Date: 28th May 2007 at 10:40pm
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Benni McCarthy is reported to have failed to show up after being recalled by South Africa.

McCarthy, who retired from International football (again!) 15-months ago was called up by Carlos Alberto Parreira last week, and after being due to meet up with the squad in Durban on Monday he has apparently pulled a no show.

It was not sure if Benni would even accept the invitation to return to the South African set-up but Reports in South Africa say Benni failed to meet up with the squad on Monday ahead of their African Cup of Nations qualifier with Chad on Saturday, so it looks like he decided not to answer it after all?!?!

Meanwhile one man determined to answer the call of his country is England’s (I can say this now after his first senior call-up!) David Bentley.

After a highly impressive England B showing on Friday against Albania Bentley was called up to the senior squad for the first time on Saturday and he could make his debut against Brazil on Friday. If he gets the chance he will grab it with both hands.

I went out there (against Albania) knowing I had to step up the ladder again and I had to perform.

“Hopefully I can make the next step up. Why not? Every time I step out onto a football pitch I aim to put on a good performance and not to let people down.

“When you put on an England shirt, you need to perform well and that’s what Steve McClaren expects.

“He expects nothing less and a lot of passion and quality. That’s what he wants and anything less is not good enough.

“It is a dream of mine to be in the full squad and I will grab it with both hands if I am given the opportunity to play against Brazil or Estonia

I know whose boots I would rather be in at this point in time!


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37 Replies to “McCarthy in South Africa No Show!”

  • Benni, Benni, Benni what have you done! Come on Bents you can do it, come on Stevie Mac give him that chance.

  • benni joining arsenal?? Ah geez how people love to talk, get ur facts right then come back, actually even better go make ur own site and share it with chalky

  • lol.. that’s nice to know.. would explain it.. after all arsenal hate their forwards playing for their country.. Like Henry.. Wenger plays him when he’s unfit then blames France! If arsenal “don’t have the money” for the beast I don’t see how they could stretch their purse-strings for some real talent!

  • also this poll is too hard… where’s reo-coker.. oh no wait that’s most overrated player by himself (and no-one else) in the premiership.. Also where’s Lenon.. he gets my vote!

  • What Benni wants and what Benni gets, you may find, are completely different things! LOL Arsenal, he wants to join a club on the way up, not one on the way down.

  • Benni is going down in my estimations big time, Is it just me or is he turning his back on his country – yet again – for the money!! He will have to realize that these supposed big teams didnt come near him while he was at Porto and left him to sit on the bench. If he wants to go and these teams ARE interested, then HAPPY DAYS lets start a bidding war and get rid of wot could possibly turn into a trouble maker. I dlove him to stay but and the papers could be very wrong about wot he wants but if they are rite then get rid, but for £10m +

  • I think he is trying to get kicked out of the national team so he is free to play for a team like Chelsea… not Arsenal though. If he isnt in the African Nations Cup then he does not have that block to play away for a month. He won;t join Arsenal though as they are supported by t0sserS like ajwb.

  • Bents4eng – It is a quality poll suggested by Clint isn’t is! The 14 options we can have is not enough really is it. Cint has some other gems lined up for the summer months also following a similar theme so keep a look out for these!!!

  • Clint – He too is going down in my estimations a little, but to be honest with you I knew (and I think most of us did?!?!) what he was like when we signed him. He has shown the ugly side of his nature all to often over his career and it looks as though we are now seeing this here (the papers don’t help though!)

  • MikeyGamst – SPOT ON dude. My first reaction when I heard of this, he’s doing this so he is not part of the African Cup of Nations, hence he would be free to join Chelsea with no stumbling blocks in the way! Also more than agree with your thoughts on ajwb (I try to ignore him though as he isn’t worth the paying too much attention to is he!)

