Date: 26th November 2008 at 12:52pm
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Martin Olsson may have fouled Aaron Lennon a few times on Sunday but that was nothing compared to the spanking he gave the away team dressing room at White Hart Lane!

Martin has also been protesting his innocence for the first yellow card dished in his direction in the 1-0 defeat.

Olsson speaking to Sky Sports said, ‘I was at the ball, not Aaron Lennon, when I got my first yellow card, the second card, well there’s nothing to say about that one, it was a really bad day at work for me.

‘I can’t even explain how it felt. My first thought was ‘have I really been sent off’, I was so disappointed, mainly at myself. I destroyed most things in the locker room.

‘I kicked at everything I saw, doors, garbage cans, cardboard boxes.’

So it’s fair to say he cares then, thats the passion we need to see more of on the pitch!

I wouldn’t be suprised to see Martin hit with a fine from Tottenham however, time will tell on that one though.


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  • the guy has passion but clearly has no brain, chopping Aaron not once but twice, 1st being advantage play on the 2nd stopping the game!!
    he should have been given 2 yellow cards in one go by the ref, not taking into account his 3rd foul which got him sent off. thick *****er

  • alright fella calm it down. 2 yellow cards in one go?!?! Yeah thats going to happen mate… sounds like someone else aint the brightest dude.

  • A bit over the top i admit but to be fair Mikey, Olsson should have done alot better in the situation. He is a professional footballer on top wages and 19 or not has to do better. You could see the sending off coming from a mile away and he should be able to control himself…..anyhow, i think he’s a good player and he will learn from the experience. The problem is that we cant keep carryying player who make terrible mistakes like he did…he cost us the goal with an individual error then the match with his sending off…..

  • dude, 2 chops, should have been 2 yellow cards, so how Olsson said the 1st one wasnt 1 yellow is beyond me. Maybe 2 was an exaggeration but either one of them was a definite yellow, even the pundits said it.

  • what lennon did to olsson was comical….he skinned him alive and made him dizzy…thats why olsson was *****ed off!!! not the red card!….nobody in the prem wants to look like a pub league player, and thats what lennon did to olsson!…how spurs were not 3 or 4 nil up at half time was amazing! fair play to you lot though…u took a proper hiding and only walked away with a 1-0 loss

  • How did you lot feel when your goalkeeper was playing around with us lot in the PARKLANE end …. and admitting his heart is still with SPurs …. and that he hates Ar5ena1 !!! ?????

  • I like Olsson as a potential player but he is out of his depth at this level. Its a bloody joke the team selection at the moment!

  • Yidskin – win with dignity and class, not like a tool, this is why people dont like Spurs. Fair play to spurs, you survived the scoring chances we had and won 1-0. Well done to you on your win but dont gloat like a muppet. It wasnt so long ago you were in our shoes.

  • MikeyD, Hope you lot come out of this slump as I have never minded blackburn rovers since the glory days of sutton and shearer. Please dont paint all spurs fans with the same brush as some of the ignoramuses on this site. Dont think ince is the man to take you forward, but I really hope that things pick up.

  • cheers marc, and no I dont think all Spurs fans are the same at all mate. I was having a good chat with some of the guys on your site and they are a good lot. Shame you get some less desirable people on the sites but I guess it cant be helped!

  • i hope Im not in the same type as yidskin and lilywhites101, I actually do like Blackburn and dont think you will go down. Didnt actually mean to swear so much in my first post, was just saying that technically those first 2 fouls were yellow cards and if rules are rules then he should have gone earlier, but common sense prevails and the ref would have to have some big balls to give him 2 yellows in succession!

  • gimmethefunk – its alright mate. dont worry about it. I think we agree that Olsson deserved to get sent off but I can see his frustration. Its a shame that a minority of Spurs fans are that arrogant that they need to taunt other teams fans. It ruins it for the good, honest Spurs fans out there.

