Date: 7th December 2009 at 5:48pm
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Blackburn Rovers should be ashamed of ourselves for the way we played against Liverpool on Saturday and the “state” of our pitch. Glen Johnson is right to complain.

It’s unacceptable that our pitch wasn’t as “perfect” as Anfield and it was also a disgrace that we didn’t roll over and allow Liverpool to beat us at Ewood Park on Saturday and I can only hope that Johnson (and his Liverpool friends) will accept my sincere apologies that I offer them on behalf of everyone connected to Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

Yeah of course I do, grow a pair Johnson and get a life you big baby!!

Liverpool weren’t good enough to beat us so why is the England International trying to shift the blame onto us?? What did he expect us to do play into their hands and let them beat us?? Liverpool are such a poor side now I’m actually very disappointed that we didn’t beat them as they’re nothing like what they used to be. Without people like Jose Reina, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres they’d be nothing!! I’d recommend that the right-back (if you can call him that as he’s not much of a defender is he) concentrate on what his sides shortcoming are instead of looking to blame other teams for this. The “big four” in the Premier League is going to be broken this season as Liverpool are nowhere near good enough for this, that’s what you really wanted to say dude!!

(I know Mr Mikey has also written something on this but it angered me!!)


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20 Replies to “Please Accept Our Apologies Mr Johnson!!”

  • Typical responce from a player from a so called big club when they don’t get a result they think they should. everyone elses fault but their own.

  • Liverpool might not finish in the top four but i can promise you Blackburn Rovers will not finish in the top ten, teams like yourselves are reasons why England won’t win the world cup with your long ball ugly football that gets found out at European level seeing as i can’t use Blackburn as an example lets use Everton similar to Blackburn (except Everton have a better strike force) got humiliated in Portugal. So Keep Your 1 up and 9 behind the ball and see how far it gets you.

  • The pitch was crap, but it was crap for both teams. Not quite sure why you feel the need to try and put the verbal boot in the rest of our squad. Sounds like the typical response of a small town wooleyback who is perfectly balanced, by having a chip on both shoulders. Just because you rolled over at Anfield last season, I guess you can’t blame us for expecting you to do it again.

  • Given that you idolise and have in captaincy a player that rolled over as if to have a calling shout for a possible oscar and a manager whos eaten 180 millions british sterling pounds and put it in the club to reach to no avail would hurt any fan but to see hardly any satisfaction in the way your team played then moan about it (an excuse to moan)and seeing that we blackburn have hardly spent a quarter of what you have and our team yes the one that lost 4-0 to a moaning half of merseyside, be able to match your team on the maybe not in play but the final score PRICELESS!!! p.s keep yours moans coming in we love em….:)

  • hahaha, now it’s our fault england won’t win a cup? theres only a couple players who play for pool with england caps and i doubt capello is going to be watching a liverpool-blackburn match for WC tactics.

    “i can promise you Blackburn Rovers will not finish in the top ten” – you might have to eat those words like a certain blue we had on here last week.

  • Hahaha the Liverpool fans think this article is us saying we are better than them. Bless. You can’t help but go all defensive and whiney when you’ve been held to a draw by an “average” premier league team. Maybe we won’t finish in the top 10 but that’s clearly not what this article about. It’s about you being a whining bunch of ***** when you don’t get the result you want. Rafa’s certainly tought em well.

  • well said fransavarese!!!! unbelieveable arrogance from Johnson and the Liverpool fans who have come on here! We had a Chelsea lad on here second guessing us last week and he was made to look like the muppet he clearly is. I thought Liverpool fans and players had more dignity and class – clearly not.

  • CarlFletcher – you are the reason a lot of people dont like Big 4 fans. If you dont believe me please look back at your post and see the unbelievable ignorance and arrogance you have just spouted.

  • CarlFletcher – with the greatest respect you’re talking a load of toot! Liverpool defended their way to the European cup final and eventually won thanks to one man – Steven Gerrard. This was how many years ago? You can’t seriously tell us about our style of play when you guys hold the ball and defend so well – and as for Europe, you guys have just been booted out of the Champions League, how did your ‘style’ of football compare there? Terribly! And I echo my fellow Rovers on here by saying, how are we responsible for England not winning a cup? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Considering that the majority of the England players play for rich clubs (like Liverpool) as they are the ony ones who can afford them (because they spend a fortune inflating their price, eg Johnson). Your club has spent an absolute forture over the past 10 years and you still haven’t won the title – there are problems with debt, management, ownership, form, transfers etc – you are in trouble at the moment, and obviously it’s natural to blame others, but I think you need to have a long look at yourselves and get your own house in order before you start throwing stones!

  • Typical scousers, don’t say a thing when they win, but when they lose its moan cry moan. at the end of the day we matched you on the day and we should of won. and long ball football, not that we play it all the time mind, does work in europe, bolton(didnt they get to last 16?), chelsea, and even barcelona have used it at some point, it works better at international level…eg germany v holland or berkamp against argentina. its a tactic used throughout the world, and didnt liverpool use it when you had crouch?

    oh and btw

    Rovers premier league wins: 1
    Liverpool premier league wins: 0

  • All valid stuff there LH!!! Balming the lack of an England competition win on teams like Rovers is mind boggling stupid!

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaah. Baby Johnson must be hungry. Somebody get him a Wamburger and Cries. Did he get a boo-boo? Call the wambulance.

  • A ‘top’ team should be able to play on any surface & against various tactics, Liverpool are no longer a top team & won’t be winning their first PL crown this season.

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