Date: 4th April 2009 at 3:26pm
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2 Teams, different agendas. Tottenham, a win away from closing in on an unlikely European spot, Blackburn, a loss away from finding themselves in the relegation spots. Both teams, in desperate need of a win, sent out an attacking 4-4-2 formation, with a holding midfielder in the likes of Mokoena and Palacios. Keith Andrews dropped in at right back, whilst the combination of Roberts and McCarthy featured up front.

In what was a sign of things to come, Rovers started to play in what is being called, the ‘Sam Allardyce fashion’, with long balls being directed at the physical prescence of Jason Roberts, attempting to flick it onto the path of Benni Mc. Not much was happening for the Rovers attack.

Not until the 15th minute, when a neat interchange between Warnock and Gamst sent the Norweigan free on the left frank, dipping in a cross onto the head of Diouf, whose header strayed wide of the near post.
Moments later, a loose ball in the box from a long throw in found the path of Diouf, whose goal bound strike was deflected out for a corner, unlucky!!!!

Tottenham started to lift their game, with Darrent Bent finding space on the left flank, one on one with Robinson, blasting his shot low towards the bottom corner. An outstrecthed Robbo made a superb save, getting a strong hand on the ball, edging it out wide.

Controversy struck minutes later. Lennon picked the ball out wide, drove down the flank, finding himself about 5m away from Givet. He then whipped in a cross, which struck Givet in the hand, who was attempting to actually move his hand away from the ball. Penalty, Rovers went ballistic!!!!! TO add insult to injury, Keane didnt even place the ball on the spot, yet the referee waved play on. Robbo went the right way, but Keane placed it to perfection in the bottom corner, 1-0 Spuds.

Gamst picked up a calf injury, bringing David Dunn onto the pitch. Rovers continued with their long ball game, to the frustration of the home and travelling fans. Nothing was working, with minimal opportunities being created. To add to Rovers woes, Jason Roberts picked up a knock just before the break. Half Time, Spuds 1 Rovers 0

Oijer came on for Rovers, with Samba pushed on up front. Rovers were even more keen to get the ball up front quicker, and really did not look like penetrating the Tottenham defence. The first 20-25 minutes really was a poor affair, until Allardyce played his last card, Tugay coming on for Mokoena. Tugay recieved a standing ovation, and immediately started to get on the ball and distribute, however, no chances were created. Warnock was shifted out wide, with Dunn coming into the midfield.

As the 80th minute approached, Palacios was booked for a string of fouls on David Dunn. THis proved to be important, with only a minute later, Palacios picking up his second yellow for another reckless challenge on Dunn. ROvers finally started to threat, and the extra man gave ROvers the added incentive.

A long ball found the path of Chris Samba, whose attempted shot, or even possible cut back, found Benni McCarthy, who side footed into the back of the net, there was hope for Rovers, 1-1!!!!

Rovers continued to push on, however the long balls were just being belted back into the Rovers half. THe pressure was on, and Rovers couldnt believe their luck when Gomes made a spectacular save from a goal bound Stevie Warnock drive. However, Rovers fans went crazy only minutes later, and Sasman woke up half of Sydney.

Diouf took the corner, Samba stood his ground, the ball bounced up in the box, and Andre Oijer pounced, blasting the ball into the back of the net, earning Rovers another fantastic valuable 3 points, just like he did against Everton all the way back in round 1.

Rovers 2 SPuds 1!!!!!!!
Need I Say It???
Massive 3 Points? YOu bloody bet ya, eases the pressure on us, especially with Liverpool next!!!!

Ooijer Does it Again
Another late goal from the Dutchmen, fortunately he was there and not Nelsen hehehehe jokes jokes


23 Replies to “McCarthy and Ooijer Save the Day for Rovers”

  • what can i say lads….we battered you for 80 mins and should of been leading 3-0, and played the game the right way! the one touch passing that had split you open the entire match…the 2nd yellow on palacious was an outrageous decsion! palacious didnt even put his leg out and the televison replays prove that! his going off, turn the tide in your favour, and you seized your chance! well done.

  • outrageous? no….50/50? yes……we should of had the game wrapped up before half time, and as harry said, if palacious stayed on blackburn probably wouldnt of scored if we continued to play all nite…i think the ref goes in at half time, looks at the replay of the penalty and says to himself “i will have to give blackburn a decsion or two” which led to palacious getting 2 yellows. 1st one, no question. 2nd one was a ridiculous call…..but its our own fault, we should of killed the game off.

  • you jammy flukey little northern runts! I have NEVER in my life known a team who plays so much NON-football as the crummy Blackburn Rovers! I am going to pray to the good lord from Now until the end of the season that Blackburn Rovers get Relegated. When a team wins by being Flukey and hoofing long balls up field it just makes me sick to the core. No offence to the Blackburn fans because you are honest hard working folks. But I really cannot stand Blackburn Rovers or your manager Sam Allardyce, He will never be able to manage a big club because the fans wouldn’t put up with the Drivel him and his players serve up every week. Look what happened at Newcastle.

