New Lenihan Bid Confirmed By Sheffield United Boss

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Sheffield United are pretty desperate to sign Darragh Lenihan as the Championship side, League One champions last season, has put in another bid for the Blackburn defender.

According to Sky Sports, Sheffield United’s three previous bids have all been turned down, the most recent being £1.25m.

Chris Wilder, Sheffield United’s boss, has confirmed ‘a new bid is on the table’ for the former Republic of Ireland U21 international and it’ll now be down to Blackburn to accept or reject the offer.

Wilder told Sky: ‘There is a bid left in with them but there’s other players on our radar. We notified them and it was their right to either accept or decline the bid, and I don’t get precious about other people coming in for our players.’

He also doesn’t feel making the offer public is a bad thing as Sheffield United have gone about the transfer approach the right way with Wilder feeling too many clubs are ‘precious’ when it comes to bids for players from other clubs.

‘We come through the front door and we do it the right way, and it’s the same about our players. We won’t talk about derisory bids or whatever. It’s business and I think everybody understands that. I think sometimes you just get a little bit precious about it all.’

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