Date: 3rd January 2007 at 10:47pm
Written by: is reporting that the opening bids for Blackburn Rovers defender and current captain Lucas Neill have been made.

The Australian International is hotly tipped to make his exit from Ewood Park during this transfer window as the club look to regain, if not make a profit in the £1 million paid to Millwall in 2001. Should we turn down offers now as we all know he will walk away for free in the summer.

With the transfer window now nearing the end of its third day since re-opening Neill’s agent Peter Harrison has claimed bids have been put forward to Rovers. He told

We know there have been bids put in for him.

There is a lot of interest from England and abroad.”

It is believed that Liverpool and Newcastle United are again interested (whether or not these are teams to have made offers I don’t know?) with AC Milan and Barcelona also reported to still be keen to sign him, with a renewed bid from Tottenham Hotspur also a possibility?

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19 Replies to “Moves for Rovers’ Lucas Neill Begin”

  • Well it’s a case of let bidding commence I guess… But is Peter Harrison just saying this or have bids really been placed?!?! We’ll find out soon enough!!!

  • Plus, it’s reported, Curbishley interested in taking to the “Hammered” plus Moyes at Everton and Psycho at City… it should help in the bidding war! But there again should we believe anything that comes out of Harrison’s gob!

  • Should there be a number of clubs after Neill then this will only be good for Blackburn in the trems of a price, although Spurs and Newcastle, no offense but thats hardly a step forward for the player

  • Sell him now for two reasons:- 1. cash now or zero in 16 weeks time? no contest. 2. Use the rest of this season to establish a replacement in the team, ready for a better start this August than last year, or start next season with a new defender having to learn an understanding with Brad and his other defenders. Remember the weeks at the begining of this season when Ooijer strugled to understand the way our defence played.

  • Spurs, Newcastle, “Hammered” or Everton are hardly the ground shaking moves “forward” he is after are they; Liverpool to a degree will be but can anyone honestly hand on heart see this as being a long term thing. Maybe I should rephrase that will he play regular football over the next 2-3 years like he would here? This isn’t sour grapes. Fair point about Harrison Ex Ewood Resident, wouldn’t disagree 🙂

  • VERY good point r.waterfall, its better to establish a player in the side between now and the next pre-season rather than try to fit someone in with the view to an instant fix, which rarely happens (your point on Ooijer is very true) then hopefully it’ll be third time lucky and we’ll start as well as finish the season well. Who would you like to see replace Neill at left-back then r.waterfall???

  • The only clubs in the Premier league in terms of league placings and not names are the top 4 Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, given that 3 of the 4 dont seem to be interested in Neill that leaves a move abroad, that is if its footballing reasons for his move and not some big pay deal

  • Sell him now, we need to be thinking about the long term future of the club and we want players playing for us that actually want to be here.

    The fact that we have that Ukranian lad on trial shows that hughes is starting to accept what we all suspected.

  • He should go, lately he has been getting to many yellows (even for him), he keeps giving or getting close to giving pens away.

    I think he is replaceable, Warnock is younger and from what I remember not a bad player in his own right.

    Brett has done very well at right-back and deserves his place there, he links up well with Bentley. Our problem area for years has been the left-back position – this is where Hughesy needs to find a player

  • It’s time for him to move on. In the forum Ex Ewood Resident said about signing a utility midfielder; this prompted me to say this in relation to Stephen Warnock: Your thoughts on a utility midfielder have just made Warnock all the more appealing to me, I know he can pay left-back and left midfield/wing but I’m sure that if we tried we could use him in the middle also, bulk him up a bit get him working with Sav, the maestro and the Axe and god knows what we could do with him! Do a deal with Liverpool today Sparky; just make Warnock part of it!

  • HDM – I wouldn’t call warnock a Midfield Utility player!!!! I was suggesting Stevie G! Although Sisoco(?) or Essien would fit the bill but we get enough yellow cards as it is! Come to think of it, let’s just get reidy fit again – he’ll do the job just fine!

  • Yeah knew what you meant; wasn’t saying you said Warnock was a midfield utility player merely meant you saying that we could do with a midfield utility player made me think that Warnock has the potential to be just that?

  • I wish Lucas all the best and I truly hope Barca make a bid for the sake of his career. The only other club I can see being worthwhile for him would be Pool, but he will be destroyed by the fans there. Good luck to him. Lets try and get a couple of mil for him, bring in Nesmachny and Warnock and we can all go about our business. As for Harrison, well when I was fortunate to interview him I was most impressed, a real gentleman true to his word. So if he says bids are in then they will be!!!! Hmm….

  • I hope he dosent go to Liverpool, I think in respect to Rovers he should go abroad… but god, wont training be fun…. 5-0! Sorry had to say it, shame it only went till lunch. I have to hand it to you guys, even though it was never in doubt we were sitting around a few poms today and they were always cheering and I have to admit I am a bit jealous of the Barmy Army, they are absolutly AWESOME!

  • I really dont think Liverpool want Neill, Rafa wants Alves has done since the summer, the only reason I can see that Liverpool would buy Neill is if Rafa thinks that the takeover is not going to happen and then Neill is the cheap option. I hope that Barca or Milan are serious about Neill, it would be a good send off for a player that has given Blackburn some very good displays since 2001

  • roverselle I’m GUTTED with the cricket but the Barmy Army have done us proud right through even if the lads haven’t. There is a thread in the forum think its in the off topic so pop in and we’ll share a word or two on the Awesome Aussies or was it Poor Poms???

  • See what you are saying about the Liverpool link Clint, you may well be on to something. In terms of truely moving onto something bigger Liverpool is the only option in this country but I’ll not change my view that he’ll not make it in the long term he’ll play out this season then think he may well find it hard going as Rafa will have someone else (Alves) linned up. Could be a scenario similar to that which saw Abel Xavier go to Anfield from Everton a few years back, played out a season then rarely featured again going out on loan before being released… If serious options Barca or Milan are hands down winner; although could he be in a similar position with these???

  • Im with you HDM. I think he is a short term option for Pool. Also it says it all when reports are claiming Chelsea will make a cut price deal for a short-term replacement in the form of Lucas Neill. He is a superb defender and that opinion won’t change but Im not sure he is THAT good for the big clubs.

  • Lucas Neill is quality this can’t be doubted, he’s been immense for Rovers and nothing can change this but I’m going to now share an opinion that probably won’t go down very well (this isn’t sour grapes at all)… I have often found myself thinking “Is Neill really as good as we/he thinks?” He’s 28-years-old so why haven’t these teams come in for him before? He’s the player of the moment, comes of the back of a very good showing on the World stage and is a cheap alternative to play out the season who will probably be a short term option with Chelsea, Liverpool, Barca or Milan before a more expensive, younger and better option came in during the summer he would then be nothing more than a squad player at each wouldn’t he? Without wishing to be cruel to Neill or Australia as both had very good World Cup’s but it was a poor, average at best World Cup overall really wasn’t it. SORRY for upsetting or offending anyone but I can’t be the only one who thinks, or has thought this can I? Sometimes you have to just come out and say what you think.

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