Date: 17th July 2015 at 8:35pm
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One would hope that Blackburn are akin to a footballing swan at the moment, as the public facing side of the club above the surface appears to be calm, quiet, still, silent – a little too silent for many perhaps, but hopefully underneath there is a flurry of activity to keep the thing afloat and heading in the right direction, at least I would certainly hope so.

Events or lack of in the transfer market – which has been a purely one way street at the moment are not confidence inspiring and hardly likely to have the town flocking to buy season tickets for an exciting season with currently no new signings at all, only departures. Would the last one to leave please pop the lights off?

Even the rovers own marketing machine trying to drum up some sort of enthusiasm for this seasons shirt trying to get fans excited about collars and a red stripe… altogether now wooooooooooooooooo must dash to buy that and a season ticket….

One does have to wonder just who/what is advising our owners on our current course – somewhat akin to a certain large ship heading towards the tip of an iceberg, the bands still playing but it’s still ploughing blindly onwards towards it, don’t panic!

Even the local paper, bereft of anything newsworthy on the transfer front is having to fill its pages with a quiz in place of any real news, or articles on where Blackburn`s former South African players are now, all on the back of Furman’s current trial, dear lord it’s all rather scraping the barrel and a very sorry tale.

In the latest LET article there appears to be no let-up in terms of any good or positive transfer market news, GB quoted as saying “I understand from the owners’ point of view that it’s still a case of trimming the wage bill and making us established for a long time rather than busting the bank.” That’s a huge air raid siren going off in my head when I read that, that says any bid above the owners valuation for any player means it’s open season and also alludes to the fact we have certainly not seen the last of any departures yet as they see the road ahead is fixed purely by lowering the wage bill and that shows the sum of their ambition and target for this year, lower the wage bill and stay in the league, it’s difficult to read any sort of positive slant from that sentence, it also states that matters are clearly out of his hands and hints our owner want nothing but reduced operating costs.

Gary also says that like the swan they are working furiously behind the scenes and it’s not through lack of trying to sign people, but we are getting gazumped on one or two, I would be interested to know who these players were, he cites how difficult it is to work within his 10k a week wage limit, but I notice it didn’t stop Forest signing Jamie Ward or Matt Mills, that hints that the problem may be something else other than just the wages being offered, perhaps it’s the speed with which Blackburn are moving, perhaps like the swan its paddling around looking good, but there are plenty sleeker and faster leaving us in their wake as we plod along.

What concerns me most is that last season came off the rails with a much larger squad, when GB couldn’t find a player in form amongst a much larger squad, and he couldn’t motivate them to kick on and perform when the going got tough, quite how is he going to do that with a much depleted squad, here’s hoping the youngsters are up for first team football as there are precious little alternatives to fill in currently!

Somewhat naively Venky’s are playing into the hands of X-files doom mongers on the forums citing they are looking to bring as much money back into the club selling its assets and getting as much money back as possible for some sort of alleged under hand exit strategy, you can see they do have a point when you read GB’s comments. The only sensible exit strategy to avoid a very embarrassing withering expiry or to try and recoup their losses and maybe even make a profit on the small amount we were purchased for, not to mention paying back the debt the club owe its current owners (quoted at nearly £60 million interest free) would be to make us a viable potential option for purchase, the only way that will happen is to push us towards the financial nirvana of the premier league, that really is the only way that Venky’s could get a credible and potential profit earning exit strategy that would not be an embarrassment on the family, the swan needs to turn into a phoenix.

With a decent performing/playing team fans will come back to watch, that will boost the operating capital.

With a decent performing/playing team purchasers will be more prepared to pay decent money for our players rather than purchasing in a panicked car boot sale (Tom Cairney anyone?).

With a decent performing/playing team players will want to play for us, the threat of our better players leaving is probably doing little to sell our clubs ambition as its better players leave for little money, if we were doing well those players would see a route to the premier league, but currently were selling to mid table rivals for paltry sums (for the quality of the player in question).

As for our new sponsors, Dafabet one does have to wonder if that’s either a typo or a cruel claret driven jest that was miss-spelled and should have read daftabet, which you surely would be if you are putting money on our chances for next season at the current amount of progress being shown.

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