Date: 21st August 2011 at 1:43am
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A woeful performance from Blackburn Rovers continued their poor start to the season, shipping in 3 goals away from home as a Gamst Pedersen goal was not enough to claw Rovers back into contention, Aston Villa running away 3-1 victors.

After a poor performance at home against Wolves, Steve Kean sent out a more direct 4-4-2 outfit, with Goodwillie deployed up front with Jason Roberts

Paul Robinson
Michel Salgado
Ryan Nelsen
Grant Hanley
Martin Olsson
Junior Hoillet
David Dunn
Steve Nzonzi
Morten Gamst Pedersen
David Goodwillie
Jason Roberts

Aston Villa, welcoming coach McLeish for his home debut, were off to the brighter start. With the pace of Agbonlahor and Nzogbia marshelling the wings, Salgado and Olsson were in for a long day. And it was Agbonlahor who was proving a handful early on. Pace and trickery turned Salgado in circles, with a neat cross angled towards Darren Bent, his attempt blocked by the returning Ryan Nelsen. This was a sign of what just was about to happen

12 minutes in, Agbonlahor found himself in acres of space down the left flank. Once again, he took Salgado on, turning the Spaniard inside out before cutting into the box and bending a shot into the far corner, out of the reach of Robinson, 1-0 Aston Villa.

Blackburn attempted to respond immediately, with David Hoillet worrying the Villa defence, his ability to skin his opponent causing Villa to double up on him. He did manage to squeeze a cross into the box, David Goodwillie only able to strike over from 10 yards.

The pain didnt end there for Rovers, with a familiar face notching up a goal against the travelling blues. A neat ball from Fabian Delph found Agbonlahor who managed to hold off Salgado before setting up Heskey. Heskey struck, finding the bottom corner of the net, Aston Villa 2-0

It was more of the same for the remainder of the half, with Nzogbia placing pressure down the right flank and Rovers unable to create any real opportunity.

Half Time 2-0

Kean must of given the troops a blast at the break, as Rovers came out with a fast paced mentality. And it paid instant rewards. Junior Hoillet darted down the left flank, skinning his man, twice, before unleashing a vicious cross. Morten Gamst Pedersen pounced, splitting his markers and heading into the far corner, a lifeline for Rovers, 2-1.

Rovers continued to target that left flank as Hoillet tried to clear free on every single opportunity. David Dunn became more involved in midfield, switching the play at each chance, whilst Roberts and Goodwillie just couldnt find their feet for a clear strike on goal.

Aston Villa though, managed to take the first opportunity that came their way, fortunately at that. Petrov tried his luck from distance, with Hanley’s block finding the path of Darren Bent, who made no mistake,

Blackburn introduced Petrovic and Formica in an attempt to claw something out of the game, but VIlla managed to cruise through the final quarter, holding out for a deserved 3-1 victory

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson 5
Conceded 3 goals, should of got at least a hand on Darren Bents and looked very flat footed at times instead of coming out for the loose ball

Michel Salgado 3
Was shown up, all game long. At fault for 2 of our goals, looked off the pace…

Grant Hanley 6
Cant really be blamed for the third goal, was very unlucky it fell how it did. Made a few important last ditch attempts. Still needs time to develop as an EPL footballer

Ryan Nelsen 6
Added a bit of structure and stability to the defensive line. Was slightly off the pace early on, but did come through later on

Martin Olsson 5
Not a left back. Not a left back at all. Shown up by Nzogbia and loses all his attacking flair playing in the defensive role. Poor game

Junior Hoillet 7
Was our best on pitch. Looked the most creative and dangerous and was really our only bit of flair. Broke down the Villa defence several times, just needed a touch of luck

David Dunn 6
Solid game from Dunn. Moved the ball well, counts himself lucky for somehow avoiding the book after several small fouls.

