Date: 15th June 2007 at 10:42am
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Mark Hughes is likely to find this summer testing his patience in a bid to land the players he wants to strengthen his Blackburn Rovers squad.

Sparky’s number one target reamins Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy but until Rafa Benitez completes his summer spending we won’t know whether he is available or not.

Hughes will use most of his summer transfer budget on strengthening his strike-force, and the club accept they may have to dig deep to land the calibre of player they are looking for.

Chairman John Williams said: ‘I think it’s an open secret that we’d like another striker at the club and strikers don’t usually come cheap.

‘You are less likely to unearth an absolutely unheard of gem up front than you are perhaps in the back four, and Chris Samba comes to mind when I say that.

‘The reality is if you are going to spend serious money then you have to be absolutely certain it’s the right man to come to Ewood.

‘You have to make sure the guy is right for the club, and vice versa.

Hughes is happy with the general make-up of his squad but he believes the signing of a top-line striker will enable Rovers to push for a top-six spot next season.

Now I for one agree that this is the right approach, if we get to the end of the transfer window and are still in possession of Morten Gamst and Benni McCarthy then it has been a successful transfer window from our point of view.

As Rovers fans we are use to not spending till later on in the Summer, in fact the majority of the best deals have been done towards the very end of the window.

Sit tight lads… it could be a long one.

Mikey Gamst, VB Multi Tasker.


20 Replies to “Patience is the Key”

  • Couldn’t agree more. So long as we keep all our big names then we have a good enough squad as it is to do damage next season without much need to bring in anyone. However I wouldn’t say no to one or two big names like Bellamy.

  • We need the injection of quality like all teams need. But not too much tampering…that will just harm things.

  • This transfer window has been one that can’t end soon enough for me.. heaps of transfer speculation about our players going elsewhere and very little news on who’s coming the other way… bring on September!!

  • I just hope Benitez isn’t relying on flogging Bellamy before he works out how much he has to spend – Mind you, i guess there’s always the “agreement in priniple” idea.

  • Yeah dude, like you say we are used to waiting and this is the approach we take. Sparky will only get players in that will impriove us, and we don’ty need much improvement at all do we if ALL stay and remain seriously injury free.

  • Bents4eng – Great call dude, the transfer window brings wave after wave of talk linking out players with moves away, the sooner the window SLAMS shut the sooner minds can be put at rest, until January 1st 2008 anyway lol!

  • Same old story for us lol. Every player is linked with leaving, one does go. We sign 3 players we have never heard of in the last week before season starts, and we get 2 kids on loan

  • LOL do you work for Social Services or something Sasman??? getting kids on loan, you must be fostering hehe. That is generally how Sparky does his business and its sometimes a nice surprise, a la Samba!

  • As Mr.Williams says, it is much harder to find a bargain up front than at the back. We may need to spend more to get what we want, perhaps gamble.

  • Strikers don’t come cheap do they, so as Mikey says we will either need to pay a bit for someone or take a gamble, as much as maybe it isn’t wanted a season loan could be needed, to continue the “try before you buy” policy that is liked, and isn’t something I mind really. If Benni stays then another unknown unearthing by Sparky would suilt me to go along with what else we have already, and should have coming through.

  • Must admitt I’m a bit worried. In 8 weeks time the PL starts and we still have’nt brought anyone to the squad. I think that any player who comes in, must have the decent amount of time to adapt to Lancashire and to the club.At least 3 players are needed: A decent RB, a creative CM- replacing Tugay step by step (Savage is’nt young either), and a top goal-scorer, and I don’t really care if we have to pay 7-8M pounds.

  • As always I have to recommand:
    For RB: Baird/L. Young/Bardsley………For CM: Koumas/D. Murphy………For FC: Earnshaw/Nugent(think he’ll go to Everton though)/D. Kamara/

  • IsraeliRover – I am not worried, I too would like a few players and we WILl get some, Sparky and co have a plan.
    I have said it all along, and stand by it I am not as convinced that a right-back is maybe as badly needed as people think Andre Ooijer, Brett Emerton and Eddie Nolan have that covered for me.
    Koumas is the midfielder for me to come in, and if my “source” is right he WILL sign for around £3.5 million, but it might not be for a while yet.
    Forward wise, I’m with MikeyGamst, the more time that goes, the less I think he will go. A loan deal could be ALL we need to see us through, that or a Sparky bargain.

  • HDM- 2 points: I think Ooijer is a good RB if needed- but he turns 33 next month, and I can’t see him dealing with the speedy wingers we have in the PL.
    Second- why do we always have to find bargains? we’re supposed to get millions out of the TV rights are’nt we?

  • We don’t NEED to find bargains, it is just the wya we operate.
    Yeah, Ooijer turns 33 soon but Sparky knew this when he signed him. Football nowadays is a frantically paced game, but so much of it is also in the mind, and down to experience, Ooijer can handle both. With him, Brett Emerton and the long-term future (in my opinion) Eddie Nolan we are sorted, what happens to Nolan if we buy? He gets pushed further back, then eventually leaves?!?!

  • Did anyone actually see one of those roster-players we have: A. Taylor, E. Nolan, T. kane, K. Treacy, F. Fielding? Can somone actually tell what they worth????

  • Oooijer is still of the requires standard and will remain so for the forseeable future… he is a great option at right back. As for the TV millions, aprt of that has gone into offer match day ticket value but some of it will be spent. I am convinced we will sign 3 players this season.. 2 cheapies and 1 big buy.

  • IsraeliRover – ALL three are destined for big things (so we have been told) some for longer than others, but most WILL come good I am sure, I just hope it is with Rovers.
    I saw Andy Taylor (who is one that has been spoken about for sometime now but I feel his time may pass him here?!?!) play for Crewe and he looked a good footballer, but will have his work cut out with Stevie W and Bruno Berner ahead of him.
    Eddie Nolan, Tony Kane and Keith Treacy are VERY, VERY highly rated Irish stars aren’t they with Sparky also rated them very much so, Treacy to the extent he has just signed a new four-year contract hasen’t he. I saw Nolan make his debut in the UEFA Cup game with Nancy (I think it was?) and he looked compitent enough, even if he did look a little nervious at first (which is understandable) Nolan and Treacy could (for me anyway) play a part next season.
    Frank Fielding is just one of a number of highly rated goalkeepers we have isn’t he, I can’t say I’ve seen him play myself though. My personal opinion is he will do well to carve out a career at Ewood though.

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