Date: 1st January 2008 at 12:48pm
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The latest news from the Lancashire Telegraph reports that David Bentley will be offered a late Christmas present with a new deal being put on the table for him.

Out of all our players, if there was one who we would absolutely not let go at any cost, it would be Bentley. Bentley only signed a new deal 12 months ago, however, hopefully a bumper new pay deal will ward of anyone thinking of poaching the English Right Midfielder in waiting.

Bentley is quoted with saying

‘All I can say is I enjoy going to work everyday, and I enjoy playing for Blackburn Rovers. They’ve given me a career, and financially they’ve given me stability as a person off the pitch’.

‘On the pitch, I’m really enjoying my time, too.You just take it day by day and see how things pan out. But I’m loving being at Blackburn at the minute, so I don’t really want to change that.’

This can only be good news for the club in its ambition to look towards the future. Hopefully Bentley does get his due rewards, and a few more of our lads get new contracts, especially Warnock and Santa Cruz.


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15 Replies to “New Contract for Bentley?”

  • i think bentley is arguably the best english footballer at the minute, and im including players like gerrard, rooney, whoever you like… my friends came with me to watch the chelsea game down the pub, and they were so surprised at how good david bentley was in comparison to the others on that pitch, and since then have become a huge fan of him!! i hope we can sign him up for a long deal, keeping santa cruz aswell for a long period, these sort of players can only attract more players of a similar quality and push rovers forward!!

  • Good work sas dude. Bents is enjoying his time with Rovers, so although there is NO NEED to tie him down for longer, there is no harm in NOT doing it. So if we can we should.
    I think that I would agree with you whitey_82003.

  • sandgroanun – Not everyone shares this opinion dude (only yesterday did I have an email forwarded to me saying how Bents should NEVER be allowed to play for England, this email has apparently also been sent to the Daily Mail, and Blackburn Rovers Football Club!!! Quite what the dude wanted me to do with it I’m not sure. I saw his point of view to a degree, but he’s made up his mind and I can’t see him changing it?!?!)

  • HDM- so some ********* with the I.Q. of 2 doesnt think bents should play for england cos he didnt play in a tournament that the bloke who wrote the email probably didnt even watch! some people should get a life and move on i dont think capello really cares bout the u21s!

  • Bentley is the most talented player that Rovers have… and is great listening that he comfortable where he is now. He wanted to play and Blackburn gave him that opportunity. So, just like he’s happening with Roque, he won’t leave easily. And about that U21 team..well, is not that big deal, at least for someone who has what it takes to play for the firts national team

  • durks de rover – To be fair to the dude (although I DON’T agree with his thinking) he seemed an OKAY dude. I wasn’t amused with Bents not turning out for the Under-21’s but FAR to many people are not really getting the full story are they?!?!

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