Date: 28th March 2011 at 9:22am
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Rovers manager Steve Kean has received further backing from his superiors at Rovers as the owners have again denied rumours that hair’s best friend is to be sacked imminently.

Reports surfaced on Friday and over the weekend that large bets have been placed on Kean being the next managerial casualty in the Premier League.

But those early reports appear to wide of the mark again however as a short sharp statement from the powers that be put pay to those rumours.

Venkatesh Rao is quoted in the Telegraph as saying – ‘There is absolutely nothing to talk about.’

‘I don’t know why these stories keep arising and I don’t understand it.

‘There is nothing else to say on it.’

Would hate to be the guy who lost that bet, hope he has some savings.

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12 Replies to “Owners renew Kean backing”

  • I am not surprised, actually sacking Kean now would do mor harm than good, despite what some may think IMO…

  • When an Manager with less experience than Paul Ince and worse results you can expect stories to arise. There is only one outcome to this so I say, sooner change and give the next manager a clear deck for next season, which ever league we play in.

  • Its got to the point that whatever happens I think it really is too late to sack him this season. Our main aim (obviously) is to secure our Prem survival. That’s going to take every ounce of effort from everyone involved around the first team. All I can hope is that the fans show their support until the end of the season none of this booing crap. I know I’m not there more than a couple of times a season due to location but if the team are playing crap how about roaring them on to lift them instead of further decimating their low confidence by booing? If not for the manager, for the players and the survival of Blackburn in the Prem. If he goes in the summer I will be indifferent. As I have said before he didn’t ask to become our manager – he got asked. If someone bigger comes in then I’ll be happy with that but if he gets kept on if we stay up I think we need to give him a few months into next season to see what he is really about. Hopefully by then some real cash will be spent wisely and he can try and get us playing attractive football as well as not leaking goals like a sieve with a giant hole in it.

  • If you remember Coyle had a terrible start to his bolton career and look at them now as too had Brendan Rogers. No way is he sending the team out to defend as badly as they do. My view of the whole thing is that the players have gotten to comfortable. There is no competition for places. Take JR for example. Sam left him out of the team for a few games and when he got back in he scored a few to rub sams nose in it. No matter how professional players like samba and dunn are , if there is no pressure on them to perform well week in week out then performances are bound to drop. Also Kean throwing contracts at players at the start has not helped either although i think he has learned his lesson there regarding not giving Hoilett a contract till the summer. Even go back to old red nose having 1 game to save his job and look at the sucess man ure has had since then. The man has to be given time to settle and learn the job although i realise that is a precious comodity in the premiership

  • Wow, I am very surprised (and pleased) to see a few sensible fans who realise that sacking Kean now would be pointless. Del, I said exactly the same thing about Fergie. I am not saying we are ever going to be as good as United, but a guy who is arguably the greatest manager of all time almost got sacked, only keeping his job after getting a result in his career defining game, and the boards faith in him paid off in the end. I think we will stay up and if we do I think Kean needs to be given half a season to prove himself, and I am confident that given the time and the resources, he will do so. I think he will make us a regular top 10 team if given the time. Fran, well said! I said something similar about the booing in my forum post, I just fail to see how it helps the team. We need to get behind them and show them that we are in this together and give them the support that they need to pull us out of the *****. I say well done Venky’s for sticking by your man, they sacked Fat Sam, but he wasn’t their choice. Unlike most clubs they are standing by the man they put their faith in and I think that is rather commendable.

  • Rao: ‘I don’t know why these stories keep arising and I don’t understand it’

    I think all we need to know about Venkys is in those last 4 lines…

  • Not having a go Del but comparisons with Fergie are ridiculous. Fergie has won the UEFA Cup and had broken the Old Firm for the first time in a long time – the man was a success and had proven himself. What has Kean proven? Also on your point about defence he clearly doesn’t know how to organise a defence. Look at how many goals we conceded per game under Sam and then look at Kean with the same players. I’m not saying Kean should go before the end of the season but if staying up is hailed as a success at the end of the season I will be disgusted as a fan of this club. We were pushing for Europe at one stage this season and now we are scared stiff about being relegated. In my mind there is only one reason for this and that is the change of manager. Awful timing and awful appointment.

  • See your point Durks but i doubt if Kean looked to change the way the defence played when he took over. Surely he would have changed nothing about the way they trained or lined up when they were so sucessful under sam. As much as i hate to say it i think signing jones was a huge mistake as i think he is vastly inferior to nzonzi who would have improved even more with another season under his belt. A lot of responsibility has to go to the players for the state we are in. As for comparing kean to fergie i know there is a huge difference in the experience fergie had and kean has but the only reason fergie kept his job was Robbins despite the fact he was so sucessful with aberdeen.

  • It’s all to easy to change Managers these days and even though I’m not convinced by Kean at all (and his appointment after all Venky’s had been saying set off alarm bells) sacking him now would be crazy. We’d still be a fairly attractive proposition, however, all the negative publicity and the unorganised choas behind the scenes we’ve seen would make people think twice.

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