Date: 31st May 2007 at 12:31pm
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Blackburn Rovers’ striker Benni McCarthy looks back at his first season at the Lancashire club in this video interview, saying he was as surprised as everybody else at his successful 19 goal return for Mark Hughes’ men, but admits he would not turn down an opportunity to leave the club in order to have another chance at the Champions League.

Video Length: 3 Min 55 Sec

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  • The infamous WKD Football Awards interview finally witnessed with my own eyes (and ears!) In fairness to Benni after watching this it isn’t quite the “I want to leave” that has been portrayed is it. He is clearly a little uneasy with some questions asked and is looking for something more than a “modest club” but isn’t exactly disgrespectful as had been suggested! If a Champions League Club does come in for him he will go though, let’s give it another season at least though Benni and see what happens here, you never know this “modest club” might surprise you yet (not that I am saying we WILL break into the top four, that would be foolish!) If you haven’t watched this, check it out. It took a while to buffer but played like a charm.

  • That’s what all the fuss was about???? You can actually see the point when he just sets off on the usual McCarthy ramble and can’t figure out a way to stop himself talking. At first, he’s almost suggesting that we will be looking at Champions league football here, but when the interviewer mentions moving to another club, he starts to fall over his own words. No doubt he would consider a move if one was offered, but he doesn’t sound like a man who isn’t enjoying himself here in the slightest.

  • He sounds fine… he aint pandering for a move. he suggest he has paid his debt but doesnt exactly tout himself to a club. Its just the media twisting his words!!!! (again)… what does everyone reckon coz that nearly as bad as everyone made out!!!

  • It was NO WHERE near as bad as it was being portrayed in the media as it, hopefully we can get to see more things like this (video interviews) as they clarify things don’t they!

  • Wellsy – The wooden bench’s are gone my friend, but he may get too comfortable in these new seats they have and fall asleep though lol!

  • Im making observations as i go here do bear with me. First off, he sounds like hes from London, not Cape town lol, since when has Wales and Poland been southern europe then??? get a map out Benni! One day, probably, hopefully, jesus Benni, not keen on leaving us are ya lol. Im still a Blackburn player, so I can’t say whether i am going to go or stay??? If ur a Rover, you are staying LOL Finally, I love CL football, i miss CL football, I would love to play CL football again soon, Having a years rest from CL football was really really hard and one day hopefully i can play CL football again but I AM NOT SAYING I AM LEAVING BLACKBURN GEEZ, not that keen on leaving then Benni, but you emphasised the point well enough i felt.

  • All in all, not much there, the interviewer being a tad naughty with the line of questioning but he really misses CL footy lads, so lets hope we make the UEFA KO rounds and fingers X’d that Barcelona and AC milan get knocked out of CL and into UEFA, then Benni would be happy…….Right?

  • Just as I suspected. Media manipulation. That interview (as I have rambled on about to my bro, Dad and mates) was never going to say forthright that benniu wanted to leave. It merely intimates that he would like to play CL footy again. Which footballer wouldn’t!!!! I feel, when he said, ‘I am a Blackburn player and I am happy at Blackburn’, that he meant that. I think he is happy at Rovers and would be happy should he still be here next season if a bid doesn’t arrive!!! Benni and Bellars it is then!

  • Still not convinced on having BOTH Benni and Bellers! God help us if this happened and they both kicked off!!!

  • Its plain and clear he wants to leave now, hes a brilliant player and would love to have him, but no point if he doesn’t want to play for the team, so get some money in for him and bring Bellamy back.

  • Bring Bellamy back… definitely have warmed to the idea now. If McCarthy leaves we will have more financial muscle to play with.. lets go Rovers.

  • lets not pay over the odds for him tho mikey!! Id rather he went to Villa for 12 mill an trust sparky to find another gem.

  • adrianbrfc – It may appear that it is plain and clear that Benni wants to leave but when I watch the video I am not so convinced. If a Champions League team offers us the right money then we would accept it and he would get that level of football, but he still seems happy enough here though, well I think anyway but maybe I’m more hopefully than anything else?!?!

  • IF Benni goes then I would welcome Bellers back no question, if he doesn’t go I’m still not so sure i would want both?!?! ANY more than £8 million (although I still think £6 million is enough!) and much like BomBom I would rather he went to Villa, or anywhere else apart from here as Sparky WOULD find another gem.

  • 6mill for Bellars will be enough. NO MORE!!! Benni could well stay and I don’t think anyone will bid for him tbh. PLus I have made a bet with my dad on it, who has become rather dissillusioned by the whole affair, so I could do with the money and the ‘I told you so’ mantle. Come on Benni do the right thing.

  • I may have missed something, but has Mikeys dad got some money on it too like ROVERMAN’S dad! lol I can nit pick too BomBom 🙂

  • Why dad is not HDM in case anyone is thinkin that.. he is the “alleged” estranged father of many a child but not myself. My father is called John and is Geordie.

  • I see what you are saying, but he has also made it perfectly clear he wants champions league football way more than he wants to play for Blackburn Rovers next season.

    We could rely on Hughes for another gem but Bellamy is a proven success, even if he doesn’t notch 15 goals theres no doubt hel chalk up the assists, i cant really see a reason in not wanting Bellamy to be honest

  • I think this is partly cos he rambled on (and on and on and on) about it. I think he would settle for another year at Rovers, especially if we can show him we are committed to at least challenging for CL football but if we fail to get it next season (and we probably wont) then I would not blame him, he would have given us 2 good seasons and a decent profit.

  • Agreed dude, I would be FAR more understanding if he left us two thirds trough his contract rather than just a year in.

  • yeah, in fairness bellamy didnt really tout himself away, just got snapped up by his boyhood club. otherwise he had no reason to leave.

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