  • Arrogant Spud fans are a pound a penny, the ones that arent are rarer than rocking horse *****, from my experience. Shocking team selection and formation, poor defending most of the time, which gifted Spuds most of their opportunities and, ok, Olsson did look like a player out of his depth against lennon but how often will Lennon do that this season for them? Oh and the matter of a measly 50 MILLION the yids threw at their team in the off season, yet only scraped a 1-0 win against poor lowly Blackburn, who spent 10% of what Spuds did. Congrats Spurs. LOL Lets hope the return match has 2 fully fit squads to choose from, then there shall be no excuses for either side, much like last season at the Lane….I forget the result now tho…. 😉

  • blah blah blah…..would you listen to you northern peasents making excuse after excuse and crying and moaning over spurs fans LOL…

  • That coming from a fan of a team that one month ago was in the same spot as Rovers currently occupy minus the arrogant fans and wasted transfer fees. Oh how proud you must be! I noticed you neglected the final part of my comment, was that intentional or the fact that you couldnt provide a reposte for it? LOL Lilywhites my arse. Hows Ex-England International David Bentley doing? Or “Wonderkid” Giovanni Dos Santos? Bring it on 101 LOL

  • david bentley recently scored a 40 yard volley that is up there in the best 5 goals of the last decade, and giovani dos santos is an 18 yr old mexican international who had already made into the barcelona 1st team before joining us…..he has been out for a long while with a nasty ankle injury, you plum!!!…he is described by thiery henry as “a very special player”……how many special players do you have in your mining town team?….santa cruz is a shadow of what he was last season because he wants out…he has told the world that!…who will you have then????….little club, little town. now off to bed with you, little boy LOL

  • Small town in Arsenal springs to mind for some unknown reason LOL. If Dos Santos is “such a special talent” why on earth would Barca sell him? the didnt sell Messi or Bojan yet they were considered the same? One of the best goals of the Decade? LOL, it was a good strike but Almunia helped him out and it was hardly “Clinical” If you want a special goal, go search Tugay versus Fulham! Now, how’ve you done in the last, ooooh say….16 years? 1 cup and a toy one at that, poor lowly mining town Rovers won that one too, but I guess you’d remember that one eh? Any other trophies? Semi final games? Can you say “underachieving” (no point asking you to spell it, you are a yid after all) Now you shush and go back to masturbating over your posters of Waddle/Hoddle/Klinsmann/Ginola. Silly little spud fans, so easy to make them look foolish, most of the time, you do all the leg work for us!

  • ha ha ha ha….you seem to know f-u-c-k all mate, cause we have 2 trophies to our name in the last 9 years….europe the last 3 years…two 5th place finishes also….blackburn are a little little club, who once had alot of money, and for one season they did it! fair play, well done….but that does not for one second change what your club really is…as for your comments on dos santos, that also shows how little you know! messi is in my opinion the best in the world, so of course he isnt leaving barca for spurs you plum….and bojan plays in a different position!…did you not see dos santos score a hatrick for barca on the last day of the season last year!…he left because he was up against superstars to play week in week out!…man u and chelsea both made him an offer, but he came to us because he wanted playing time… how many barcelona players are blackburn bringing in?….in fact lets be honest, how many would even know where blackburn is??? and there is my point.

  • “we have 2 trophies to our name in the last 9 years….europe the last 3 years…two 5th place finishes also….” All that for over £200 million spent – you must be so proud.

  • The rest of your post lily white shows what an arrogant little twunk you really are. PATHETIC comments. Rovers arent a big club at all but they are a premier league club, the fact that we are able to compete with you is something that you should be embarrassed about. I guess the reaon you post on here is because you have nobody that likes you on your own site? You also seem to be forgetting about a certain League Cup final win over Spurs in 2002… Spurs fans came on the day, assumed it was over through their own self-arrogance and got beaten. You deserved it. And you really wonder why everyone doesnt like Spurs? Not all of them are bad but people such as yourself are a disgrace to your club – deluded, arrogant and pathetic. Go to bed little boy…

  • mikey D you are typical of the norhern gypsy i comment about….my comments have obviously cut you to the bone, in truth….now f-u-c-k off to your dole cue…..f-u-c-k your sister or make mayo sandwiches! whatever you northern folk do

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