Date: 23rd August 2011 at 5:42pm
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Blackburn co-owner Venkatesh Rao has back Blackburn Rovers to turn the tide.

In an interview with Granada television the Rao chief has admitted that Rovers need to improve in certain areas and the squad is not ideal but work is in place to improve that.

In an interview with Granada, Venkatesh said – ‘I’m not disappointed, but surely we have to work hard. From now on we have to work very hard and start winning.

‘We have to improve in some places. We are so short, and I’m sure we’ll bring in some players and we are working very hard on it and we will come out of the woods very soon.

‘Money-wise, I don’t think there is any debt – when the right time comes along, we will invest. If the right player comes in and we get a good deal, we are going to grab it.’

And to finish, Venkatesh had a message for the Rovers fans who have been disgruntled and have planned protests in certain sections of support.

Rao added – ‘Please don’t be disappointed. It is our baby. We owe our fans and unless we show results there are no fans.

‘Talking and giving interviews is no fun, but I am very positive and we will produce results.’

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12 Replies to “Rao’s stay positive”

  • I think they need to be given a break, most fans have been negative since day one. The fabricated stories and “chicken” slurs haven’t helped either. We’re signing new players, we’ve got a Charity org in place of a lucrative sponsor so there must be money available. we just need some better organisation within the club. Whether Kean will be the man to guide us forward i’m not so sure but I really don’t see any reason to have a go at Venky’s ATM.

  • Were signing players with the money we got from the jones and kalanic transfers, come on venkys put your money were your mouths are and pay 12 mil for cisse from frielburg, the boy looks quality!

  • “Money wise I don’t think there is any debt…” You ‘think’, surely you should know?? It’s a nice message, and I appreciate them coming out and making it, but we need results on the pitch. Get us winning and all the problems will be forgotten… however to do that they may need a managerial change.

  • “We owe our fans”…well thank goodness for that. I’ve tried to give Venky’s the benefit of the doubt, but they’ve got to deliver on this, or they’ll be right – there won’t be any fans. Let’s hope they’re as good as their word.

  • Blackburn Rovers under kean we have played 25 games since December 2010 to Present we have won 6 of them games,
    7 of them were draws and 12 were loses
    how much time does he really need 6 wins in 25 games is quite ***** only for are players we would off bein relegated last year these new players he brings in i have no idea on but i would love to see a proven goal scorer brang in and a left back now they want more time wat do they want time for , any longer under this ape i fear its going to be to late

  • stevekally – I think judging him in december will be too late! If we’re in the relegation zone at Christmas time – we will find it extremely difficult to avoid the drop.

  • Maybe so Freidelno.1 but if we sack him now its all over and we will defo go down. He’s only just after bringing in his team own team, let him shape it up. Personally, im not a kean fan. I would have liked jol to come in that time or benitez would have been great but there not and it looks like he has got there full support for the moment. So what can we do i hear you asking, ask not what your club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club. Just get behind them man and support the **** out of them

  • it’s nice to come out and assure fans, but w/ their unfettering support for Kean, it’s hard to believe they know what they are doing.

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