Date: 21st March 2007 at 10:09pm
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Once again Blackburn Rovers, who are by no means the only side who suffer this, were on the wrong end of a controversial goal line decision at the weekend. It HAS to be time for technological help surely?

A recent Vital Blackburn poll asked your opinion, most felt (71% in fact!) it was time the referee’s and their assistants had some technological help, and in the day and age we live in surely this is right? You can weigh up all the arguments for and against but the argument for far outweigh those against.

Technology is quick and easy, they use it in Rugby and Cricket as we all know, I believe to a degree also in Tennis now, or at least were thinking about it? So it’s time in some instances it came into football. These replays would cause no less of a disruption than the arguments that break out when such things occur anyway would it! People push and shove, remonstrate with the referee and linesman so by the time that’s sorted a good minute or two, usually longer passes. You’d be long underway again with the aid of technology.

You have the argument that if you introduce technology into one area others soon follow, this doesn’t need to be the case. In Cricket they only get help with tight run out call and occasional catches, not LBW calls so why can’t we just have it for tight goal line calls and maybe nothing else?

Help in other areas would be useful, for debatable penalties etc. but maybe you lose something from the game if you have replays for this? I know it may seem a little contradictory by saying “dodgy penalties” should stand, but “dodgy goals” shouldn’t but at least with a penalty you still have a 50:50 chance of the goal not being scored, debatable goals are 100% for or 100% against (depending which side you are on) with no reprieve. Goals WIN and LOSE matches, goal line technology will insure the right calls are made and will only take seconds to check.

Football is more than just a sport, it is a business like it or not. The calls that are wrong can cost teams millions, may cost us just that and a place in Europe as a result, which could in turn lead to players possibly leaving? These calls could easily be corrected but aren’t but could so easily be stamped out; it’s time to act. I’ve said it before but will say it again, wait until a World Cup, European Championship, Champions League or FA Cup is decided in such a controversial manor, we’ll all be using this technology in a flash but we shouldn’t have to wait for this for action to be taken?

The argument of funds for this comes up but with the amount of money in the game now UEFA, FIFA, the FA, whomever should be able to budget such technology across ALL levels of professional football.

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5 Replies to “Officials NEED Technological Help!”

  • It’s time, not sure we’ll be losing to much from the game by stamping out goals that SHOULDN’T be and awarding those that SHOULD in terms of did they, didn’t they cross the line.

  • As i said b4 i do think it should be brought in, it dosnt take long for decisions like did the ball cross the line or not including decisions that go for or against your own team, cos there has been times when Blackburn have gained from dubious calls in the past in indeed in the future and when u think that, as with West Ham, who gained 3 points that they should not have got! the winning goal being hand ball and offside in the build-up and not crossing the line to boot!! this could cost teams like Man City or Sheffield Utd millions of pounds if by some fluke or devine intervention that West Ham stay up, especially if it is by 3 points or less. Now u could say maybe West Ham have had there share of bad luck and desevered a slice of good fortune but its 3 points they didnt deserve add this to the fact that Rovers did not get a point in are quest for Europe again, which will if we dont reach it, cost our club valuble revenue from a possible Euro run and im sure West Ham would complain if it was the other way around! For something that would take mere seconds to give a yes or no on these important decisions it seems silly and stupid to me not to introduce it, whether it benefits or hinders the team you support in the long run it would be good for the team

  • It’s got to be done hasn’t it Clint. How ANYONE can not want this help (it can be kept to goal line help only) is beyond me!

  • I know with the money in football it just has to come in, it works successfully in Tennis with hawk-eye and again in Rugby, so theres no reason why it cant be introduced. U get folk that will say its part and parcel of the game but i disagree, as I said the money that can be lost is just too much nowadays. Its different for the likes of fouls, although the technology could be used for this as well, but football has less stops in it than rugby in this respect and it would be more stop -start than it is already!! As the lines men ( not assistant refs ) are getting more power so to speak then why not have 2 on each side, with 1 in each half, less running up and down to be in the rite position at the rite time, plus u could have at least 2 pairs of eyes on an incident, just my thoughts there

  • Dodgy penalties, dives ‘simulation’ call it what you will (as much as we hate them!) are part and parcel of the game aren’t they. Dodgy goals are but shouldn’t be. I can just about live with the other incidents as they don’t always lead directly to a goal (or deny you a goal that should be) but as I keep saying goals WIN and LOSE matches, sure you may score from a disputed penalty but you might not, a goal that shouldn’t be given but is costs you, as it does if it isn’t and should be. Simple few seconds on a replay and we go. The football authorites NEED to spend some of their MILLIONS on this and not whatever they are spending it on that DOESN’T help the game.

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