Date: 9th March 2009 at 4:12pm
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Morten Gamst Pedersen has signalled he is ready to sign a new contract at Blackburn Rovers.

Pedersen has had another erratic season at Blackburn but has indicated that he is happy with life at Ewood after falling out of love with the place during the Paul Ince days.

Morten, speaking to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph – ‘Of course. I am enjoying myself and Blackburn is a nice club.

‘There has never been any trouble and they have always been supportive. But I haven’t received a new offer, yet.

‘I would like to continue to play under Sam Allardyce. He is a very good manager.’

Pedersen had earlier called off contract talks in December when he was benched regularly under former Rovers manager Paul Ince.

‘I said no, the contract talks were stopped.

‘I ended up in the stands for four or five matches after having played regularly for several years.

‘The situation was not ideal for me. The offer was good financially, but money is not everything, I want to play.’

I think it is good that Morten likes it here but I would also like to see him bang a few goals in before any more talks!!!


13 Replies to “Morten Ready For A New Deal”

  • Any new contract should be cutting his wages that’s for sure. Is there any other player that under-performs on such a regular basis? I’m not sure he’s done enough to warrant a starting place this season, and frankly, after his stupid sending off the other week, I think he shouldn’t be complaining about being left on the bench under Ince because Big Sam should be thinking the same thoughts…

  • It really is dude I agree. Not so sure that Big Sam will be as big a pushover as others so he’ll have to pull his finger out and show what he can do regularly.

  • It is however nice to hear that all he wantsto do is play (you dont hear that too much from money grabbing footballers). However his standard must improve.

  • id leave all contract talks with all players till the ned of season, lets see which division we are in first, unless players have minimum release clauses then we should renegotiate and have them clauses taken out

  • Morten is a guy you can’t afford to let go – how many times has hir goals pulled you through in tight games.

  • ThaiBlue – that is a bit of a stereotype mate. He has scored 3 goals in 2 seasons – not good enough that i am afraid.

  • I think or maybe should say hope that Big Sam can bring out the best in Morton again – on his day he is up there with the best in the Premier League, pity that day was back in 2007….. I would keep him, i understand why others would like rid, i did myself last season BUT he has to be given a chance – Big Sam has the reputation of getting the best outta players…..

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