Date: 22nd December 2011 at 12:38pm
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Steve Kean isn’t a good manager (a coach perhaps) so a lot of Blackburn Rovers’ problems can be placed at his door, however, are we naïve enough to blame him for all of our problems??

Under his managerial oversight the only way that it’s likely that Rovers will go is down and relegation to the nPower Championship would cause us further problems, but the dude is being hung out to dry by people that I think need closer looking at with more questions asked of them!!

I recently wrote an article (Keep Digging Steve Kean!! Click Here) and one of the sections of it said the following: “I’m not a Kean fan, however, I was willing to give him a bit of time (even if I didn’t really want to) but it’s long since been obvious that the only way we’re going under his management is down. The fact that Venky’s seem happy with this is astonishing, which again leaves me seriously questioning their motives for wanting to be at Ewood Park?? I’ve got this horrible gut feeling that we could be faced with some problems down the line, maybe not too dissimilar to those faced by Portsmouth with some of their owners with questionable motives (that’s for another time perhaps though??)

So now I pick up on this point a little more. Are we missing the point here, what exactly are Venky’s doing for Blackburn Rovers Football Club?? I’m thinking that it’s more and more apparent that they’re not actually doing a lot for us but we must be doing something for them.

The longer that they keep their puppet (Kean) in place the longer the damage that they are actually causing Rovers is being missed so with the full force of the anger from the supporters being directed at Kean it’s being deflected away from them. Once they part company with Kean (and even they eventually would have no other option) who in their right mind would want to takeover as the next manager at Ewood Park with these dudes in charge (someone like Avram Grant would set further alarm bells ringing for me, not because I think he’s a poor manager, which I think he is, more because he was turned to by clubs that were seriously struggling financially in the past, Portsmouth and West Ham United).

Whatever they’re (Venky’s) doing it’s not in the best interests of this once great Football Club and I’d personally say that a little more attention should be paid to them and their motives with a little more of the vendetta (and some is warranted of course) against Kean reserved for them!!

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