Date: 18th April 2007 at 1:52pm
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This site is FOR THE FANS BY THE FANS and as such submitting your work makes this all the more worthwhile for me. Previously we had “Mikey’s Mini Rovers Tour” now we have MikeyGamst’s accounts of the Rovers vs. Chelsea FA Cup Semi Final.

Over to MikeyGamst?

A regular feature (hopefully) nowadays as I give you a run down of our day out following the mighty Blue and White Halves. This time round it was to Old Trafford for the FA Cup Semi Final on Sunday.

There were about 10 lads making there way down from Llandudno, Wales to meet me and my Sheffield United supporting friend Dave at a pub near the ground. Scheduled ETA was 11 in Salford. We caught the train from Sheffield at quarter to ten to get in to Manchester Piccadilly 45 mins later. The train was on time (quick has anyone got the number for 999?!?!? I’ve gone into shock) and as Manchester is a 3 can journey we duly had 3 carling on the train.

We got there on time, which is more than can be said from the Lladudno lot, which included my girlfriends dad. Never trust the in laws I say… they were stuck in traffic and due to be an hour and a half late.

Me and Dave found a great pub near the ground called Sam Platt’s, which was decked out with Rovers fans and filled up by 12 o’clock. When my girlfriends’ dad finally turned up they were greeted by chants of “You’re late, we’ve been here since 10” from the ENTIRE PUB…. gotta love it.

Lots of good chants as well.. my favourite is still “Lets all do the Samba”. Best chant we have had for years.

The afternoon was filled with £2 Foster cans until 3 o’clock. For those keeping score by kick off we’d had 9 cans a piece (don’t tell the missus). We got in the ground about half 3 and we were 5 rows from the top… great view, shattering my legs to climb that though!!!

The ground is SLIGHTLY better than Ewood Park 😉

The Chelsea fans were deadly quiet pre game, during the game and after the game. Not one of them had a shirt on from more than 3 years ago… that surely tells you everything. My Savage shirt got plenty of boos as well but I’m use to that.

The first half we were tepid and nervous. You could see we were trying but looked 2nd best.

Whatever was said at half time needs to be said every week….. WE WERE SUPERB.

Chelsea had no answer to the attacks we created. We put pressure on them and there was only 1 team that looked like winning and it wasn’t the Premiership Champions… The crowd could sense a goal and when it came from the excellent Jason Roberts the roof almost came off the east stand. I still have visions of Pedersen missing that header but I refuse to criticise any of our players they made us all very proud.

In the end it was heartbreaking and the wrong team won but every had to stand and applaud the magnificent effort that unfolded in front of our eyes.

Sore throats all round the next morning… we didn’t get back to Sheffield till midnight after at trip to 5th Ave in Manchester… in total 19 beers. On the whole it was a great day out and the players did us proud.

Man of the Match – Jason Roberts. Has been doubted in recent games but anyone who doubts how good a player he is, needs to watch the second half of this game. He was SUPERB.


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9 Replies to “Mikey’s Day Out – Rovers vs. Chelsea”

  • This is EXACTLY what I am looking for, ANYONE looking to share their views on a match, the day out, players past and present ANYTHING Rovers related do so by clicking here. We ALL have views and opinions so share them! People are not right or wrong (unless I say so 🙂 LOL) they just have an opinion, so SHARE IT!

  • Brilliant stuff MikeyGamst sounds like all had a great day, if only the result could have gone our way. A great day nevertheless and a performance for us to be MORE THAN proud of! Don’t worry I’ll not tell the missus about the NINETEEN CANS (Mrs MikeyGamst!) you had I promise 🙂

  • I aint married yet mate (thank christ!!!!)

    Hope you all enjoy this. It was a great day out and if anyone else wants to share then all I can say is…. that’s the spirit.

  • Interesting view about the Chelsea atmos as I heard another Rovers fan criticise us on 606 and meant to ask you lot about it. It can only have been the acoustics as I thought in the first half we made loads of noise, particularly after the goal but did quieten down somewhat with nerves in the second but we?re a long way from silent. About 5 seconds after your goal I started a rousing chorus of Carefree myself. At the time I also thought your lot were dead quiet in the first half and didn?t start making any noise until you scored. However reading this I can only assume that the acoustics that made you think were quiet played the same trick on us.

  • The bulk of the noise we made was in the first half and after the goal. We also made a lot of noise after the Ballack goal.

    My mate was with the Chelsea fans and said they were terrible. There were a few sporadic songs from Chelsea but very little noise all day. My mate was disappointed as he could here a lot from our end and not from Chelsea.

  • Did he say where he was sitting? I was right behind the goal in the upper tier and things seemed fine to me. Mind you that was the cheap seats which may have somethig to do with it.

  • Too busy chewing fingernails? 😉 That’s normally our job – great to actually have a crowd in full swing for once – We’re not exactly notoriously loud usually.

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