Date: 20th July 2008 at 7:19pm
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Milton Keynes Dons skipper Keith Andrews has been told that he can leave the stadium:mk, which means he is ALMOST certain to join his former manager Paul Ince at Blackburn Rovers.

MK Dons manager Roberto Di Matteo has stated that Rovers have shown an interest in the midfielder, who has himself made it clear that he wants to follow Ince to Ewood Park so when an acceptable bid is received and terms and conditions are agreed (as expected) he will team up with Incey again.

A statement on the Official Milton Keynes Dons Website said: “Keith is a player we value extremely highly and remain committed to retaining but we maintain our policy of not standing in the way of an individual’s professional development.

“We have received no formal offers for Keith but in order to prevent the intense speculation of recent weeks jeopardising the start of our season we feel it is in everyone’s interests to settle this unhelpful situation.

Andrews has previously played for Wolverhampton Wanderers and Hull City, but has little (probably no) Premier League experience and personally I’ve got my doubts about his ability to do so?!?!



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  • who knows? ince has managed him for a season at mk dons so he will know him well enough to decide whether he can cope in the premier league. now that we’re in pre-season too, ince will haveb een able to assess dunn, reid, vogel, etc and if he’s interested in signing andrews then we can safely say he isn’t happy with his midfield. villanueva and castillo both also play around the midfield so if Ince knows these positions and who to put in them as well as Sparky knew his position and who to put in it, i’m sure we’re on to a winner.

  • Touche dude!!! Sparky picked a mean striker, if Incey can pick a mean midfielder then he knows best. VERY good point!!!

  • From a Dons perspective, I can honestly say he isn’t Premier League quality. He’s had one very good season at the club under Ince, but he will do well to get onto your bench, let alone make an impact. Looks like the deal is done though. You’ll probably hear it over on Vital Dons first so I’d suggest stay tuned to there 🙂

  • Well i think someone who couldn’t make it into a Wolves team should not get into a Rovers team final, our current midfield lot are way better and that is saying something.

  • I know that as Rovers fans we are eternal optimists but i really think that some of u are dreaming!!! Ince has done nothing to convince me so far that he is the right man for the job…..Bents is adamant he’s goin, Brad’s slapped a transfer request in n RSC is a possibility!!! He springs ROBBIE FOWLER on us n now Keith Andrews!! – I do have the inside track on that divisions n Andrews is NOT good enough. He’s floated from club to club n has never made his mark. To say i’m worried is an understatement!!!! Shining light Carlos VILLENUEVE!!! Top player!

  • Mani13963 – I do believe that some of the issues that have arisen would have happened whether Ince was our manager or not… Bents said he wanted to go when Hughes was here. Friedel has been tempted by a great move away (no one can blame him). RSC has said he is not going, but teams have been sniffing around him last season. Fowler, as far as I know is on trial, Andrews I have no idea about – but yes he has signed Villenueve and has said he wants to keep all his players. Hughes didn’t make a great start by getting shot of parks, and I wasn’t overwhelmed by the prospect of Savage… but he knew what he was doing and he did a good job – I hope the same for Ince

  • Great post FN1. Lets give a chance. He is doing things his way, which whilst it is different from Hughes will still be effective.

  • I am more than willing to give Ince his chance. I don’t completely agree with some of what your saying tho. In my opinion, ONLY Bentley would have left this summer had Hughes stayed. Whilst Ince isn’t directly culpable for the instability that follows when any manager leaves i just think that he put a slant on his start by even being liked with Fowler or Andrews.
    What must the likes of Derbyshire and Gallacher really think of us even trilling Fowler???? What must Dunny and Reidy think about the likes of Andrews??……I think these types of ideas make good players unsettled and great players turn away……I am the worlds worst worrier and i really hope you all say “Told you so” later in the season – COME ON ROVERS!!!!!!!

  • NEWSFLASH – Maji says no! I must admit, i still can’t phathom this one out, not good enough for wolves, but yet good enough for rovers. I’ve read lots of theories on it now he’ll be ince’s eyes and ears, squad player etc. I can believe the eyes and ears, but surely players would know this anyway and its not the best way to go about keeping tabs one players. Ince must have his reasons, I hope they are football related!

  • Apparently he is getting cold feet about signing Andrews now. Ince will be fine and Derbyshire is the ultimate rovers fan. An extra player in his way will mean he is more determined to push into the first team

  • I hope your right mikey, I see no benefit in Andrews joining rovers. If it happens it will be the most surprising signing of the season!

  • Looks like Andrews is off to Watford. was kinda expectin this as John Williams had come out yest and admitted that whilst Ince had mentioned him in his first meeting with the board. They were not looking to make a move – Music to my ears…….Dunn, Reid, Villenueva and Castillo are great options for those positions with Vogul and Tuggs backing them up!!! Just gotta get shut of fat ass Fowler now n trust Derbyshire!!!

  • Looks like the board have figured that out for themselves Merlin…And it looks like we are selling the Axe to Stoke…

  • Has Ince ever come out to say he wanted to sign his former Captain?? I dont know b4 someone says he did or didnt, but im just saying that every manager gets linked to players at his old club, I have said b4 that it shouldnt matter where a player comes from, after all who on here had ever heard of Audux or where-ever Villanueva is coming from??? cant be much better that Macclesfield?!? I Fowler would be a good addition as a coach – stroke – when we’re stuck player – as in his day he was around the best in the english league, let alone europe, so in this aspect i kinda agree with bringing him in,cos after all the kids would have so much to learn off him, as a player im not keen, im not sure it sends out the wrong signals but with 4 very good stikers ahead of hiim, its a waste of money, on a pay as u play contract maybe, but after that no way! I know Castillo isnt coming now and Bresiano( not spelt rite i know ) has been linked, as was Afellay from PSV interesting enough

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