Morten Gamst Pedersen 6
Faded in and out of the game but took his chance when it came. Decent set pieces

Steve Nzonzi 5
Didnt see him on the pitch for most of the game. Really needs to get himself more involved and in the thick of things

Jason Roberts 5
Failed to create any chances, had somebody to work with but couldnt link up

David Goodwillie 5
Same as JRob. Did get a couple of attempts which he skied, but didnt see enough work from him on the pitch


25 Replies to “Poor Performance adds to Woes”

  • yea great move leaving formica on the bench …………..7-1 kean wont be sacked this year cause they love a yes man [the chicken,****s]

  • Salgado has been very poor, he is slow, cant challenge for a header, cant tackle, cant man mark, cant cross, his old age is more apparent than ever.

    and our manager, where do we start, mistake from the beginning, i would give him until end of sept to turn things round after all the signings (players) are done, then at least he wont be able to make another stupid excuse

  • Strange game really. Stats show that we had 49% possession away from home and had more attempts at goal than the home side. Same old story I guess – not enough quality in those attempts. I am convinced that had Samba being playing in both games we would be happy with 4 points on the board. I hope the incoming players bring the quality we lack. Agree re Salgado, sadly. This would be the worst possible time to change manager. He has to have at least six months to get the new squad performing. Gato on the bench though?!!

  • Can’t understand leaving Formica out. And again, we’ve got too many players that want to play behind the front man – Goodwillie, Formica, Rochina and Hoilett – yet we’re still looking at bringing another one in. Crazy.

  • We are in a mess. Salgado is looking past it IMO as most seem to agree. He cost us 2 goals yesterday and is clearly not up to playing every game for us. Whether Ribeiro is up to replacing him? I have my doubts. Hanley cost us the other goal, he got himself in a right mess and Bent pounced on it. We have to remember that the lad is only 19 though and by no means a Phil Jones replacement. We need Samba back and we need 2-3 defensive signings if we’re going to sort this mess out. I hope we’re not just signing George John, we need Onuoha, Dann or Yobo IMO.

  • Last weeks best player,last weeks goal scorer, this weeks sub? What a great confidence boost Mr Keane! Why did we not actually sign anybody last week when boldilocks said “we have 3 maybe 4 definetly coming in this week” We are in big trouble with Keane in charge especially when he seems to thinks we have the squad to tinker every week. Play your best players every week and the more games they get the quicker they adjust to epl football and hopefully the better they will get!

  • P.Avfc- are you a child or something, you’re the only one from other clubs that has to come on gloating! The fact is we gave you the points on a plate yesterday, Agbonlahor’s goal was a good finish granted but Salgado let him turn him inside out like a school boy defender. Bent’s goal was scraps off an inexperienced 19 yr old’s mistake. To say you were pretty good is ridiculous, and not what the pundits were saying either. Best of luck to Villa as well mate because if Bent and N’Zogbia get injured you won’t be too far up the league either.

  • ITSALLROVER i wasn’t actually gloating so stop crying over your clubs demise and except that you were out played. We did play well so get your facts right, we put 3 past you, you put 1 past us…We won the game, we are better and we probably might not finish that high up in the league but we will be looking down at you lot aha!

  • Ok if you say so… Just don’t come crying on our pages when you’re sick of losing with your (relegated twice) Birmingham City manager.

  • Why would we come crying on your page ahha? And why does it matter if he has got ‘our rivals’ relegated twice? As long as he does a job for us then it doesn’t matter. Btw chin up!!

  • You can’t keep off our pages evidently… and it matter’s because he didn’t take em down for ‘your’ pleasure, your manager is no better than ours… in fact hang on a minute, he’s worse because Kean kept us up, the jokes on you…BOOOM.

  • yea rovers to lose 38games a season and still have the rovers sinking ship 2/1 well done kean it better times it should be 4 bad games ,who’s next //////////

  • Poor defending cost us, If Kean is to remain in charge he needs to stop tinkering with team selection. Formica gets the MOM, against Wolves, scores our only goal and is rewarded with a place on the bench.

  • Tubzz…not the only one by the looks of your comments mate, if you you want to throw derogatory comments at another Rovers fan stick it in a msg in future!

  • Let the Villa fans have their laugh – we were poor and there was no getting away from it. We need to focus on our club and how we will improve.

  • ITSALLROVER quite clearly you are the fool here, and steve kean, has he actually won anything with you yet like Mcleish did with Birmingham + 2 promotions? We stuffed you, will finish above you, are a bigger club than you and you are also a laughing stock to the premier league with those so called owners of yours aha. Like stourbridge villan said, keep to the chicken ads!

  • Not come on to gloat think you missed Samba badly. Your board should back Kean with the signings you need or sack him. From an outsiders view hes not the man to take Blackburn forward. Best of luck for rest of season.

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