Date: 17th January 2008 at 10:31am
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Blackburn midfielder Steven Reid is hoping to have an extended run in the Rovers first team now he is back in the groove after solid outings over the Christmas and New Year period.

The Republic of Ireland international returned after 14 months out with knee and back injuries this season but suffered a calf strain in December.

Reid came through the 90 minutes at the Reebok Stadium unscathed and with Aaron Mokoena now at the African Nations Cup, Tugay injured and Robbie Savage sold, he is keen to play more.

The 26-year-old told the club’s official website: ‘I was delighted to be back out there.

‘Hopefully I can train consistently and get a few weeks of decent training and just kick on and get fitter and more match fit as the games go on.’

I think we agree that isnt quite 100% just yet but he is a big asset to the team and a cracking player. With more midfield players likely to arrive at the club during the transfer window Reid is confident that this will raise his game even more.


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  • Reidy hasnt had any luck with injuries and I hope he gets back to his best. He has impressed me when he has played and you couldnt hope to meet a nicer bloke. Come on Stevie!!!

  • yeah come on reidy. i think he has just eased himself back into the team. every time he gets the ball he just plays it simple keeping possesion.

  • FN1 – That is the only one available I believe, HDM can correct me if I’m wrong!!! lol. I think durks is right that he has played it simple but he has been deployed in the holding midfielde role when playing alongside Dunn so keeping it simple maybe the way to go for now.

  • I think we will see him in a more advanced role when playing with Tugay and Axe. With Dunny in there he takes care of the majority of the surges forward. Good plan I say.

  • The Axe’s absence in Africa makes the decision to sell Savage very strange to me… However, hopefully Reidy’ll get back up in the groove and hopefully we’ll buy in another creative midfielder!

  • I would personally like to see us sign Koumas, he’s a player I have always rated highly. We have been linked with him so many times since Hughesy became manager (obviously, this is the press using his links with Wales, putting 2 & 2 together and getting 5!!) But I think he offers a good balance of creation/grit.

  • He has certainly eased himself in but I have been relatively impressed with his rane of passing since he has returned. He is looking out for more stretching passes and when hsi fitness returns his execution will improve. He’s getting there!

  • That is good news as he is another player at your club full of class a bitlike that defencive maestro Ryan Nelsen

  • i would have liked to see matty taylor come here not to bolton as gamst has been a real letdown this season… maybe we can snatch him away like dunny 😀

  • Great news for Reid glad he is bak top man!!!!
    it worrying we haven’t signed anyone while pompey are signing top quality people!!!

  • Reidy has been eased back into the side. Hopefully his real bad injury problems are behind him as its not been fair the amount of injuries he’s had.

  • We’re biding our time guys. we couldnt afford Diarra so he didnt come, I think with Matt Taylor he is similar to Gamst if im honest, stunning shooter but his distribution is a bit suspect.

  • “stunning shooter” .. have we been watching the same gamst this season… all we need is a left winger who can score from 5 yards (off bentley’s magnificent crosses and we’d have scored another 7 or so goals this season!!

  • Take your point Bents4Eng but gamst is a great shooter as we have seen over the years.. he hasnt changed. His confidence is just at an all time low.

  • We have been saying it for a while, Durks. I have seen little glimpes of what Morten can do this season, but not enough. The same with McCarthy. I thought the goal against Sunderland would McCarthy into life. I saw nothing of that against Bolton. Morten needs something/someone to instill confidence into him. A spell on the bench at the beginning of the season hasn’t worked, actually that probably drained confidence from him. Maybe let him take the next penalty. Let him hit the target from 12 yards…

  • Would he though!!!! I do think both will come good as they are too talented not to. Normally what happens with Gamst is when he scores one he has a habit of going on a bit of a run. Let’s hope so because if he could chip in with 5+ goals between now and the end of the season they will prove very valuable!

  • I agree with that, see glimpse of gamst (especially when linking up with warnock)… but he just seems to have lost confidence when he gets anywhere near their goal.. I remember 2 years ago when he was probably the best volleyer in the premiership, if not the world.. I see him now and wonder what’s going on!!

    As for McCarthey, I think he’s still too big for his boots.. maybe he’ll realise manu/chelsea/arsenal really aren’t looking for another striker now that Anelka’s at chelskie.. I just hope he starts showing a bit of heart on the pitch like last season

  • pedersen only has one goal this season to my knowledge thats shocking for a player of his ability!when was the last time he scored from a free kick- he used to be a great free kick taker.

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