Date: 10th April 2009 at 10:52am
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Rovers boss Sam Allardyce is adding fuel to the fire before tomorrow’s game at Anfield – claiming that opposing boss Rafa Benitez loves to moan!

I think all Premier League bosses love a good one sided whinge but lets face it – Rafa, Fergie and Wenger always get the more high profile moan dut to who they manage.

Heck even Harry Redknapp had a good moan last weekend about the (completely incorrect) Wilson Palacios sending off. Of course he forgot to mention his team wouldn’t of scored all afternoon had it not been for a shockingly dubious penalty but that’s neither here nor there apparently.

Anyway, this looks like mind games – judge for yourself.

Sam, speaking to Sky Sports, said – ‘You can`t help him whingeing and moaning, can you? He loves it. Rafa is his own man and he`ll continue to manage in his own way ? whether that is his stubbornness or his determination, I don`t know. We all have our quirks.

‘I don`t give a damn what they say before, during or after a game, but there have been occasions when I have shoved it on the noticeboard for the players and it has made a difference for them.

‘It`s great when a manager moans about the way my teams play, but it doesn`t worry me because I would rather have a big manager moaning about me and our tactics after we`ve got a result against them than have them saying what a lovely team we are after they`ve beaten us 3-1.

‘You`d be foolish taking on Sir Alex, because he knows every trick in the book.’

That is either a make or break interview right there.


7 Replies to “Rafa Loves A Good Moan, Says The Big Man”

  • Stoking the fie in a bad way i think, it it going to be a wounded Liverpool on Saturday wanting revenge and we will receive it.

  • Barnsley beat these guys with liverpool team at full strength this league as you seen us against tottenham it doesnt matter how you play its the results that count! i wudnt mind if we had 2 player sent of and won 1-0 .I know its unlikely but the game is full suprises! why cant we beat them! theyre not invincible! with gerrard a risk playin the next match vs chelsea i dont think theyll play him! come on rovers!!!

  • Bit rich coming from Sam Allardyce isn’t it? He can moan for England, and I’d put him second only to Steve Bruce in the all time great moaners league. Clearly the psychology didn’t work either, given today’s result.

  • Make or break interview? Looks like break right about now doesn’t it. Not sure that Big Sam needed to stoke the fire (I like it Mikey) like that, not that I expect it made much difference in the end.

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