Date: 25th April 2007 at 12:51pm
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One of the most highly rated young prospects outside of the Premiership (I say this due to his loan spell from Arsenal to Birmingham City seeing him play in the Championship) Fabrice Muamba is said to be on Blackburn Rovers’ summer shopping list.

19-year-old Muamba is currently enjoying a highly successful loan spell with Championship promotion chasers Birmingham but is due to return to Arsenal in the summer. However, with first team opportunities likely to be limited, despite the obvious talent the England Youth International posses it is highly unlikely that he will be able to force his way into their first team, for a while at least.

Today’s paper talk (in the Mirror) is claiming that Muamba will turn his back on Arsenal this summer and Rovers are in pole position to mount a £1 million raid after Hughes’ assistant Mark Bowen watched Muamba perform against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday. Birmingham (if promoted) are also keen as are Reading.

The rest of today’s paper talk links Rovers once again with Lee Hendrie, who is set to be released by Aston Villa in the summer. Morten Gamst Pedersen linked with a move to Liverpool that will bring Craig Bellamy back to Ewood Park and Francis Jeffers’ future with Rovers still undecided after Ipswich Town expressed their desire to keep him when his loan ends.

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26 Replies to “Muamba on Hughes’ Shopping List?”

  • For me Muamba is EXACTLY the kind of midfielder I would love us to sign this summer. He’s young, highly talented and would come at a good price. He wouldn’t be on Arsenal’s books if he wasn’t any good so if we can sign him we should JUMP at the chance. We could play him right away (he’s that good in my opinion) or he can be gradually phased in as others wind down their careers. A win win situation for me!

  • PLEASE don’t sign Lee Hendrie Sparky! I was less than keen when we were linked to him before, this opinion hasn’t changed. I don’t think he bring ANYTHING that we don’t already have plenty of. The MGP link will not die but I can’t see Sparky letting him go just to get Bellers back in return, I still believe we don’t need Bellers back anyway. I wouldn’t mind Jeffers staying and getting a little more of a chance next season as to lighten the burden on others, but if he goes he goes.

  • Anyone watched this Muamba bloke? Heard about this earlier, but can’t find anything but stats – Know he’s been a regular starter for Birmingham, but that’s about it. Do i remember rightly that he was tipped as a “young Vieira”?

  • You’ll do bloody well to get your hands on Muamba. In my opinion he is as talented at 19 as Patrick Vieira was. He’s industrious, powerful, good defensivly and going foward, young. I really hope Arsene kppes hold of him, he definantly has a massive future ahead of him!

  • And if you get him for £1Million I’ll cry. I really cannot express how highly I rate this lad. He can rule a midfield on his own. How many 19 year olds can do that?

  • Sounds good on the Muamba front – he’ll also learn off Savage and Reidy.

    I wouldn’t swap MGP for Bellers, who would repalce him on the left?
    Get rid of Jeffers – he’s a waster – so is Lee Hendrie.

    Koumas has been linked again – maybe Hughes might see him as MGP’s replacement. It was good to hear the other day that Hughesy does plan to “splash the cash” that’ll add to what is already a great squad.

  • Anything you need to know about Muamba simmy8 says it all, and he should know! I have seen him play and he is brilliant. The ONLY reason he would leave Arsenal will be to get the first team football he deserves. I don’t doubt he could get it at Arsenal but not just yet so he may want to move on?!?! I like the Koumas link the more I hear it, I really think he could do a job for us.

  • I would take Muamba and Koumas outta wot was mentioned and maybe Murphy as well. Liverpool can keep Bellamy if it means getting rid of Gamst in return, it would be different if we needed Bellamy but we dont. I do think that Muamba would come to Rovers as I think Wenger likes Denilson better, so he would have limited options back at the Gunners and after all look wot Hughes has done for Bentley

  • HDM- I just said that I’d like to see Muamba a few hours ago!!!

    I’d love to have Bellers back but who will replace MGP?!?!
    Koumas is’nt a winger!

  • Did you really Israeli, I didn’t see this if I had I would have certainly agreed. Still don’t agree that we have any need to have Bellers back though. WOULDN’T even entertain the thought if this meant MGP going in return.

  • I’d rather not think about having to replace MGP just yet, I would like to think Sparky knows his players better than anyone so if he is saying MGP will not leave this summer let’s just hope he doesn’t. IF he does then why not give Sergio Peter a run?!?! Why spend big money to replace him when we have a ready made replacement waiting, not to mention Keith Treacy coming through also.

  • If Gamst goes, so do our hopes for a possible champions league attack next year. Whilst at times he is inconsistent, i rate him as the second best left midfielder in the league after ronaldo. Gamst has shown he has the sweetest left foot and a great strike at free kicks. There is no benefit of him being in any trade deal for bellemy. We must keep him

  • HDM- I’ve been following the reserves this season and I can hardly say I’ve been imressed with Treacy. Perhaps let him gain experience in the championship? {I really like Peter though}

  • Totally agree sasman, how will be benefit by trading MGP for Bellers?!?! I think Sergio Peter could step in but chances are Hughes would look to by to replace MGP, and I’d doubt this would be for an understudy to Sergio. I’m not saying Treacy will make a mark next season, just saying he is one that hs the potential somewhere down the line. A loan move to a lower League side will do him the world of good.

  • dont want to see bellamy back he is not a squad player IMO and MGP in a year or two more would command a higher price tag as he will be in his prime then so hang onto him while we develop Sergio Peter and Keith treacy!! ive played against treacy twice when he lived in ireland and he is a great crosser of the ball and can finish too!

  • Bellers never seems happy if he isn’t playing does he, and when he isn’t this often causes problems. NO player should have a starting place assured and my honest opinion is he would only come back if he thought he would get this. Would agree entirely durks on your views on Sergio and Treacy. I rate Treacy, think he’ll be a quality footballer (hopefully for Rovers?!?!) now we have someone that has played against him so has seen him up close!

  • As for this Muamba bloke… I’ve seen him 3 times on TV this year and he has looked te absolute dog’s balls everytime.

  • Sergio has waited for a chance hasn’t he, so if MGP is to leave (still hope he doesn’t though) he deserves to be given it. Muamba is pure class, Wenger knows talent when he sees it doesn’t he, so it’s no wonder he picked him up. IF we can sign him we should jump at it.

  • £1 million would be like Arsenal GIVING him away. We don’t want to buy to sell but IF we had to within a year or two this amount WILL be around £3-5 million, a little further on £10 million at least. This kid IS that good.

  • Don’t be so stupid Muamba would cost around £7 million rather than£1 million what a fool the editor is. Mark Bowen was at the Birmingham match for one reason as there was talk of him coming back to St. Andrews he was David Gold’s guest you fools!

  • If you read the article Simone I DON’T claim he’ll cost £1 million, I say the MIRROR claim he’ll cost £1 million, so I accept your appology for the un-called “fool” comment aimed at me! Sure, I can really see Birmingham paying £7 million for him, he’ll not even think about a move if you are still in the Championship even if you could! As for Bowen going back to Birmingham, of course he is and AGAIN it is the MIRROR that said he was there to watch Muamba NOT us, so check your facts before throwing around insalts as they may leave you looking like the fool!

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