Date: 9th May 2007 at 3:53pm
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With the news that Blackburn Rovers are likely to take up the option to sign on-loan striker Shabani Nonda from Roma in a £2 million deal, Clint shares his thoughts.

At the start of the season I was quite glad to have to have a player with his High reputation linked to Rovers, having played for some clubs like Rennes, Monaco and more lately Roma, he was expected to live up to this.

At Rennes he scored 30 goals in 62 matches, Monaco was 57 goals in 5 seasons, although granted most of these goals were limited to the first 3 seasons with him not playing much for the rest of his time there for one reason or another (his long-term injury mainly.) His move to Roma was for him a bit of a disaster although 8 starts did yielded 5 goals.

Rovers have now picked him up with an option to buy that Hughes seems happy to exercise. I do think we have a player who if given the confidence can and probably will score goals in the Premier League – 16 starts and 8 goals for us is not a bad return after all.

However at £2m for effectively what is going to be our 4th choice striker is this value for money, will Nonda get the games needed for him to shine and win over the fans? I don’t know but like I said its not many that knowingly come into a club to be back-up to the main strike force and are happy with this situation.

I quite like his effort but does he give Hughes something different up front than he has with Benni, Roberts and Derbyshire?? It remains to be seen but judging by this season I think we could do better elsewhere. This may sound harsh and he may just have taken a year to settle but I don’t think he’ll get the games to turn my (and only my) views around.



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15 Replies to “Nonda – To Sign or not to Sign”

  • I’m not sure to be honest. He works had and has a good outlook on things but have we really seen enough to think he can do anything more than maybe Jeffers would as a 4th striker?!?! (Well, wrong comparison, he could!) Having said this sometimes it takes time to settle and you don’t become a bad player overnight do you. £13 million to him to Monaco only a few years back! Sparky sees him in training unlike us, so he clearly likes what he sees. £2 million though, not a huge amount but I don’t know?!?! The kids could learn a lot from him I guess.

  • I’d say a resounding yes. Although he’s had the odd bad game, and looked off the pace occassionally, he’s also shown what he’s capable of, and has shown great hold up play at times. Definately a team player, good for the squad, and works well with all our other strikers. What i like particularly about Benni, Jay Matt and Chris is that they all work well together. Nonda has been unfortunate in that Benni and Samba have both settled unnaturally quickly, and made some Rovers think that he should be expected to do better – If you ask me, he’s shown enough to see that when he has settled, and has less to prove, he’ll be a great asset to this club. I’ll say again, a resounding yes from me.

  • I like I ‘ve said dont think he offers Rovers anyhting different than wot we have already, if he was like a Saviola or something then yeah def! Saying this he does have hard work on his side but then so did Kuqi, although granted Nonda has more than him in skill and all round play. Being the 4th choice as he surely will be, he will not get the games he needs, he’s handy for injuries to Benni and Roberts (God forbid) but I yet to be convinced he’s worth a contract and not another loan deal. £2m dosnt sound a lot of money but when u look at wot Hughes has picked for much less then why not unearth a striker somewhere

  • In sparky we trust again I guess. I’d have liked the price to have been a little less than £2 million, but the guy went for £13 million back along didn’t he. Having someone hear who knows the club “should” mean the likes of Garner and De Vita could also be introduced as well next season though doesn’t it?!?!

  • I think we need to stand by Spark even if we feel differently…

    2 questions.

    1) Has Hughes done us wrong so far? 2) How many foreign players have taken ages to settle in???

  • In answer 1) NOPE 2) Quite a few! We should start a Sunday (no too blasphemous actually) maybe weekday or ideal Saturday service (as we do!) when we give thanks to Sparky “in Sparky we trust!”

  • i reckon 2 mil’s not bad for nonda… I think the bigger clubs are right in saying there’s a lack of quality strikers around at the moment and at least Nonda HAS scored in the premiership (and UEFA) .. Just look at City, they managed to spend big bucks on absolute wasters.. 2 mil isn’t a great deal for a forward who will probably lurk around the fringe of the team. I say give the boy a chance

  • Good call Bents4eng… I reckon he is a confidence player ala Jon Stead…. Give the boy a chance.

  • I am not gonna jump on this bandwagon lads sorry. Nonda is an aging average player who hasnt really showed me that he can play to the level that Benni has done all season or that JR is showing at present. Personally, I would rather get someone like Freddy Eastwood or Ernie for the same money or pick up a bosman for the cover and get ourselves a shiny new Right Back and a brans spanking new Midfield dynamo. Just my $0.02 anyhow

  • Fair play to your BomBom, nobody likes a bandwagon-jumer-oner do they! A bosman or a free, maybe even a loan might not have been (or still will be?) a bad idea but not so sure about Earnie (I guess you mean Earnshaw?) not sure he’ll cut it, and would cost most than £2 million?!?! Eastwood, similar kind of thinking but could probably get him for that, sometimes you have to take a gamble and he could well be worth it, but then so could Nonda?!?!

  • I don’t agree with the bandwagon jumpers either but the one bandwagon I am on is the Mark Hughes bandwagon and it’ll take a lot to get me off it…!!!!

  • to think we could have nonda as fourth choice and shows good progress from matt credit to sparky for taking the cahnce on him and the JR benni thing is workin a treat agian credit to sparky so i would trust sparky do get it right after all he was a striker himself!

  • We need at least 4 strikers, Jeffers is probably going. We have to keep Nonda for cover, especialy as it is not so easy (as some of those above seem to think) to find anyone available that is willing to move to B.R.F.C. to sit on the bench.
    We have a good solid defence and could now use Nonda as a skillfull
    forward midfield/striker. For those games when we need to introduce a third striker Nonda is ideal, playing just behind the front two, in fact I would like to see us start some games with this shape (such as the game at Craven cottage we should have won) for the extra few goals that would have given us the points and better goal difference we now need.

  • It’s often been suggested that maybe Nonda could be developed into a gap between the midfield and attack, so why not. The Sparky bandwagon is one I’ll ALWAYS be on Mikey!

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