Date: 7th October 2009 at 11:28am
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The FA have decided they wont be making a case against Rovers boss Sam Allardyce after his tirade against official Peter Walton after last Sundays 6-2 defeat at Arsenal.

Sam’s grief was directed at the official after David Dunn was denied a penalty after a foul inside the area by Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen.

The FA have reviewed the comments in context and decided that whilst a bit over the top – Sam was pretty much expected to say what he said after such an incident.

Whilst I don’t agree with Sam for saying that the penalty would of changed the course of the game – Arsenal were on fire that day and would of beaten anybody, Sam was right about the penalty decision.

The decision that Walton made was terrible. It was as clear a penalty as you will likely see all day and I have no doubt if it had happened in the other box it would have been given.

The right decision has been made here as the referee did need to be made an example of – even if Sam might not have been the best person to do it in the heat of the moment.


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  • Good news for common sense – I don’t agree with Ref bashing – they have to make instant decisions and sometimes they get it wrong BUT it would be intolerable to supress genuine criticism. The question of technology has some merit but when and where seems to be the issue – goals and penalties are the obvious candidates but what about fouls, off-sides, throw ins, hand balls etc. The list is endless and if taken to the nth degree would mean a very disjointed game. Is it better to live with the failings of live referees and their occaisional mistakes?

  • I think Qs need to asked why the top 4 are still being protected by refs. Continuesly receiving decisions for them in becoming increasing obvious that at some point some one must somewhere answer for this. Time and time again i see it and i thank Sam for making sure he said it. it just makes u wonder why he was not punished.

  • I don’t think there would have been much point in charging Allardyce for these comments, which were obviously made in the heat of the moment. However, we did have a pretty clear penalty denied too later in the game. The talk of protection for the big 4 is frankly, bull*****. Everybody thinks their team gets a rough deal. The media just blow a case up when it suits them to do so, they don’t have any agenda beyond shifting papers. The top 4 don’t get the better share of decisions (last season, Blackburn players were, on average, booked once for every seven fouls, Arsenal players were booked once every two and a half fouls), there’s just more media focus on their matches. Hence most “Big 4” fans think the world is against them and most fans of clubs outside that cartel think they get preferential treatment. It’s ultimately paranoid horse ***** not bared out by any kind of substantial evidence.

  • Sam should not be punished anyway – it was a blatant penalty, we would have scored three past Arsenal – doesn’t mean we would have gone on to win but we might have been defending more and not leaving gaps at the back. Also, before Fabregas’ goal one of our defenders was pushed over, which was a clear foul and a freekick to us – if we had done that I’m sure Wenger would have been moaning.

  • Little Dutch – does you fouls to card statistic take into account the nature of the foul commited i.e. the seriousness of it?

  • Lol my personal belief is that the manager can scream all he wants if he is correct not like big old fergie who screams at the referee whenever they dont take 3 points

  • lol.. it’s a second… Common sense has indeed prevailed! The fact is that Sam was entirely justified in having a go at the ref after the game. It was a blatent penalty… the ref had a perfect view.. he bottled it!!! I’m not suggesting we would have gotten anything out of the game.. but Vermalen should have been sent off for that.. and it could have made it easier for us.

  • I think its wrong to say the penalty wouldn’t have changed the game. As soon as it was 4-2, we gave up, sat back in defence and stopped closing down. The penalty given, its 3-3, and we keep fighting like we had all match, Dunn and Emo stay on… and Can some please tell me who selects the commentators? they were absolutely disgraceful, as always. If Dunn had of been wearing a red shirt, the useless****s would have been screaming penalty. absolute disgrace. We played beautifully. Well done boys. **** the Gunners, **** the Dingles and bring on Manure and Chelsea scum!!!

  • lol GREAT STUFF retro! I was listening to David Platts commentary and he was so biased towards Arsenal it was disgraceful!

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