Date: 26th June 2009 at 8:02am
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Blackburn defender Martin ‘The Mouth’ Olsson has stoked the fire prior to the U-21s clash between England and Sweden tonight by playing down the hype that heads Theo Walcotts way.

Olsson has taken a swipe at Arsenal star Theo Walcott whilst speaking to the South African media – ‘He is extremely fast but not as good as everyone says.

‘It’s the players around him that feed him and make him good, so if we can shut them down, I think we can prevent him from getting those passes.

‘Against Finland, he had almost no chances and wasn’t that much of a factor. There’s no Adebayor who can help him. The other players are young too and they also make mistakes.’

Good god Martin, we know you like to rock the boat but this is a bit needless.

Everyone is entitled to thei opinion but this is only going to make Walcott play better – keep your mouth shut for a nice change!


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  • I think he’s kinda rite, Walcott is quick as …. BUT he does lack the end product at times – this doesnt make him a bad player – far from it – but its something for him to work on, so Olsson wasnt far off the mark at the min….though he maybe should’ve waited until after the game as he set himself up for a hiding now….. silly swedish boy…however they are using him as a left winger…i wonder how that would work at Rovers???

  • Hang on a minute – Olsson is right, all you’ve got to do is stop a player getting the ball to stop them playing… it all makes sense now! That Olsson must be our best defender now that he’s figured that out… oh, yeah, wait a sec, – so how come good old Martin failed to do that for us so spectacularly! Oh yeah, coz he’s rubbish! (sorry a little sarcasm overload!)

  • I really think we should ship Olsson this window. Frankly, he’s not up to the premier league, and got embarrassed against Spurs by a very similar player to Walcott (ie Lennon – who has far less of an end product). Worse though, he’s a moaner and his comments about Ince earlier in the season were totally uncalled for given that Ince was the only one willing to give Olsson a run out – and that hardly helped our campaign.

  • I’m an Arsenal fan and not exactly the biggest Walcott fan to say the least, but why would anyone say this before the match?

  • Any Arsenal fan who is not a Walcott fan must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic! He’s a very good player, young, fast, scores goals, not a prima dona, and I think will be a great England international – for shame Tom14!

  • Haha, it’s quite funny to see his own fans don’t think much of him, although to be honest he does have a point. Theo is overrated, but saying “there’s no adebayor there to help him” shows that he doesn’t really know what he’s on about. Walcott’s a good player but he’s not good enough to play as a winger for us, and there’s lots of strikers at the club he’d have to compete with. He has potential but certainly isn’t as great as everyone seems to think.

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