Date: 14th November 2009 at 10:06am
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Ryan Nelsen and New Zealand have done it! They have reached South Africa 2010 and joined in the party for next summers world cup!

They beat Bahrain 1-0 to win 1-0 on aggregate over two legs and it is only the second time New Zealand have reached the competition.

New Zealand skipper Ryan Nelsen, paid tribute to the 35,100 fans in Wellington – a record for a football match in the country.

Ryan Nelsen, speaking to the media in New Zealand – ‘The crowd was incredible and I don’t know if we could have won it without them,’

‘They were our 12th man today and they got us home. I’ve played in some incredible atmospheres but this is right up there.’

A massive well done to the Blackburn skipper and his team mates!


21 Replies to “Nelsen reaches the World Cup with All Whites”

  • A great effort by new zealand, bet they are going bonkers, if anyone sees Desert Kiwi over the weekend can they please get him to a nearby hospital for alcohol poisoning?!

  • thanks Mikey, I’ll pass that advice on to my missus. I’ve been grinning like a cheshire cat since the final whistle… Prob won’t hit the booze though, have a 9 week old needing feeding all night. Relieved though – hardly slept last night through nerves. Nelsen was a colossus at the back as you’d expect. Gotta feel for Bahrain, though, they miss out again at the last hurdle. They must have been gutted when Paston saved the penalty. Oh well, boo-hoo, WE WON, we won, we won…

  • oh you didnt go there freidel….actually, I’d be quiet confident….england really cant win anything….and ireland, well they have keith andrews lol….Australia and New Zealand to top the group!

  • haha yeah can’t wait to England fold like a deck of cards… actually a better analogy would be ‘I can’t wait till England fold like England’ hahaa. Nice work by the All Whites. Saw some highlights- the crowd was going crazy. Congrats, hope we draw the same group

  • Great result.. the Kiwis have a real spine to their team.. the keeper Paston is pretty good, saved a pen on the night, your very own Nelsen of course, plus Chris Killen and Rory Fallon up front. In truth, getting to the World Cup is their big achievement, and they may get walloped when they get there, but it’s great to see rugby union take third place at the moment (the league boys being world cupwinners) over here.

  • well done probably was one of his goals to lead New Zealand into the World cup and this was probably his last chance to do it

  • I am a Tottenham fan but also a Kiwi Croat and I just want to say what a great captain you have ,he welded the All whites together when it counted .Good luck to Kalinic too I hope he scores you some good goals.

  • Cheers to Nelson and the All Whites. SoCal Rover is 3 short months from becoming NZ Rover and the timing couldn’t be more exciting. I get to cheer for Sam’s Army as a team with expectations and for the All Whites as a plucky underdog.

  • I was delighted for God when I heard about this as I personally think that he is one of the players that really deserved to have played at a World Cup Finals before his career ended. Now he has the chance, superb!!

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