  • Gotta agree with u Mikey ajwb is a tosser lol. Oh yea as well as the whole mccarthy thing, but mainly bout ajwb (and chalky for that matter)

  • I hope that Chelsea do want him and he is doing this to engineer a move to sit on the bench for all but over Xmas. Chelsea may have siad they are not going to spend big money this season but Rovers are in position where they dont have to sell, we cant afford to have a player on Benni’s wages sit on the bench or in the reserves either but we dont have to to sell for cheap either. The price should start at £10 and just go up, then we could buy in Nugent or that , a player who would have something to prove and generally be grateful for the chance to play in a good team

  • start at £10 Clint!?!?!? Think we might need a bit more than that…. we could get BomBom for free remember hence making a tidy tenner out of the deal…

  • Sorry mate lol u now wot i meant though £10m to start at least. Its only fair as I read that ‘Pool are looking for £12m for Bellemy, a player who have not played fro his club is worth double wot he was sold for and a player – Benni – who was 2nd top goalscorer in the league in his 1st season

  • i no guys but from what ive noticed, our club does not usually hold out for a higher price, if the 8 or 10 million offer does come, we prob will accept it, unless we could get a money plus player option from any of the big clubs

  • If we let Benni go for a tenner we could get Nugent and still have change for BomBom’s bus fare to Ewood for his medical lol 🙂 £10 million is the minimum we should start even entertaining isn’t it as Clint says. Anything less and let him stay here, he can sulk all he wants Sparky will soon sort him out. The words “under contract to Blackburn Rovers” are what Benni needs to remember!

  • If Berbatov is worht £30 million I dont see why Benni aint worth at least half that… its pathetic how the profile of one club increases the price of a player who isnt really any better than the other.

  • Problem is it’s not the actual club that does it, it’s the finances. Liverpool can quite easily leave 6M sitting on the bench, and soak it up in their accounts. To us, 6M is a couple of midfielders and an entire defence, and therefore we have to let go. It’s the problem of “the rich get richer” rearing it’s ugly head in football. Personally, i don’t think we have anything to worry about. I don’t think McCarthy will be going anywhere, but i don’t think Bellamy will be coming here either, unless it’s true that he has a 7M buy back clause, and Liverpool let go.

  • Valid point Head Rover Heels, £6 million is a bit for us isn’t it, pocket change for Liverfool and will be soaked up EASILY with a few important goals. I’d HATE it is Rovers paid Liverfool £7 million for Bellers, what has he done to warrant us having to pay as much even as what we got for him let alone more?!?!

  • Just made a similar point on the forum (and shh, on another mssgbrd) Although it bites to pay more than we got, he was sold below value when he left, and no point biting our noses and all that. I’d say 7 (possibly even 8) would be a fair valuation of a 10M striker (when he left us) who has had an indifferent season in which he has been at the center of several, erm, disruptive occurences. If we went anywhere near the 12M joke that is being pandered around i’d be amazed.

  • £ 8 million tops I reckon. I never thought I’d say this but if we can get him at that (or less) then I say go for it… we can only benefit as Hughes is the man that gets the best out of him.

  • You @*%in’ well bet it won’t happen again Head Rover Heels or I’ll be calling in “Mikey and his Maniac’s” to take care of business, lol!

  • I’m ready, give me an address and we are ready to roll…. headroverheels you know full well that this is the only message board in existence.

  • Mikey, I think Head Rover Heels was temporarily brainwashed so I’ll not release the hounds just yet lol, but keep them on standby just incase there is a relapse 🙂

  • Its getting fiesty in here, i even feel the heat from down under, other msg board aye aye?? Ya better watch ya self HRH im sure if savage finds out ya been doin ya rounds he will come hunting

  • Back on the topic lol, I see that Benni has made a plea to get back into the South Afrian set-up again! He says he isn’t a trouble maker?!?! Move to Chelsea off again at least lol!

  • *emerges from bush to see if safe*. It’s just more of the same from “our Benni” isn’t it? He really hasn’t got the ability to keep schtum, at all. He’s a journalist’s dream.

  • Nice one, you are safe to come out now as I’ve called off the dogs lol! He certainly is just that isn’t he Head Rover Heels, it would be worth paying a journalist to follow his every moves (assuming this isn’t already happening?!?!)

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