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Its’ back for the new season and the man in the hot seat is Vital Man City man, Jonny Baguette!

Morning boys and girls! We are starting the season off with another question and answer session with our next opponents.

This format will happen prior to each Premier League match and with our first opponents of the season being Man City it seems only fair and sensible that they be first.

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Now onto business.


1) So then, has the summer been the successful recruitment drive that all the City fans expected?

It’s been a mindblowing experience, that’s for sure! Nevermind the players, City fans have had to get to grips rapidly with unprecedented change across an amazing 12 months.
Robinho’s dealined day signing last year then January’s transfer window gave us a taste of what we could expect this summer, and in truth, what has gone on this close season gives us all even more
reason to pinch ourselves having been a third division side ten years ago!

The hacks have made much of City recruiting a surfeit of strikers. Well, outside of Robinho’s 15 goals, most of the many scored last season were by midfielders. It was clear we had to bolster the frontline which more than anything else was lacking height. That has been addressed in the signings of Adebayor and Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz’s heavily pursued signing continues to mystify the majority of us. The fact that ‘Crocky’ has been signed whilst in rehabiliation from knee surgery would ordinarily have most fan’s upset but such is the might of City’s resources that there seems to be a collective shoulder shrug tempered with ‘this is your call, Sparky’ over that signing.

Meanwhile, Adebayor and Tevez certainly know where the onion bag is. I’m very much looking forward to these lads mixing it up with Robinho and the brilliant Stephen Ireland.

Beyond the forward line, there’s been some much needed reinforcement. Gareth Barry is a great addition to the engine room and Kolo Toure should have the credentials to help settle City’s defence down. That issue is not over yet and you can expect another new defender by the end of this week.

I’d suggest that the bold pursuit of John Terry which although it didn’t come off will have City’s hierarchy content in the fact that yet another ‘Big Four (Bore)’ club has been ‘roughed up’ in the transfer window! I am also relieved that City withdrew from the Barcelona-Eto’o pantomime.

I like the fact that Mr. Hughes has gone for mainly Premier League experience. Something everyone of his signings has in abundance. Stuart Taylor’s signing as cover for Seamus Given is a good example.

Furthermore, no less than 14 players have been shipped out either on loan or permanently. It needed to happen. 6 of them were strikers so all in all, I’d say steady, satisfactory business despite the hysterical headlines.

2) Which of all your signings do you expect to bear the most fruit?

I think Barry could prove a bargain at 12million quid. We’ve missed a strong, big engined competitor in midfield since Joey Barton nosedived and Michael Johnson’s injury problems worsened.
You need a midfield general in this league.

3) Likewise is there anyone you feel may have the potential to ‘flop’?

Vital Gooners have warned us that Adebayor has an attitued problem and that Toure is crap! I’ll reserve judgement on all 7 of our new signings. Incidentally, that’s 2 less signings than Rovers right now!

4) Have fans finally started to warm to Mark Hughes over at Eastlands yet?

I called for his head after that terrible cup defeat at home to Forest. We seemed to be going nowhere yet I realise it would have been madness to change manager at that stage. Hughes dug in and to his absolute credit has stuck to his guns. To do the job he is doing under such intense scrutiny takes some balls. His must be made of steel. There are plenty of stories knocking about of the time he is prepared to make for City fans. If he can get us off to a solid start, you’ll see Blues everywhere singing his praises.

5) Do you feel you get ‘overcharged’ on players because clubs know how much money you have?

Quite frankly, I don’t think any of us can attribute worth to any one player anymore. When you consider the rags shelled out 30 million quid for Camel Gob Ferdinand 7 years ago, there’s little or no perspective left. Of course, considering the immense financial clout Sheikh Mancity (Mansour) has, any selling club is sure to hold out for the best possible deal.

6) Is there anyone from Blackburn you feel could cause you some damage this weekend?

The usual suspects. McCarthy and Pedersen always seem to do a job against us!

7) Prediction time – hit us with it…..

I’m casting my mind back to the time when Sven Goran-Eriksson came to City and a similar, if less researched and planned recruitment drive took place. The new signings had a tremendous impact and we took West Ham to the cleaners and back on their own turf.

I reckon that if Ireland, Robinho, Petrov, Wright-Phillips and now Barry can get their fast pass and move game linking up with the likes of Tevez, and Sparky goes for a bolder approach on the road we’ll see similar.

Blackburn 1 City 3

All the best for the season, Rovers.

Let me be the first to say thank you to Jonny at Vital Man City for a great edition as he puts in the usual great shift under pressure!

Comments and feedback as always are welcome.


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