Date: 5th September 2007 at 8:11pm
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Expectation levels were high for Blackburn Rovers this season. The very impressive start to the campaign seems to have raised them even higher, with Morten Gamst Pedersen targeting the top four.

Rovers may be only four matches in, but the are still unbeaten, something that is unusual for Rovers at this stage as they are notoriously slow started. However, with Rovers having one of the most lethal strike forces in the country according to Pedersen (Tottenham Hotspur were considered by many as the best, but with Matt Derbyshire, Benni McCarthy, Maceo Rigters, Jason Roberts and Roque Santa Cruz Rovers are looking very strong, personally I feel Liverpool have the strongest.) so the Rovers winger feels that this can help Rovers push on into a top four place.

He told “The big clubs can get the headlines then we can sneak up from behind.

“We had a good team last year and we have kind of got some new players, considering who’s back from injury, for example Robbie Savage and Ryan Nelsen.

“And we have Benni McCarthy and Roque Santa Cruz who are fun to play with.

“I don’t think many Premier League teams have a better strike-force than we do at the moment.

“They work hard and score goals, and we do have Jason Roberts as a back-up

A top four place is going to be pretty tough for Rovers to achieve, but if the unbeaten run of fourteen matches keeps going, and the good start is built on, with Rovers always very strong at the tail end of the season you never know? You have to set your targets high, as Pedersen has.



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  • Fair play from Gamst, he has got it right. The strike force is enviable and the expectations are high. I hope we keep in the backgorund in terms of media attention as that is when we play best….

  • Yer good to hear positive media from Gamst, hopefully will come true all this expectation should do. Hopefully Reid will come back to his best!!!

  • I think too many of the lads are thinking of Champs League. I still think this is well beyond us at this stage and would require massive amounts of luck to break through. Still I suppose we are due some. The flip side is that the players are talking about playing Champs football with Rovers!

  • Reid is back in training. I think a champions league spot is a little optimistic, but definately 5th or 6th. However 4th is only 1 place above 5th (nice to see my A-level maths hasn’t gone to waste!), so with a slice of luck, 4th is a definate possibility. 3rd is only one place above 4th (that is further maths coming into play!) so with a bigger slice of luck, who knows! Rovers for top spot!!! But realistically, 5th or 6th…

  • Without deciding exactly which teams will be above us at the end of the season, anything higher than 6th would not only be that we had played very well consistently but that some other teams had a bad run.
    The way I calculate this is ;- that of the 4 major London clubs, 2 will probably finish above us, of the 4 Liverpool/Manchester clubs 2 may finish above us, + 1 unexpected club (last seasons was Reading) that happens to have an especially good run (e.g. Villa, Newcastle or a 3rd London club).
    So, top ten finish expected, 6th hoped for, anything above is a bonus.
    We almost have a good enough team to come First BUT a couple of quality players are still needed and the number of yellow card points building up is a worry.

  • not bothered about the yellow cards i must say… most of them are for unfairly targeting out players due to the image portrayed in the media…

  • All Yellow cards count to match bans, whether fair or not and Rovers are again receiving more than the other teams challenging for a top 6 finish.
    Say Samba and Ryans cards tot up to have to miss the same crucial match, dropping a couple of points could be costly on the final count down. Yellow cards are a fact of the game but we should strive to only get an average number. Shirt pulling etc. needs to be cut out. Isn’t a legal shoulder charge more effective anyway? or are shoulder charges still legal? don’t see many of them these days.

  • Shoulder charges seem to be dying out. Referees call them as foul more often than not, which equates to inconsistancy. I was always told that a shoulder to shoulder challenge was legal. However, shoulder to other part of the body was illegal. With more and more player reluctant to stay on two feet after any sort of challenge, referees seem to be give a freekick, even if shoulder to shoulder. You should now by now, that football is becoming a NONE contact sport! 🙂

  • I don’t “expect” us to be challenging for the top four, but i’m not going to rule us out of it. If we can keep a fit squad, and get a bit of the rub of the green (as opposed to last seasons ridiculous bad luck at times) then we’re in with a shout. Certainly decent each way potential shall we say

  • its an outside shot and I dont think anyone would consider it a complete shock if we did… just a suprise. Its not out of the realms of possibility.

  • First, we’ve got to get a result at Stamford Park, which I think we can. If we’re to challenge the top 4 then we need to get some sort of away result against them. Damn right, it’s not outside the realms of possibility…

  • I think we could get something out of the game at Stamford Bridge. As DK stated if we are to challenge for a top 4 spot, we need to get points from these sort of games.

  • Chelsea have looked a little vulnrable thus far haven’t they, how Rovers go at Stamford Bridge should give us a better idea of what the season could bring?!?!

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