Date: 31st May 2007 at 6:19pm
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Hot on the heels of Manchester United`s acquisition of two wonder-kids it has emerged today that Vital Blackburn are also set to secure the services of two up-and-coming talents.

A frenzy of rumours and speculation is rife in the current transfer market but it would appear as though Vital Blackburn are one step ahead of their rivals.

Reports emanating from the Vital headquarters suggest that chief Vital Blackburn editor, Hughes Da Man, has been searching for additional squad players to bolster his options.

Vital Blackburn has enjoyed a very productive first season, slowly progressing up the league tables as one of the most fiercely supported sites amongst the 92. The early season signing of Roversman helped greatly with the European endeavours but it has been made public that further options are required to improve domestic correspondence.

With another European campaign set for next season it would appear HDM, is closing in on two of his targets.

He commented this afternoon:

I am hopeful that Vital Blackburn will make some new signings during the summer. One potential acquisition said ‘a group hug and/or a kiss from the rest of the teams missus’ would be enough to convince them to sign on’, (so this could prove a stumbling block!) but we should get round this. The other said ‘they would sign tomorrow given the chance.’

“So all being well, the new signings will be unveiled early next month…unless contract negotiations drag on then other alternatives would be looked at

This is the clearest indication yet that new members will soon be part of the team. It isn`t yet clear who the mystery men are but a fervent atmosphere around Vital Blackburn suggests they are big names indeed.


26 Replies to “New Faces Expected at Vital Rovers”

  • It remains to be seen who the two names are but if rumours are accurate then Vital Blackburn will have an excellent team next season!

  • Whos the newbies then? c’mon Spill!!!! and Roversman, Sort yer posts out, we need 100 outta ya, get to it!

  • As for the new signings, Im afraid I cannot comment. It is only speculation at this stage but something could happen over the next few hours!

  • Thats what we like to see Roversman…. this is not an undercover operation lads… who’ve we got lined up?!?!?! this group hug and kiss malarky sounds interesting…

  • Yeah I like the sound of that, seeing as I don’t have a missus!!! Excited by the potential announcement.

  • As a hint, they will provide Ronaldoesque flair to the forums, Savage like determination to the cause and the kind of quality shown by United against Roma!

  • I see your point Mikey! The quality of that performance was summed up by Benni’s back heeled pass to Gamst for the third goal! Breath-takingly simplistic but wonderfully perfect

  • Quality stuff roversman 🙂 This site is REALLY, no two ways about it MAJORLY on the up, just look at the members table (although this will change at midnight so we’ll be back to scratch again!) but we all know this site is moving on and this is thanks to YOU guys! With the new recuits this site will grow even more but I’m looking for continued participation from EVERYONE!

  • lol welcome adrian, how much where u offered to join, do u have a release fee clause, europe bonueses, oh I WANT A UPGRADE lolllll, i wanna play champions league also, nah nah il extend my contract at my rovers for another 20 years

  • adrian I think sasman is trying to give you a rep as the Benni Mccarthy style Prima Donna with all these release clauses…. Welcome to a new month guys. Lets the good times roll and may we see Jason Koumas arrive at the club.

  • I welcomed you to Vital Blackburn on the “debate” with the Spurs fans adrianbrfc, but it may have got lost in there somewhere so I’ll do it again, WELCOME!

  • I thought about dangling the carrot a little longer but thought I couldn’t do that not fair on my people here. It’s a great community to be a part of isn’t it! Besides holding out for a Champions League team or better contract wouldn’t work with me, I’d be out on my arse before I could say I want more, lol!

  • Dw me and HDM have signed extensions to our contracts, and il tell ya they dont have release fee clauses. Our ambition is to continue to develop and climb the ladder to glory

  • On a personal note, I miss CL football, I love CL Football and hopefully, maybe, probably I can play CL football again as I miss CL football! 😀

  • Well BomBom when you get the deal you want (if your agent MikeyGamst gets a move on!) you’ll be waiting a while for Champions League football so get this transfer request in early and you may just move on before Benni lol!

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