Date: 22nd April 2007 at 2:45pm
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Talk of a fall out between Blackburn Rovers boss Mark Hughes and midfielder Tugay has been circulating recently, casting doubts over the maestros Rovers future. Hughes has played this down and still hopes (if not expects) Tugay will extend his stay.

Lack of first team football after a visibly frustrated Tugay was substituted against Aston Villa had seen speculation rise that perhaps The Turkish International may not extend his contract at Ewood Park after all (as had seemed highly likely not to long ago.) Hughes has said this is mere media speculation and he still expects Tugay to agree his contract-extension.

Speaking in the Lancashire Telegraph Hughes said:

Tugay is always disappointed when you leave him out, and he is always disappointed when you take him off because he just wants to play football.

But there’s no issue there. I’ve explained the reasons and the thinking behind it, and he accepted that.

He’s still got a very important part to play here. His representatives have talked to John Williams in the last week so we’ll see where we go on that.

Not everyone agrees but I still VERY much hope Tugay will be with Rovers next season.

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19 Replies to “No Rift Between Hughes and Tugay”

  • Well I’ve made my position perfectly clear on where I stand as regards to Tugay and his staying at the club. I genuinely think it is vitally important that we keep him for his off the field influence as well as his on the field one. I just hope a deal can be agreed, which looks promising again now?!?!

  • The Bellers link never seems to die. As good as he did when here before I’m not too sure I’d want him back, not sure Benni and Bellers would play well together?!?! If I had to pick between the two I think Benni would win pretty much hands down.

  • Not sure about that comparison. Bellars added a new dimension- that great pace seemed to cause non-stop trouble.
    I read the rumour in “The People” or so.

  • Yes indeed! Im afraid too many fans remember the negative things of Bellers because of the way he left.
    McCarthy was good- don’t get me wrong- but for more than once this season I felt he did’nt use his chances in the best way.
    In addition, I felt Bellers could make goals out of nothing. You can’t say the same thing about McCarthy can you.

  • Whilst I do think Benni at times has gone missing in games (especially some of the big ones as Clint highlighted) I still feel we’ll get more from Benni in the long run and he is getting into positions that I don’t feel Bellers would have. Benni is (and lets face it) proven beyond ANY shadow of a doubt throughot Europe. Bellers had a great season but would he have done it again this season?!?! The way he left for Liverpool doesn’t anger or cloud my judgement I just feel Benni is a better quality of forward. If Benni stays next season I think we’ll see an even better goals return and a higher quality performance after a season of fully adjusting to the Premiership

  • Ok firstly I am with you Hughs_da, Tugay is needed here next year. Secondly i lie awake at night thinking af what a Bellers Benni partnership would provide us with but if I had to chose I would chose Benni. Both came here to reinvemt/rejuvenate their careers and both did fantastically well. I would think that Benni is more likely to stick around than Bellers so that is another reason, plus we have the Bellamy heir aparent in Derbs so another reason I would go with Benni. Does anyone think 8 million pounds is a fair price (the amount being bandied about).

  • I don’t think Bellers and Benni could play together, plus even if he returned would another good season or two see him move on again?!?! Bellers doesn’t seem to stay anywhere that long does he, this has to say something doesn’t it? £8 million for Bellers? How we could justify paying that only a year on from selling him for £6 million would be crazy. If anything Liverpool should (not that they will?) get less than they paid.

  • Personally, I would like to see Bellers and McCarthy together – it would be an awesome partnership. I am not overly bothered either way, though as I am a huge JR fan, and looking forward to his partnership with McCarthy, who he complements perfectly.

    If Liverpool did make Bellamy available, I think he would get higher wages elsewhere – i.e Villa.

  • If Bellamy wanted to come back, then i’d let him – But i wouldn’t be willing (if i were in charge) to pay any more than 5M (less than we got, and reduced as the contract has reduced now) and i certainly wouldn’t be paying him any more wages than he was last on – None of this ridiculous 60k a week rubbish that we offered before he left. I’d put him on the same as say, Pederson, a key member of the team on a recent contract. I’m personally excited about the future with Benni, Derbs and JR. If the dwarf wants us, let him come. If he’s not bothered, then fair enough.

  • McCarthy is Rovers player of the seson. Of this I have absolutely no doubt. I dont think we need Bellers but having said that i wouldn’t complain at seeing him again…

  • On the subject of Player of the Season, the awards will be decided by Vital Blackburn (and Vital Football viewers in general shortly, so stay tuned for this!

  • Bellamy and Benni would work, but I still believe that Roberts has all the qualities of Bellemy, ie pace and movement but he brings in strength as well. The 3 of them at Rovers would certianly benefit the club but then wot of Derbyshire. I really really dont think we need Bellamy

  • Agree Clint, JR has the qualities of Bellers and more to be honest, Between Benni (or Derbs) and JR as partnerships these will offer as much, arguably more than Bellers and Benni would.

  • Bellers is not essential we have a limited budget of which he would taken 80-85% of it to bring him back. Lets spend economically….. We’ve gotta have quantity with quality as well, even if it means we dont buy English to do that.

  • Sparky will spend money VERY wisely won’t he, he’s done it before he’ll do it again this summer. Totally agree Mikey Bellers will blow most, maybe even ALL of our budget.

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