Date: 23rd August 2007 at 12:40pm
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The summer transfer window closes at the end of next week but any further arrivals at Ewood Park in 2007 are unlikely, according to Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams.

Rovers have a quality squad in place, and although many might not be taking them that seriously they are quietly going about their business with a squad more than capable of easily getting into next season UEFA Cup via the League.

So with this in mind it is understood that Mark Hughes is happy to bide his time and will not be dipping into the transfer market again this year, even though MANY feel a right-back and a central midfielder (which I WOULD completely agree with) could be beneficial. However, with a takeover looking increasingly possible Hughes seems content to wait until January, when he should have extra funds available to quite possibly buy bigger and better?

John Williams told the Lancashire Telegraph: “Mark is happy with the squad as it is and we are unlikely to do any further business in this window, unless something is put to us that really excites us.”


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22 Replies to “No More Rovers Arrivals This Month?”

  • Obviously, as you would expect Williams has dangled that carrot of hope that a player or players could arrive, but it doesn’t look like it does it.
    Personally I am happy with the squad as it is but still think that a midfielder (even if they were only on loan?!?!) would not hurt, but in Sparky we trust!!!

  • Extra funds available?!?!?! For Godsake- we recieved around 120$M for the TV rights!!! I’m afraid having a new rich owner would make other clubs naming a much higher value for their players, so PLEASE get a normal RB and a decent PLAYMAKER ASAP…

  • makes perfect sense to me… we may have xtra cash from the TV rights but why spend it??? we dont need to unless of emergency!

  • IsraeliRover – Yes record amounts were received BUT do not forget Rovers have overheads to play, plus they gave a lot back to the fans anyway. WHY spend for the sake of spending though?!?!
    I’ve said it a million times but I think buying in a right-back is a waste of time and money, a midfielder YES maybe so.
    In January Sparky SHOULD have extra cash, so why by someone ordinary, when he could maybe get someone special in January with a little more money?!?! I know the transfer policy will not really change, but if Sparky has that little extra he could use it in stead of bring beaten to the punch.

  • Well- I obviously did’nt mean to spend just for the sake of it…However- watching rovers every game they’ve played this and last season (via the net) makes me feel rather vulnerable in the RB position- Ooijer is slow and old (33), and Emerton can’t really handle those pacy wingers can he. However- our bigger problem is CM- I don’t know when Reid’s comin back- but we do lack that creativity in there…Tugay is 37, Mokoena can’t create nothing, Dunn gives a good game here and there, and Savage isn’t yougn either……

  • I would completely agree dude a central midfielder with genuine creativity skills that could play in this League is needed, but if Sparky has not earmarked anyone than Rovers can realistically afford he has to wait until January when he then SHOULD be able to. A possible scenario could be to get this player on loan with a view to signing him when the money is their in January???

  • Perhaps you’re right. How about getting Danny Murphy- 30.5 years of age? Unless of course, there’s a better player?!? {Besides the lovely Gera}

  • I think with Dunny coming back to full match fitness, he COULD be the creative spark. Having Tugay as a mentor can’t be bad for him! However, the right back position does need cover. I don’t think we could get anyone better than the people we have for a decent price. Unless, as MG said, he unearths another hidden gem for somewhere…

  • Israelirover — I’m from the U.S. and would love to be able to see all the games on-line. Being at the mercy of Setanta Sports (who rarely show Rovers games) is a bummer and I’d love to find out what website you’re watching the games on, if you wouldn’t mind. Also, for any of you lucky enough to go to Ewood on a regular basis, I was wondering what kind of beer is served at the games. Being from the St. Louis area means that the only beer choices at professional sporting events are Anheuser Busch products (Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch). Granted, it’ll get you drunk but you’re probably not going to enjoy it much if you like to drink beer that actually tastes good. Just curious.

  • A lot of the goals are posted on youtube – that is where I see any goals I missed.

    We need to give the current squad a chnce now, once Reidy is back we will have 4 CMids to choose from, that’s enough. I feel that we really need a r-b Oojer is not good enough for that position and Emerton is suspect, although great going forward with Bentley.

  • Unfortuantely, MikeyGamst, Setanta in the U.S. is really unreliable in their scheduling. For instance, on Monday Setanta was scheduling a rerun of the Arsenal game but instead showed the West Ham/ Birmingham snoozefest and Spurs/ Derby which lost it’s entertainment value after the first 20 minutes. This weekends televised schedule doesn’t have the Blackburn game listed but maybe I can hold out hope for a scheduling snafu in my favor. If I could watch the games on a reliable internet source I’d be more than happy with that. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

  • To see rovers live on the web i use either or and between them you can usually see all the saturday or sunday matches live. They have covered both of rovers PL games so far this season and also the UEFA cup games. They do charge but i think its very cheap from £3 for a month to £18 for the full season compared to the £40 a month i pay to sky.

  • Chupacabra, the beer at ewood is just as generic as you have in the US, carling, john smiths , strongbow.

    Like ive said i think we need a CM but i think we dont need to rush, lets take are time and get some real quality. It will be nice to know we have the money there if we need it! Im happy with RB at the mo aswell unless were gonna go out and get micah Richards (i wish) there is no real rush to do so!!

  • Chupacabra – The beer at the game may be watered down p!ss, but there are plenty of pubs around the ground to enjoy a fine ale before/after the game. And now the smoking ban, one can enjoy it without smelling of an ashtray. Do we have a spare left back? with Gray, Matteo and McEvley all departing, we are sparce in that area…

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