  • welsh yido – what a sore pathetic loser. You lost becuase you didnt take your chances, you lost because we took ours? did we deserve to win on the balance of play? no. Did we win? Yes… it happens, deal with like a man and grow up. You scored one goal from a penalty that could be kindly described as debatable.

  • Oh and well played Lilly white at least you are man enough to face up to the fact you had the chance to win and you didnt take it. We did and we won. I am ecstatic. I have just got back from the game and the crowd was on top form today. Big Sam’s Blue and White Army!

  • Oh and Sasman well done for a fair and honest report. We didnt turn up today but the sending off which WAS deserved (6 fouls from Palacios in total today) changed the game and Rovers took full advantage of the man deficit Spurs had. The ref was borderline useless as he failed to notice 3/4 Spurs handballs (one in front of his eyes) but none of this matters as 3 crucial points have been picked up.

  • The article says Palacios picked up his second yellow for another reckless challenge on Dunn. Are u having a laugh? He didn’t even tackle him and Dunn goes down as if someone shot him from the crowd!! The referee was pathetic. He gave a penalty for nothing. Sent a player off for nothing. And plus the linesman giving bent offside when he was clearly onside. F**k the Respect campaign. The officials were ridiculous.

  • For both sides so even if the officials were rubbish it worked against both sides. And for all your possession you had as many shots on goal as Rovers – 9 each. We can both feel aggrieved at decisions but we won – fair and square.

  • Fat Sam always had the beating of us at Bolton, why’d I ever think things would change for Rovers? Not meaning to sound bitter (though I am) but I don’t think we would had lost had the ref not (over) ‘evened’ out the soft penalty. Having said that I’m a great believer that you ALWAYS get what you deserve in football and rovers endeavour maybe warranted a point. My only worry for you is Sam?s 1-D football will hit the same brickwall he hit at Bolton and not be able to take you to the next level you looked to be going with Hughes, though that?s a conversation for another day. Enjoy another year of the Premiership…..Lanc tossers 😉

  • I wouldnt call it anti football blackburn play, but it wasnt pretty lads. But nice win anyways we had it coming, good luck for the rest of the season.

  • Alan Green on 5 Live “Spurs march towards a European place” These tossers cant see past London when it comes to giving teams a chance. Well Mr Green your boys took a beating, are you watching Mrs Thatcher, Mr Brown you one eyed Scotish Idiot.. Pi553s me right off it really does. The world does not start and stop with Landan football.

  • lollllll this is so funny!!! ive never known a team who just cant cop a loss on the chin, 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a great win – never thought you’d make it with ten minutes to go. A very, very good three pointr . . . . .and much needed.

  • aye, we might as well aye, since we are 1 dimensional, play ugly football, boot the ball 50 yards every time, hey, it worked though didnt it lol

  • Samba was very good up front. Woodgate is an excellent centre half and he gave him problems. The end of all this back and forth is that we won. The ref got decisions wrong but most of them were actully in Spurs favour! 2-1, end score, we won! Go on Rovers!

  • This team can drive you nuts. With 80 minutes gone i was making excuses as to why it wouldnt be so bad to play in the championship and yet 10 minutes later we have 3 points. I feel the criticism of our style of play yesterday is a little harsh. It wasnt pretty but what can we do with so many injuries in midfield. If we had our first choice or Emo, MGP, Reid and a fit Dunn then we wont have to play the long ball game and if it keeps us up then what the hell is wrong with it. One thing that was evident again yesterday was that we badly need 4 or 5 signings in the summer

  • 80 minutes of utter crap. Yesterday I watched the worst performance from Rovers under Allardyce for the most part, and yes, Spurs dominated lots of the game. But they didn’t push on, and they got punished for it. We barely strung 3 passes together all game. But we did show some heart (finally) in the last 10minutes at least. Allardyce accepted that it was a terrible game, but we’re struggling with midfield injuries at the moment and we desperately need to bring Derbyshire back. Plus our players traveled all over the globe only a few days before, so maybe I can forgiv3e fat Sam a little bit (especially given the result)…. As for all this talk of Palacios not deserving to get sent off, it seems like rubbish to me. If you look at the reply from the front you can see that he only pulls his leg back out the way AFTER he’s made heavy contact with Dunn. It was a reckless challenge and reminded me of Olsson’s foolishness at WH Lane earlier this season….. Why is it that all the Spuds fans posting here lack any balance. You got robbed yes, but no need to be complete *****ers about it. You didn’t pile on the pressure and you got punished. We never get this rubbish when we come out with a lucky win against other side. Please Spuds grow up!

  • Spurs had 3 clear cut shots, they had loads of possession yet that is what came from it. We werent good at all but we stuck to our guns with a depleted squad and got what we earnt… job done.

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