Date: 17th March 2008 at 10:44am
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Well hello there guys. Disappointing result but a hum dinger of a day out it was. Real good fun and I reccommend that more people join in next season as it makes for a good story and a better atmosphere as well.

Lets set the scene –4 of us set off from Sheffield station at 9 am on Saturday morning. Me and my mates who shall remain nameless (for their own safety!) had a minor booze up at mine the night before much to the chargrin of my ever faithful missus. Of course we went with the legendary ‘it’s only a warm up and you’ve got the whole day to yourself tomorrow’ excuse which went down a storm, much to mine and the guys relief as there is nothing worse than an making a Welsh girl angry 24 hours before the ultimately successful six nations Grand Slam attempt.

Before setting off from the station we had to get official word on how many cans we would require for the train trip. After getting official confirmation that this indeed was a ‘6 can trip’ we were set to go. N.B. Only Pompey is more than a ‘6 can trip’ in Premier League terms. Pompey is an ‘8 can trip’ where as Manchester City is the least cans which is a designated ‘2 can trip’. Bear in mind though kids that this is an adult format and must only be played under official Mikey supervision.

The Action –The train trip went pretty smoothly as poker was played the majority of the way even if there was uproar as one of my mates left the train £45 better off than when he got on it. Rumour is he is a cheat, or better than us, I forget which one.

We made our way down to the main bar strip at about 12 o’clock to tackle the local beer dispensers prior to the match even of the Hammers fans were looking fairly violent. We eventually made our way to the designated away team pub and settled there for some pre match arguments over selected topics. The two best were –

1) Which of the Blackburn players Wags’ is the fittest? the outcome was Stephen Warnock 2 – Morten Gamst 2 in a hard fought draw.

2) If you had to lose an arm or a leg which one would it be and you can’t choose neither? (This conversatio took about 15 mins… no joke!).

We got to the ground about 2.40 for a good pre match sing along with fellow Rovers fans which included a fantastic Lee Bowyer chant of ‘He’s gonna spit in a minute’. Luckily for BomBom and fellow Roverites, Igor was not the assistant referee for the day and we were guaranteed no controversy… for a change.

During the game there was the usual sore voices and chanting to keep you warm as it was absolutely freezing inside the ground, we were gettig the bulk of the wind being second row from the back.

In the end it was to be abject disappointment but that wasnt going to spoil the day…

We found a popped footy and dribbled it all the way to the tube. I actually nut megged a West Ham fan as he tried to take it off me!!! Apparently this was because he is a bit rubbish and not because I am good… I was gutted.

On the way home we did manage to all fall asleep for about an hour and my mate ended up with the tic tac in the ear, penis on his face treatment that all good drunks who fall asleep should end up with. It took him about 20 minutes and a trip to the toilet to figure it out!!!

SUMMARY –All in all the result the score was disheartening but the tour rumbles on. I can’t wait for 2 weeks time when I will be back for part two.

Hope you enjoyed. The more feedback we get the more chance there is there will be a tour next year.



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  • Good stuff Mikey, i havent actually seen any of our players WAG’s would be interesting though. I have heard from mates who live in Manchester that Gamst has a fit bird though! hopefully get the right result on the next stop of the tour mate!

  • Sounds fun! Next time I arrive from Denmark to watch a Blackburn game ill be sure to join your tour 🙂 – sounds like alot of fun.

  • Isn’t Roque’s pretty fit though?!?! I need to see MGP’s and Stevie W’s so I can compare lol!
    These Mini Tour adventures are superb Mikey, I look forward to the next instalment.

  • A+++ read mikey boy!! I was there too, although not nearly as *****ed. Great day out, result aside. Looking forward to the next instalment!!

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