Date: 5th February 2008 at 10:23am
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The Tabloid Fabrication Express has left the station once again, now that the transfer window has closed until the summer.

The latest ‘story’ to emerge was that of Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez who apparently is desperate to sign Roque Santa Cruz at the end of the season and pair him with his superstar striker Fernando Torres in a dream partnership.

The fee in question you ask? £7 Million!

Firstly, Get real eh lads? IF Santa Cruz was to leave, which I personally don’t think he will, It would be for a price in excess of £10 million as Rovers’ hand would have to be forced as there is no pressure to sell.

Secondly, Rovers have the opportunity of finishing ABOVE Liverpool this season!

Thirdly and finally, I am not convinced that Benitez will be at Liverpool to sign anyone come the summer, but that’s a debate for the scousers to have.



25 Replies to “Rafa Wants To Steal Christmas!!!!”

  • Cheeky bar stewards! I even saw a lil snippet in the sun footy pull out that was titled “the race for 4th place” and featured Pool, Everton, Man City and Pompey. No mention of us!!!! Its a **** ing conspiracy i tell you!

  • You know what, I almost put that, was going to translate Grinch into spanish, but It would be lost on anyone but Vbers and Spanish speakers LOL

  • no mention of us in the race for fourth but pompey are mentioned yet below us strange! also MOTD2 a show which i used to like only showed the everton chances and disallowed goal and i dont even think the commentator mentioned us it was as if it was just everton playing amongst themselves

  • motd coverage of rovers this week was scandalous.. Pretty much said Everton were cheated by 3 terrible ref decisions. I blame Lawro!

  • yeah no mention whatsoever of arteta grabbing gamst by the throat, ya know something that people usually get sent off for.

  • even tho it would a great signing for us, i agree with you i cant see MH letting him leave anyway but he would cost about 10m (worth every penny i think) but we will finish above you, yes have been having bad spell but you lot are so inconsistant just like us but we win and draw more than we lose.

  • by the way when sir alex retires i think you will lose MH to man u just because he is great manager probably the best british manager behind sir alex and martin o’neill good luck for the rest of the season hope you finish 5th lol……

  • I’m not bothered to be honest lads if we get a mention or not. Firstly I think they are right to rule us out as we don’t have the quality to push for fourth. As for Santa well it’s easy to read through these stories…it has no quotes!!! Utter crap, and as for the original article lol lol. Only kidding Bom. Good read mate.

  • Hey Muffy, thanks for being the sensible Red fan! I think with all the talent available to you, there shouldnt even be a debate about us finishing above you yet the fact remains that we are. blame whatever you like but we will push all the way. and regards to consistency, wed won 3 on the bounce before the villa and Everton draws so 11 points out of 15 since the new year, thats not half bad!!! With regard to MOTD, im still surprised ppl are shocked to hear that rovers arent mentioned or are mentioned in a negative manner, its been that way since we were relegated back in 99, aint gonna change now!

  • not surprised merely confused as to how they can get away with it surely there is somewhere in their remit to be impartial?

  • Muff Daddy… look at the league table and ask yourself one question – do we win and draw more than we lose??? And frankly you should be embarrased having spent all that money and talking to “little” old Rovers about whos finishing 4th!?!?!? oh and amen grandad lol

  • Thankyou my children.
    To pick up on an earlier comment, from Bom I think, I don’t think that The Grinch will be there next season anyway, so it doesn’t really matter does it?!?!

  • As Velvet Revolver sing…..”This fight will be the last fight…” Rafa will be replaced in the summer, especially if this DIC (appropriate acronym for a liverpool consortium, dont you feel?) buy out Hicks and/or Gillett

  • See what we’ve been missing all these months, Bom COULD be the person to help take Vital Blackburn to the NEXT level!!!

  • Ahem, could? COULD? IS my hard rocking amigo!!!!! As for me, im full of useless information and random facts….that and lots of Jimmy Carr Jokes LOL!!!!!

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