Date: 22nd July 2008 at 7:12pm
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Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Bentley was ONCE again the subject of plenty of Newspaper speculation on Tuesday. I’m sooo bored of this now!!!

With Rovers chairman John Williams not really saying anything new on Monday, but apparently he revealed the “(worst kept) secret” that Bentley would be sold for the right price newspaper reports claim that Bents has pulled out of our tour of Germany over frustrations that his move to Tottenham Hotspur hasn’t been completed yet.

The official line for his non-appearance against German Bundesliga newcomers TSG Hoffenheim on Monday evening (a match we lost 3-1 with Benni McCarthy scoring the goal) was a hamstring injury (according to the Lancashire Telegraph) when I thought it was a calf injury that kept him out of the Pre-Season friendly with Macclesfield Town last week?!?!

Let’s just get this over and done with now. It’s dragged on long enough and is way beyond boring now!!! We do hold all the cards in as much as he still has three-years left on his contract but his heart will be NO WHERE near in it for Rovers anymore so the sooner he leaves Ewood Park the better. If we can get a good amount of cash and Paul Robinson then I personally feel we would’ve done VERY well out of the deal, but that appears to be a sticking point, the valuation of Robinson!



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  • Dead right Walker fed up with Bender now, its funny how both his injuries are the two that you can’t detect!!! Although I did hear tesco’s was doing a special on nappy’s so maybe thats why he came back!

  • I gotta say just get him outa the club!!……He’s a good player but when uv seen the likes of Shearer, Sutton, Duff, Bellamy etc move on then you realise that we’ll be alright. On face value in the current market, David Bentley is worth every penny of the 17 million that Rovers want from him…..are Barry, Carrick or Hargreaves any more effective in the Premier League???? The answer is a resounding know and all of these players have ben sold at or around this price.
    As a die hard Rovers supporter, i do think that Bentley’s career has the potential to collapse after leaving us. He was constantly molly-cuddled by Hughes and Rovers last year who put up with his insatiable desire to be world class by not passing for vast amounts of games or tryin to take on one more person!! If he does this at Spurs then they will crucify him and probably drop him which will limit his ability to shine.
    Having said that he does generally stay injury free (we’ve ascertained that he’s not currently injured at all). He is also very talented and works damn hard….. Spurs he’s a good un but at that money he’ll be careful not feel the door hit him on the way out!!!!!!!

    PS LOVE the Robinson shout…a great keeper who needs some one to believe in him!!!

  • Yeah at this stage get him out get the new boys signed on the dotted line and bedded into the squad and we can all move on from here. 17-18 million is acceptable and if the robinsone valuation is a sticking point then we should do that deal seperately.

  • Rob Green is a liability! You’d have to change your name to GreenNo.6. This saga is becoming tedious. I have to agree with mani, Bentley was greedy last season. Tried too much, some times it worked, a lot of the time it didn’t. When it did work it looked good, when it didn’t, those didn’t get showed on MOTD, and everyone thought he was the dogs gonads. His career will downward spiral when he does leave, look at all the others that have gone before him, Shearer was probably the only ‘success’…Sutton did nowt at Chelsea, same as Duff. Dunn at Birmingham was, well injured, Bellamy at Liverpool, Neill hasn’t set the world alight at West Ham.

  • No one ever does well when they leave Rovers!!! We’re very lucky that the club is run by real professionals and they seem to know how to treat peolpe within the club…recent interviews with various former players/coaching staff have re-affirmed this point – Dean Saunders recently mentioned the greatness of our club compared to his time at Newcastle. Decimus made a great point in relation to MOTD…..somebody somewhere at this show loves Bentley cos iv been to games and thought he was ****…..ive then watched MOTD and he’s looked like a world beater!!! Rovers is the place to resurrect any career and Robinson will be no different….watch this space!!!

  • Yep – Robinson is a good keeper too and we are in the driving seat in the negotiations. Sell Bentley first then worry about a keeper – the whole Bentley saga is getting old and it’s time we got rid of him and focused on next season with the players we have.

  • On a personal level I was one in the crowd at Wembley that day who stood and cheered for him as he came on v Israel as everyone else was booing. I backed you because you were blue and white and you have now thrown that back in my face… and for that I will never forgive you.

  • Too true Mikey we all defended him, perhaps we should have been a little wiser and seen it as a sign of things to come!! I am so dissappointted that he’s basically sticking his fingers up at us after all our support, and aaid in developing his career. He was on the scrapheap before us, Wenger just wanted rid!! I do hope however he plays the Hull game I for one will be screaming at him all game.

  • That’s where you’re wrong. Wenger didn’t want rid, Bently wanted rid. I think that was just the first in a number of incidents which show him to be an absolute snake. As a spurs fan he’d be a great signing on the pitch but as we (and everyone else) are miles away from the top 4 it’s only a matter of time before this happens to us as well so with my fingers crossed I wish you luck with Judas for next season 🙂

  • Agreed dude, with respect to Spurs you are right he WILL cry for a move to a bigger and better club if you don’t break into the top four, however, he MUST prove that his form is worthy of this. Other clubs must have their doubts as they’re not clambering to sign him are they? Get rid ASAP as I’ve MORE than had enough of this. £12-£14 million cash plus Robinson is more than sufficient isn’t it?!?!

  • MikeyGamst – When he finally dos leave I HOPE that you put those kinds of thoughts into an article and publish it, and I also hope that he reads it and feel a little guilty, although I some how doubt he would? Superb footballer, but he’s just done nothing to help the sterotypical view of the modern day “superstar” footballers.

  • I just hope that if he’s going he heads on soon, we need to get the players in the replace him and to add tot he team, so if he wants to go then – David HURRY UP!!!!! lol. I do think wot we’re asking for Bentley is fair money as he’s only 23, an England international and a proven Premierleague player, so why shouldnt Rovers get compensated for him, after all it was us that gave him the chance to get to where he is, it was Rovers that put the money into HIS progression!! I only hope that Spurs will offer the Robinson and money deal, which will get Rovers the best of both worlds, Keeper in and funds for the squad, Happy days!

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