Date: 19th July 2011 at 3:29am
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There has been a lot of chatter tonight regard the status of personnel within the club hierarchy and their future with the club.

As this may be a major story, I thought it pertinent to get this out there as a VBer exclusive but i have to stress that this is an unsubstantiated rumour, although there are more than one sources saying this tonight.

One of our own has been told tonight some potentially game changing information.

The information that supports this also potentially clears up the financial side of the club too, with the ongoing reported issues in the national press, along with the talk on messageboards up and down the country.

Due to the potentially damaging impact this may have on Rovers, we have decided that we cannot post the story directly on the web page, but can guide you to the full facts and detail, contained on our forums.

You will find the post under our 100% Rovers forum, it’ll be the post with about 10 exclaimation marks after it.

Happy reading and please come back and post your thought and opinions!


23 Replies to “Potentially Major Rovers News!!!”

  • until its official its only speculation. I have hrd so many things over the past mnth or so.. that I find it hrd to believe in anything until its official.

  • I know it isn’t confirmed yet but this makes way more sense than the shoddy Mirror Bank crisis story. Waiting for Sky to come out with something. TBH though they always seem 3 steps behind our site for Rovers news.

  • It might be good news or it might be more people going out and nobody coming in she might fancy her chances at becoming a manager lol!!!

  • if SK is to leave because of lack of help he is getting off venkies and lack off funds then it is very bad news, if we cant keep SK then we wont be getting a decent big named manager

  • Have we got any further with this? It does sound a lot more plausible than the stuff the mirror was spitting out the other day…

  • “if we can’t keep SK…” are you mad – get rid of him! I’d rather Nelsen as player-manager. Or better still bring back Tugay! Kean didn’t believe his luck when he landed the job… and then got a two year contract!

  • no i didnt mean it like that i meant if we cant even keep steve kean then we will also struggle attracting a big name manager

  • In reference to your previous message cboyer – I’m not sure – They never tried to appoint a manager in the first place, and went for Kean. We would attract a manager, I’m just not sure which top managers are about at the moment.

  • TBH i’m starting to doubt this story a little. kean is still in charge after speaking to Sky about the India postponement so obviously not given the boot with immediate effect. There hasn’t been any kind of media or betting frenzy either so i reckon there’s more going on behind the scenes we don’t know about. My money is on Kean still being in charge next month + 2-3 average signings.

  • This is so RIDICULOUS… Never have I seen a football club owned by a company so unprofesional as this, there has been leaks, problems and lots of concerning silence going on ever since the Venkys took over. IF and thats a big I F this is true then it’s the best thing that could happen to our club. Kentaro are fantastic….. MONEY GRABBERS and they seem to have had alot of control with what has been going on. Kean needs to be dropped as a assistant, the players like him he just isnt experienced enough and Sparky back as number one with 100% control of transfers? AGAIN IF thats true. Venkys will suply funds and Sparky IMO is a deamon in the transfer market, we will get proper talent and make a team and it’ll be a season to look forward to. But i dont think it is true, just more speculation from a unprofesionally ran club… Seriously disapointed with venkys with leaking this out + everything else thats bin going round. Sort It Out Venkys and Sort it out NOW before you ***** up my beloved blackburn rovers!

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