Date: 9th April 2009 at 1:21pm
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Well, well. Someone’s got a high opinion of himself. Zenit St. Petersburg striker Pavel Pogrebnyak has stated he decided that he didn’t want to become a Rovers player in January after a fee was agreed between the two clubs.

The reason was that he felt Rovers were beneath him – he probably would of become Roque Santa Cruz’s replacement had he accepted.

Now whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion I’ll let you see what he said then I’ll ask a few questions?

Pavel speaking to the Russian media said – ‘I was puzzled when Zenit general director Maksim Mitrofanov said he was going to talk me into accepting Blackburn’s offer in the winter transfer window.

‘I could only laugh at it. Yes, I dream of playing in England – but I’m not interested in Blackburn who are struggling against relegation.’

1) Does he realise that the man he would of replaced has done about 10 times more in football than he has?

2) We have two Champions League winners in our squad – Pavel has not won it at all, can someone make him aware of this?

3) No top 4 club is going to show interest in him so will this check his ego and allow him to join the rest of humanity? (Only Bolton and Rovers have registered intent).

4) Does he realise that he has a ridiculous name?

5) With an ego that size will he sign for Spurs in the Summer?


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  • What a complete numpty this guy was. Rovers could of set him up in the EPl a dream just like many other names but he thinks he is above that!

  • There is nothing wrong with his remarks. He does not prefer to go from a title chasing team (be it at a weaker league) to a relegation fight. what would happpen to his career if blackburn do get relegated. He is playing for a team playing champions leauge football and blackburn are a long way away from achieving that. Anyway what this lad did was a lot better than what Zaki is doing at Wigan. He saw wigan as a stepping stone and saw himself as being much bigger than Wigan athletic and hence showing total disrespect to the club.

  • Mate either way, whether you believe something like that or not, you dont make it a public statement. If the lad didnt wanna come, a professional would put a proper spin on and say, I’m happy playing for……we shall decide my future in the summer, or something on that lines.

    Lets hope this guy rots in russia, or maybe newcastle might sign him when they go down to div 1, who knows

  • Who is this fella anyway…? Sound like we were lucky not to get him! I agree with sas. There is a professional way to do something, and this was not it. A simple ‘I’m flattered of re the interest, but I would like to see what else develops’ would have sufficed. In any event, I’d prefer to go to Blackburn, instead of Notlob (the ONLY other club who were interested…). The tit…

  • Sorry Yod from Indida but that is complete carp!!! Note the picture at the top of the article – remember him? he thought he was too big for Spurs and did one – do you like him? No, he an arrogant fool like Pavel. Zaki, Pogrebnyak and Berbatov – none of them have any class. The article highlights this. At least stay professional.

  • How is this the same as berbatov. He played for us 2 full seasons despite the constant rumour linking him with a big move to Barcelona or united . he wanted to achieve champions league football with tottenham and on realizing that it was not going to happen he handed in a transfer request as he was already 29 and had only 2 more good years of football left in him. He gave 2 fantastic years for us and he certainly has my respect and he is wrongly perceived as a arrogant character Which i think is mainly because of his languid playing style.

  • Yid ur rite, Berba did do very very well for Spurs but as u say he has a style of play about him that puts some off – I was surprised that Utd went for him cos of this but you cant doubt the talent the man has… as for Pogrebnyak he is kinda rite for wot he is saying at least he’s honest BUT the only reason he is playing in Champs League is because he is at the the best club in Russia at min, God Beasley at Rangers plays Champs League, so that arguement is out the window!! He is meant to be the best striker in the Russian team, so no real competition there then lol I think that this is a player who prob thinks he is better than he is ( abliet a good player ) from the success he has had in wot is a mediocre team( judged in the world aspect ) that just happens to be the best in a small league!!!

  • Berbatov is an arrogant sod – when he didnt get his move to Man United straight away he refused to warm up and started disruptng the dresing room – how is that not arrogant? arrogance in a person is the same regardless of the format it is in – Berba and Pavel are of the same mould.

  • im with sasman! hope he rots! if hughes stays at city most likely well sell santa cruz and i can see atleast 4 quality players coming in with that money! look at cahill he was signed from milwall im sure theres a gem or two in the championship.As for Pogrebnyak hope your enjoying the everlasting winter in russia 😛

  • Mikey D, you would have done the same thing if you were in his position and if you possessed Berba’s talents. He had only 2 years of football left in him and had won nothing worthy of mention in his careear which is a shame for one of the most talented forwards in the world. A lot of people will laugh at this but i would have him in my team over Torres or Drogba any day of the weak. He can not only score goals but set up quite a few aswell. He unlike torres or drogba or eto does not rely on his teammates to create chances for him but instead he is a rare bread of strikers who can run the game. He dropps deep and every good move would flow through him and so for such a talented forward to end his career without any meaningfull trophys to look back on would not be fair. he deserved to play at a top club for atleast the final 2 years of his career.

  • OKAY so the dude didn’t want to come here, I can accept that but maybe be being so arrogant about it he might have actually costs himself a move to a “bigger” club in the future now (by bigger I mean a so-called bigger club than us, but still now one of the real bigger clubs.) He could’ve just some some respect and said we’d shown an interest but he wasn’t ready to move. With only Bolton as the other side interested he was hardly being courted by everyman and his dog was he!!!

  • yid from india – I would not have done the same as berba at all. What a load of rubbish!!! I would of behaved like a gentleman and a pro as I do in my current job. He is a great player but unfortunately he is an arrogant childish sod.

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