like Rovers were all over City in the first half!

  • indeed. i was less upset about the result than what i expected the media would write about. this is why a draw was so important.

  • ghost of 76- thats the point, we were all over you for the last half an hour in the first half but it certainly didnt seem like it on the footage!

  • This sort of thing is going to happen. City are now a media event deemed worthy of pop coverage. It might not last that long, but as a city fan I hope it does of course. I listened to it on the radio, and It did seem that Blackburn pressurized City in ther first half and according to Armfield and co deserved to be level. The second half seemed to be a little different, with City coping better. Perhaps the game might have sounded like it should have been a draw, but goals DO count. When I saw the game later I think that all this was largely confirmed. As a City fan, I’d like to wish Rovers better luck than this, especially from the twerps on MOTD.

  • Your comments are spot on Mikey D. The MOTD is renowned for this and have been spinning games out of proportion for many years. It has especially happened when Manyoo, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have been playing of course. City are now in the headlines so they get “pride of place” in TV attention. But it’s nothing personal against Blackburn — that’s just the way they play it.

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