Date: 27th October 2010 at 8:54am
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Plenty of details emerging about the proposed takeover by Venky’s this morning as various media outlets swarm to get the inside information.

From what we understand over here on Planet Vital Blackburn, there are a few little snippets that can be confirmed.

First off, Big Sam Allardyce and John Williams will retain their positions at the club in the same capacities and particularly in the case of Mr Williams it is richly deserved.

The transfer budget set aside by VH for January appears to be a rather modest £6 million but further investment for future transfers windows will be consistent and steady to encourage growth.

But to add to the excitement, the potential new owners have even been crowing about their new potential purchase on Indian TV.

Speaking on Tuesday night to the Indian TV channel CNBC-TV18, Venky`s managing director Venkatesh Rao was positive about the sitauation.

Mr Rao commented – “It is very much confirmed. In the next 10 days we will be announcing it formally. It is a £46million deal.

“We will have to pump in some more money later on and I don`t want to get into the details of it.

“Blackburn is one of the very prestigious, oldest and very well-run clubs [in England]. This is an Indian first company in the Premier League. It`s a prestigious moment for everybody and we should cherish this moment.”

The main news of the deal though is that Blackburn Rovers will become a debt free club, with the £17 million owed to financial institutes wiped out and in today’s economic climate that is a massive boost.


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24 Replies to “More takeover details”

  • Woo. £6m is enough for a striker at least. If Niko cost £6.5m though I’m not sure what we will get but I’m sure Sam can uncover something.

  • still dont understandwhat Kentaro/SEM are up to… going to email them….then call them! +44 number, where on earth is that lol

  • WoohooO!! Go Rovers!! This is some serious market, fellas. If VH take it slowly and work on the commercial side (which they undoubtedly will), Blackburn is going to have a great (and cash filled!) future! I’m SERIOUSLY EXCITED!!

  • It sounds good to me…£5 million or so sounds modest but in the long term we should be more competitive with the regular funds. Also it should mean we stay where we belong in the Premier League.

  • Suddenly I dont like the sound of this at all….only 5 mill…and the chairman says that we “can always loan players. Disturbing news indeed.

  • “This is an investment and it will grow on its own strength.”

    “We won’t need to buy expensive players, we can always lease (loan) them.”

    “We don’t expect to be in the top five of the Premier League. We will be happy to be in the top 10-12.”

    Sorry for the dobbelt post..but come on!!!!!!!

  • Ambitious new owners give chickfeed transfer budget for Rovers’ January window. 5M?! Quite pathetic, can’t expect any significant changes with this kind of new owners. Happy with 10 or 12th place, we already achieved 10th place without any investment last season. It’s pathetic, why are we being sold to this chicken farmer from Indian with no real ambition to strengthen BRFC?

  • Maybe this is a shrewd move. We are going to be quoted ridiculous prices if we start saying we have unlimited funds come january like 17.5 million for 1 game santa cruz. If we have a decent business plan then at least the new owners wont do a runner after 1 season leaving us with massive debts

  • Plus i think the reason we did not take Raul or Guti in the summer was because we didn’t have the money for wages. If new owners allow us to increase the wage budget instead of firing huge amounts of money at transfer fees then we could bring in a lot of experienced marquee signings like these 2 which would then attract better crowds which then would allow us to spend more on transfers. Anyway i am sure JW will have the best interests of the club at heart before chosing a buyer

  • Metalrover, i am not an expert, but i have tracked Venky’s as an investor occasionally over the years, and i feel that they are pretty decent at their poultry business. But that may not make them a good footy team owner.

  • Still think this is fine… there is only one Jack Walker and we will never get an owner like him. The likelihood is thatr the current staff that run Blackburn will all still be the same… surely that means they must know what they are doing?

  • Come on now. It’s all about generating income. Even if it is renamed, we the loyal fans will still know it and refer to it as Ewood Park. The current board have had the matter of renaming under consideration for a number of years anyway.

  • We been waiting for a takeover for ages, in hope of a new owner who can take Rovers to a whole new level, to compete with the bigger clubs in the prem and in europe. But it seems that our new barn buddy owners is pretty happy with mid table finish, something we already achieved last season. The takeover does do some good for Rovers, i must admit, but is that enough? We never needed to sell our stadium’s name without any investment, now after investment, we end selling our beloved ‘Ewood’ to raise funds. So what the ***** did the investment benefit us? Disappointed and gutted at hearing such news even before the takeover completes. These Indian pig farmers are here for profits, football can never become as big as cricket in India.

  • Metalrover, believe me in Indan cities Football IS big !! You will see youngsters wearing the club shirts of Chelsea, ManU etc.
    The reason that football (and the EPL) is getting more & more popular is because we get matches live on ESPN & STAR Sports at no extra cost, it comes in out cable package with is 300 rupees (4 pounds) a month.

  • metalrover- you’ll eat your words mate. If Rovers sell 20,000 shirts, they earn close to 500,000 quid. That’s like 10% of the kids in one city. Do the math. There’s a commercial gold mine here, with proper marketing, it could be very rewarding.. Clubs like Chelsea and United will be watching very carefully, though. Whatever approach Venky’s will take (which will undoubtedly be succesful, given that they understand Indians), they will copy.

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